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January 23rd

Important Dates: Year Calendars 2021-2022:

Elementary School Year Calendar 2021-22

Register Now for Kindergarten!

If your child will turn four years old by December 31, 2022, you can now register them for Kindergarten at the OCDSB. Learn more about our Kindergarten program on the board website.  

Kindergarten Information Night

Do you have a child who will be entering Kindergarten or high school in the fall of 2022? Learn more about the school in your neighbourhood at our Virtual Parent Information Nights!

SLPS Virtual Presentation will take place on January 26th 2022 at 6pm. Here is the link to Watch it Live

Have a question for the school team? Submit your questions ahead of the session using this Virtual Information Night Questionnaire.

Moving outside of our Boundary:

If you have moved outside our school boundary, you may finish the school year at Stephen Leacock if you wish. For September 2022, you will need to register at the school that coincides with your new address.

For exceptional circumstances, you can apply for a Cross-Boundary Transfers. Lots of information on the board website. Important dates when transfers can be submitted: Monday, January 31 to Friday to February 11, 2022

School Photos:

If your child was present on Picture Day December 13th, their school pictures and order forms were sent home December 16th. You can order online. If your child was absent, we will have a Retake Day in the new year. Class composites will be created later in the year and sent home to all families as a souvenir. If you did not receive your photo sample and order form, we will send it home this coming week.Retakes will be scheduled later this winter,

Returning to SLPS:

MOST IMPORTANT: Any student with any symptoms must stay home and follow public health directives provided in the screening tool.

If your child develops symptoms and is unable to attend school, please email and provide the result of the screening tool, the symptoms and your plans. If your child is feeling well enough, you can include that the child will work on the Google Classroom asynchronously (independently). If they are unwell/too sick, you can tell us they will rest and we will mark them absent for that day.

Students presenting or developing symptoms at school will be escorted to our isolation room until parents can be contacted and screening results can be reviewed together.

Confirmation of Covid Screening for students attending in-person starts this January 17th

Every morning starting tomorrow morning and until further notice, parents are required to access the Provincial screening tool. Access might be difficult in the morning, as everyone in Ontario will be trying to comply with the requirement. We encourage you to practice various scenarios on the new tool tonight.

Follow these 2 Steps:

1: Complete the provincial screening Tool:

2:  Choose the form below that matches your child’s class code and homeroom teacher. Complete a separate form for each child attending each day for the first 2 weeks of school.  

Kinder A Purple Class with Mme Reid-Fortier:

Kinder B Green Class with Mme Wasylasko:

Kinder C Yellow Class with Mme Stoodley:

Kinder D Blue Class with Mme Cummins and Mr. Third:


Grade 1A class with Mme Getz:

Grade 1B class with Mme Monette:

Grade 1C class with Mme Lafleur:

Grade 2A class with Ms. Wendy:

Grade 2B class with Mrs. Gilbert:

Grade 2C class with Mme Hickey:

Grade 2/3 class with Mme Weddell:

Grade 3A class with Mrs. Labonté:

Grade 3B class with Mme Greenland:

Grade 3/4 class with Mme Ann-Marie Marcil (only complete this form for Grade 3 students)

Returning OCDSB Chromebooks and Mobile Hotspots:

As part of our ongoing effort to ensure that all students have equitable access to digital tools to support their learning, we are asking that all students who borrowed devices to please return the device AND CHARGER (and headphones if applicable) to the school on the day your child returns to school. Your child will bring the chromebook directly to their class and we will visit each class to pick them up. Parents can also make a special trip to drop it off at the office window this week.

Share Your Thoughts

We're planning the calendar for the 2022-2023 school year and looking for the input of students, parents and staff on the placement of the Winter Break. Two options are being considered for the timing of the Winter Break:


Last Day of Classes for Students

Date of Return to Classes for Students

Winter Break Dates

Option 1

Friday, December 16, 2022

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Saturday, December 17, 2022-Monday, January 2, 2023

Option 2

Friday December 23, 2022

Monday, January 9, 2023

Saturday, December 24, 2022-Sunday, January 8, 2023

Note: January 2, 2023 is a statutory holiday

Click here to access the survey and let us know which option you prefer. The survey closes on Wednesday, January 26, 2022.  The feedback will inform final decisions about the school year calendar. 

Indoor Shoes:

Please ensure your child brings a pair of indoor shoes to keep at school when they return.

Dress for the Weather:

We play and learn outside a lot. Students should be dressed for the weather. Include a collection of extra mitts and socks in your child’s backpack. LABEL every item that your child wears or brings to school.

Student Masks:

Parents are asked to provide MULTIPLE clean masks for their child daily. Masks get wet when students travel inside and outside, and students will be directed to change often as dry well-fitting masks offer the best protection. We have received 3-ply cloth masks from the province, we hope they will fit most children. They were sent home to be WASHED week off Jan. 17th. They are intended to complement your current collection of masks.

Delayed Return to in-Person: 

Numerous families have informed us that they are delaying their child’s return to school. Thank you for your emails at  Once you receive confirmation from the principal, your child will be marked “present to learning at home”. These families are asked to email to plan their child’s return date.


The OCDSB has invested $25 million in school ventilation upgrades. All of our schools meet or exceed the ASHRAE recommendations for school HVAC operation during the pandemic. In addition, we have 2300 standalone HEPA units in schools, and an additional 81 standalone HEPA filter units coming from the Ontario government. Take a look at our updated OCDSB ventilation webpage.

Mental health and wellness

Next week there will be virtual drop-in sessions with our OCDSB mental health team. Parents can hear from and ask questions to our mental health professionals.  Learn more on our website 

The OCDSB mental health team has prepared some simple tips to support students and parents with well-being during these transitions between in-person and remote learning. Learn more about these and other resources.



If your child will have medication (ie: benadryl, tylenol ) stored in the office to be administered only after contacting a parent and deemed necessary, please complete the Administration of Oral Medication Authorization Form.  Please note that this form requires a physician's signature. The completed form can be dropped off at the school along with medications during the week of August 30th, 2021 when the school office opens.

Using French at Home

We encourage you to continue to explore French learning with your family. Why not share a meal in French each day! The staff are proposing weekly activities, and there are also a multitude of websites and programs available to make it fun to learn French with your whole family!

French Immersion - An Inclusive Program:

Our school team builds inclusive practices for all learners in French Learning programs. We all know there are huge benefits to students learning an additional language. It’s beautiful that students from various backgrounds and various levels of needs continue to be included and offered such valuable learning opportunities.

The French curriculum guides our educators. When we return to school, we will assess all our students and help move them along the learning continuum, one small step at a time. The end goal of being part of our SLPS school community is exposing students to opportunities to learn in French and celebrating their interest, effort and progress in Canada’s both official languages! Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

Celebration of Diversity and Anti-Racism Commitment from SLPS

We believe that one of the strongest tools that we have to combat racism is education, both for our students and ourselves. Something that this situation has brought to the surface is that, although we do try to weave anti-racism into our daily experiences, we still need to do more. In the coming months and years, we commit to the values of social justice and anti-racism and be active in defending those values.  

Our director Camille Williams-Taylor had the opportunity to join CBC Radio’s Ontario Today to discuss how to speak to children about these issues. If you are interested, you can listen here. 

Here are some further resources provided by the OCDSB:


Kindergarten Walking Map

Grade 1 to 3 Walking Map

Grade 4 to 6 Walking Map

Walking, Biking and Scooting to School

We have a lot of families who reside in our walking boundaries. We are working hard to create the conditions for safe and active travel to our school. Students are encouraged to walk, bike and scooter to school. We have lots of bike racks on site.

The Ottawa Safety Council provides 3 crossing guards at the following locations:

Stephen Leacock PS has joined the Ottawa’s School Active Transportation program. This intensive, 3-year process encourages students and families to choose active and sustainable forms of transportation to and from school on a regular basis. It also helps reduce traffic, making the school zone calmer and the air cleaner for everyone.

Safe Driving to the School

We supervise the arrival daily between 7:45am and 8:00am.

It is very busy, be careful and be patient.


Alternatives to the Drop-Off

 If you do need to drive, try parking a 5-10 minute walk away from the school. Walk-a-Block instead?

Check out this Walk-a-Block map showing the side streets and pathways connected to our schoolyard.

You may have noticed school wayfinding signs around Stephen Leacock Public School.  As part of the School Active Transportation Program, these fun, simple signs let walkers and bikers know how long it will take to get to school from the sign’s location. The signs are placed along a few different routes at 5- and 10-minute walk distances from the school. The purpose of the signs is to build awareness around active transportation, build a culture of walking and health in the community and encourage families to discover it’s not that far to walk to school.  

If you need to walk with your young child or you have a stroller, Christ Risen Lutheran Church at 85 Leacock Drive is generously allowing families to park during the morning or afternoon bell times. They are asking that families use the west end of the lot away from the church entrance. The parking lot connects to a pathway, which leads directly to our schoolyard. We are very grateful for this support.


Important Busing Information

OSTA is the transportation consortium.

Parents can register for email notifications through the OSTA Parent Web Portal or follow OSTA on Facebook and Twitter for news, updates, safety tips, bus delays and cancellations.

School bus transportation is available for the Core Day program only, for all kindergarten students who live more than 0.8 km from their school, and more than 1.6 km for students in Grade 1-6

OSTA usually creates bus routes in August and post the routes on their website.

Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA):

by phone: 613-224-8800  

by e-mail:

Follow OSTA @OttSchoolBus

If your child normally uses a yellow bus: We encourage you to sign up to receive notifications and also regularly check the OSTA (bus) website  


Kindergarten Staggered Entry and ID

Kindergarten students do NOT attend school Sept. 9th and 10th.

Routes are driven as planned as of the first day of school in September and drivers will stop at each stop, regardless of whether KG students are beginning that day or whether they are beginning the following week.

We remind parents of new and returning KG students that they MUST make arrangements to have the SAME person meet their child at their stop every afternoon. Parents may identify one alternate person only.  Failure to meet their child may result in termination of transportation services and/or their child being dropped off at the nearest police station.

OSTA will only accept 2 names and the driver will only release the child to 1 of 2 people on file

OSTA will be providing bright yellow plastic tags that should be attached to any KG student’s backpack (preferably on the lower left side).  These will assist the drivers in making sure a responsible person designated by the parent, or the parent, is at the stop to collect the student at their drop off point, per policy.

Transportation for students in a joint custody arrangement with two homes

OSTA has developed a policy & procedure to deliver transportation services to students in a joint custody arrangement and having two homes. An application process and other requirements need to be met for parents to receive this service, and the homes or daycares in question must meet all other eligibility requirements.More information can be found on the OSTA  website.