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Sunday Nov. 29th

Students Need More Than 1 Mask:

With the changes of temperature, many of you will have noticed that the masks become wet each time we spend learning or recess time outside. Please be sure to provide MORE than 1 mask to your child. We encourage each family to label a plastic bag CLEAN and a 2nd bag labelled USED. Masks need to be washed daily. Thank you so much for your support!

Last Chance: School Spirit Wear 2020-2021:

We are pleased to announce and sell our School Spirit Wear for 2020-2021.

A special collection is available for Grade 6 students, identified as Grad Wear - Class of 2021.  

Visit the e-store and place your order by November 30th at 9pm

3rd Annual Dance-A-Thon this Friday, December 4th:

We will be hosting a Winter Wonderland Dance-A-Thon outside this Friday December 4th.  

Dance-a-thon envelopes and an information sheet have been distributed last week. Whether children collect pledges or not, they will be allowed to participate in the dance-a-thon with their class on Dec. 4th. For accountability purposes, all envelopes (used or not) must be returned to the school by December 3rd. Prizes for the highest earners and participation prizes will be announced in December. Thank you in advance for your support to activities that enhance our school life and experience!

Community Outreach Collections - Donation Drives - December 7th to 11th:

As it  is one of our SLPS traditions to help our community, we will be hosting our Donation Drives during the week of December 7th to 11th.

Collection boxes will be set-up in every school zone. Students can bring their donations until Friday Dec. 11th. Items will be quarantined and delivered before the holidays. Thank you in advance for your generosity!


Important SLPS Dates:

Here is a copy of the OCDSB School Year calendar:

Mon. Nov. 30th - Last day to order school spirit wear.

Friday December 4th - 3rd Annual School Dance-A-Thon - return the envelopes by Dec. 3rd

December 7 to 11: Donation Drives

December 11th to 18th - Hanukkah

Friday December 18th 2020 - Last day of school for the 2020 calendar year.

Friday December 25th 2020 - Christmas

Monday January 4th 2021 - First day of school for the 2021 calendar year.

Wed. Nov . 25th

Diversity T-shirts - 30 min in the dryer FIRST

Many classes have started decorating their school spirit diversity t-shirts with fabric paint and fabric markers. Some children have started to bring their special shirt home. We are encouraging all families to FIRST put the shirt in the dryer for 30 minutes on high heat, to cure the colour, prior to putting it in the laundry. We are hopeful that the colour will last, and that the students will proudly wear their shirt any day this year. Many classes will continue to add details here and there over the course of the year.


No toys at school:

Due to covid safety restrictions, we wish to remind all students and parents that toys from home (snow ball makers, balls, etc.) are not permitted at school.

Our SLPS Scholastic Library Virtual Book Fair - THANK YOU!

We received $500 in profits to purchase new books for our school library!

Merci Beaucoup/Thank You For Your Support!

Snow Management in a School Yard:

Snow lovers were happy today!

All classes are discussing snow management with their students.  As you can imagine, managing snow behaviour is different in your backyard than a school yard filled with students and used by the community after hours. Parents can set their own guidelines for home time. We ask for your support in reinforcing our school expectations:

  1. For everyone’s safety, throwing snowballs is never permitted between 7am to 6pm. Snow stays on the ground.
  2. Lots of kids like to build snowmen, forts or structures, and claim ownership, which is not possible in a school yard that is shared with so many other students. Students can build structures. They are asked to respect the other structures around them, meaning they cannot “steal” boulders from other structures.  

Thank you so much in advance for your support!

Dressing for the Weather:

We play outside even when it rains, remember to send your child wearing a warm jacket and winter boots, a warm hat and mitts too! Pack extra socks, gloves and mitts...  Label all items. 


1- All parents are REQUIRED to use the OPH self-screening tool for each child every day.  COVID-19 self-assessment.

2- Children cannot board the bus or come to school if they have any of the covid symptoms, even mild stuffy noses. Follow steps provided by the screening tool to either monitor/isolate at home or go get tested.

3- Do not send brothers or sisters to school while you monitor symptoms or until you receive the Covid test results. The daily screening specifies mandatory isolation for the entire family.

4- When reporting your child’s absence, call the school at 613-592-2261 or email  Let us know your plans for COVID-testing, we will provide next steps.

November 19th 2020

No School Supervision After School:

We have noticed some Grade 4-5-6 students have been staying in the school yard after dismissal, not supervised by parents. We do not provide supervision or school access after 2:40. Unless your child is registered with the Extended Day Program, all students are asked to leave school property and go directly home.

Safe Travel To and From School:

 The Ottawa Police published this media release this weekend. With the return to class, and children walking to and from school, I wanted to provide you with some safety tips about streetproofing to help you speak to your child and prepare them in the event of strangers or any difficult encounters.

The Ottawa Police recommends parents frequently review tips for children with respect to safety rules. Parents should teach kids what to do when approached by a stranger. Where possible, avoid walking alone. However, the following tips are offered to children walking alone:


All students: Drop off between 7:45 to 8:00 - It is very important to arrive on time.

Kinder pick-up between 2:20pm and 2:30pm  

Grade 1 to 6:  pick-up at 2:30pm.

If you have children in Kinder AND Grade 1-6, we suggest picking up at 2:30.  

The doors will be locked after the arrival time. If a student arrives at school after 8:00: Student walks to the OFFICE WELCOME WINDOW to sign in first and then we will direct them or accompany them to their class.

If a student arrives later in the day, or needs to leave earlier on the day, we are asking parents to call us from the parking lot at 613-592-2261. We will provide next steps. 

Permission forms to be completed by all parents of IN-PERSON STUDENTS before Friday Oct. 9th.

  1. Media Form:
  2. Use of Technology Form:

Dogs on the yard:

The school yard is not a dog park. We have recently received reports of neighbourhood dog owners using the fenced kinder yard with their animal(s). Our yard is reserved exclusively for kids, so they can freely roll and play with the dirt and sand in the yard.  

We also remind families that animals are not permitted on the yard. We recently had dog walkers stroll through the school yard during recess, while students were playing. We wish to encourage all neighbours to use the paths on the periphery of our playing zones and to carry their dog excrement bags off school property. Thanks for your help spreading the word to your neighbors and friends.

Kindergarten and Grade 1 

Students will be engaged in inquiry based learning. There will still be play based learning, but likely more emphasis on inquiry versus free play. We will be learning a lot of French too! Students will be assigned a seat at a table or a desk, and will also be provided with individual bins of activities, materials and supplies. Instead of sitting on the floor, they will sit at desks or tables, and plexiglass dividers may be used to support physical distancing. Many of the toys and materials will be removed from the classroom (e.g. stuffed animals, water and sand table, etc.). This will help us manage the disinfection process. We care a lot about all the children. Many of these safety measures are a change for all of us too. We will work hard to adjust our plans and help our students enjoy exploring, learning with friends and have fun.

Using French at Home

We encourage you to continue to explore French learning with your family. Why not share a meal in French each day! The staff are proposing weekly activities, and there are also a multitude of websites and programs available to make it fun to learn French with your whole family!

French Immersion - An Inclusive Program:

Our school team builds inclusive practices for all learners in French Learning programs. We all know there are huge benefits to students learning an additional language. It’s beautiful that students from various backgrounds and various levels of needs continue to be included and offered such valuable learning opportunities.

The French curriculum guides our educators. When we return to school, we will assess all our students and help move them along the learning continuum, one small step at a time. The end goal of being part of our SLPS school community is exposing students to opportunities to learn in French and celebrating their interest, effort and progress in Canada’s both official languages! Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

Celebration of Diversity and Anti-Racism Commitment from SLPS

We believe that one of the strongest tools that we have to combat racism is education, both for our students and ourselves. Something that this situation has brought to the surface is that, although we do try to weave anti-racism into our daily experiences, we still need to do more. In the coming months and years, we commit to the values of social justice and anti-racism and be active in defending those values.  

Our director Camille Williams-Taylor had the opportunity to join CBC Radio’s Ontario Today to discuss how to speak to children about these issues. If you are interested, you can listen here. 

Here are some further resources provided by the OCDSB: