#226 - The Angry Chicken: “Title”


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Druid changes on the horizon

Brode: “Thanks for the feedback regarding Druid.  We've been considering options and should have more to share this week.”


Naga Sea Witch change in Wild

Although not in the patch notes, Naga Sea Witch now makes the base cost of the card 5. Wild may never be the same.


Mike Donais clarifies the rules of copying minions

In replying to a reddit post saying Mimic Pod copying a minion buffed by Keleseth not having copied said buff was a bug Donais gave a rundown of Team 5’s rules regarding copying:

“The rough rule for copying is:


A new special event is coming to the Hearthstone Tavern! Two teams will battle it out, culminating in a show match finals at TwitchCon October 20-22, 2017.


Hearthstone Interactive Overlay on Twitch

Twitch is testing new overlay functionality to make streams more interactive, including Hearthstone!




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Hello Foul Fowls,

Short and sweet but made me chuckle. Played against a roque who played swashbuckler turn one. He got the wonderful ridiculous Explore Un’goro card. For some strange reason he decided to play it on turn four. I immediately wonder what the cost of the Choose Your Path discover card he replaced his deck with is and decide to wait a turn to see what he ‘discovers’. Turn five comes around he plays a Choose Your Path card and it turns out it costs one mana! He taunts me saying he will be my death, plays a minion, and passes the turn. You know what always comes out on turn 6? Skulking Geist, that’s what! I play it, destroy his deck and leave him with three cards in hand. As I chuckle to myself, he continues to taunt me. I hope he found it as funny as I did!

Thanks and keep up the great work.

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Hello Farmer Saldean’s Angered Foul,

Every once and awhile (I think once every expansion) there is that one deck. It causes anger, it causes endless complaints, but it also causes wins, and not very difficult wins at that.

As all of you have said a time or two, give us more then we’ll spend more and play more! What if that more is more wins? Some of us who cannot play as often or as well as veterans would still dream of legend rank right?

...Maybe Team 5 is trying to let those of us who don’t have a ton of time reach out and hit legend, or at least they like holding out that carrot.

Just a theory!


Aloha Garrett, Goatee and the Giggler,

I have a new challenge you guys should try. I have often inadvertently taken a standard deck into a wild duel.  Obviously this is a massive disadvantage, but it feels pretty pretty good when you get a victory. I have been thinking about a term to call this type of play and I have decided to call it "Benjen Starking". So take your standard recruits and go north of the wall into the realm of the Wild(lings) and try and defeat their White Walkers and Sludge Belchers and Giants and Ragnarosi and the like.



Hey Cluckers,

I've always enjoyed the art of Hearthstone but have recently fallen in love. It all started after seeing the full art for "Faceless Manipulator" on a fan site, that art is gorgeous. This inspired me to look for more full card art and I quickly came across a wiki with art from each set.

After looking at more of the cards I'm blown away by the level of detail and a little disappointed so much is lost in the client. Some of my favorites from the original sets include Onyxia circling high over the heads of a party of heroes attempting to conquer her lair. Also the Angry Chicken; the full art depicts a flustered foul sitting amongst an empty warrior helm and gauntlets with smoke and feathers whirling above. I always thought the angry chicken was a simple beast but the art paints a deeper story of a polymorphed warrior, chickened in the heat of battle.

It would be awesome to have a way to see the art from the collection screen similar to how you can see the flavor text. This may be a problem for mobile clients where file size is critical but why not make it there for PC? Do you think they would ever make the full art viewable within the game client?



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