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This page illustrates the idea of a drinks cover using some of the original patented drawings. The purpose of the following display is to show some of its features. All rights reserved © 

What is the “BEERMATE” ?


 This is a hygienic, disposable, biodegradable, recyclable accessory that performs a variety of functions for drinkers. It can be just another under glass beermat/coaster or, when on top of the glass, a cover for insect, sand /pollen/ protection, as well as a drink spiking deterrent. It morphs into a nibbles holder (e.g. for peanuts, pork scratchings ,crisps etc.) and more when turned upside down. We envisage future graphic designs and messages on its face to be tailored to an associated brand or event promotion. Sampling the item in group environments we've gained a particular popularity with the younger generation, who like to wander with their drinks in areas with all kinds of flying objects, such as beaches, bars and “raves,” and other fun environments.

Why “BEERMATE” for the drinks industry?

Like traditional pulp board coasters they are able offer a medium of messaging to large numbers of social drinkers. The greater variety of features is likely to target a wider range of beverage consumers than the classic beermat/coaster, and campaigns can be launched at an even more cost effective way with one change of print. Campaigns can be refreshed regularly, and also adapted to the sponsorship of sporting and other events. “Beermate” is just a name we use at for convenience. The trademarked name is not yet decided and may be linked to a brand or corporate identity.

Why call it “BEERMATE”?

My partner and I are committed beer drinkers. Our concept was going to be a friend to help us and others with the insects in France. So we came up with this name, it is provisional and convenient for all. It’s our mate, Beermat with an E that might stand for“Extra”. It would be our friend.

What can consumers do with it?

The exclusive design of the BEERMATE   allows drinkers to adapt it to multiple uses :


The idea

1. As a beermat/coaster

As a coaster the “beermate” is not as absorbent as the traditional beermats. Pulp board is brittle. The overlapping tabs that surround the glass rim need some elasticity to grip. Pulp board would not work as a cover.

2. As a gripping cover. Protection and message display.

Offers hygienic protection against natural intrusions of insects, dust, sand and pollen when outdoors. One size cover fits many sized glasses.

Offers protection against unnatural intrusions of unwanted substances by human beings.  

Offers, on the printed top, a place to write your name to identify your drink. Other uses for the top could include  games, QR codes, scratchcards, adverts, information, coupons, messages and lotteries. The list is endless.

3. In upside down position.

Offers space for nuts, chips, pork scratchings, dice etc.This white underside can be used for jotting messages, love poems and philosophy or playing hangman or doodling. We have coined the term “love frisbee”, as flirty advances can be delivered to attractive consumers with just one flick of the wrist. 



The way the tabs inwardly assert some grip on the vessel means that one size will accommodate many diameters. The one we make is 10 cms in width, and can serve most beer and wine glasses used in pubs and bars. They can be produced in any size and for other diverse functions. When turned upside down our cover becomes a hygienic receptacle for all kind of bar room nibbles and more.

The fact that putting on and removing our cover from a glass is something to be done with two hands had always seemed a slightly negative aspect of the design, as this took a little more time to execute than we had hoped. It was no "slam dunk!"
However, stories of drink spiking i.e "date rape" began making news on the media. The design happens to suit performing the role of deterrent against the drink spiking phenomenon. It would be almost impossible for a would be intruder to introduce a substance into a covered glass unnoticed if people were around.

                                      These are the pictures taken from the patented drawings.

Pictures of the “beermate”

As shown in the picture the accessory if turned upside down can contain all sorts of food carefully protected from  direct contact with the table. We all love nibbles with our drinks. The cover morphs into a container and will aid hygiene.

As displayed in the picture it is  positioned on top of the various glass sizes to protect the beverage. With the company designs on top, it could help make the drinking experience more pleasant.

Our research

We  prepared a poll using Facebook platform to help us find out the thoughts of everyday people.( form still available on the link Of course we would not claim our research it is an exhausting one; we just wanted to see some true opinions from social drinkers. We are happy to suspend our patent rights to any company that wishes to verify our compelling findings in the field. This is in addition to the many hours we spent in bars chatting to drinkers of all types showing them our samples and discussing their preferences. It is safe to say that the smoking laws have changed the habits of drinkers. Many bars and pubs insist that glasses cannot go outside with smokers. This is a major issue with girls.They were our biggest fans. Wish we had the resources to survey all the consumers in the tropics.

These are the results:

In the poll presented, we had an answer rate of 52.3% from male and 47.7% from female. In the following shots we are displaying the actual answer reported from the original charts of the poll.

In the poll presented, we had an answer rate of 52.3% from male and 47.7% from female. In the following shots we are displaying the actual answer reported from the original charts of the poll.

Almost 80% of all participant would use “beermate” in at least one of its functions if it was free.

From the graph above, the protection features are  the dominant factors for consumers

Another excellent approval rating.

Our research tells us that unsatisfied demand for this disposable recyclable drinking accessory is great.
Almost 80% of people questioned said they would use this accessory if available at drinking establishments or other venues for free. Almost 49% said they would pay a small charge up to 10 cents if necessary.Only a few  people from a tropical climate were questioned, and all mentioned the big bug issues when drinking outside in those hot environments.We would love to see more data from these markets.

A few of our Feedback received

Impressions and outcomes

The overarching message from our limited research is that our offering is warmly embraced by younger  consumers. They naturally welcome change, as opposed to a few “old dogs” of my generation (mostly men) who are naturally averse to “new tricks.”  The most passionate approval has come from younger women from temperate climates of Europe and U.S.A. As yet we have no real data from female drinkers in the tropical regions, but have heard the demand would be huge from both sexes and all ages for bug exclusion. We would like to expand our research in hot tropical areas for more data about  demand. Girls that we spoke to face to face, were particularly keen that a product such as ours becomes available soon, especially the smokers.Some of the drawings that we show were  in our successful patent application, and showed straws. Our collected feedback tells us that the younger generation which seems to appreciate our innovation the most is anti-plastic. and plastic straws. Plus a hole in the top of the cover might  offer an access for unwanted substances. Environmental issues are important to the kind of people who welcome our product.


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Hello, I am John Hancock the creator of and the inventor of an accessory that could enhance the consumer experience of social drinkers. I am now a retired man and I would like to share my idea with your brands before I get too old. For the moment we call our accessory " BEERMATE" for short.

It is a
hygienic disposable biodegradable accessory, to put on top of a glass or underneath it. It is basically much more than just a traditional coaster. It can be used as a beermat,bug/sand/pollen protection,drink spiking deterrent, nibbles holder and more.

We have prepared a brochure with explanations of our accessory with pictures and more information

link of a google document brochure: 

We would like to find out if there is any opportunity of collaboration in the drinks market with this idea, and to discover if it has any potential for you and your consumers

We believe that association with our patented drinks accessory can seriously enhance brand perception and consumer satisfaction for social drinkers.

If you would like to have some samples I would be delighted to personally deliver, or send some in the post..
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on
the idea :)


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