SCMAC has developed a Long Drive program to promote effective ULV applications. Drives that qualify for the program are sprayed when regular zone sweeps are conducted in their area. To qualify for the program a citizen can call our office at (989) 755-5751 to request that their property be reviewed. These are the criteria that each property must meet to qualify for the program:

If a drive is reviewed by our foremen and approved for the program, a stake with reflective stickers around the top will be placed adjacent to the end of the drive. This stake aids our technicians in finding the drive during nighttime treatment. These drives are also marked on our spray maps.

We do ask that any citizens approved under this program remove the stake in the fall after the mosquito control season has been completed (September 30th) and replace it in the spring (usually at the end of April or the beginning of May).

If your stake has been damaged, misplaced, or you would like to request that your property be reviewed for the program, please call our office.

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