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Sunday, January 14 2018
15:00 - 16:30 MEZ

Dr.Dr.h.c. Monika Lehnhardt

Germany - Switzerland - Austria

PORA! 2018 - the cycle of topics


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Announcement: next web seminar
 Todd Houston, Akron, USA 
“Using Social Media & Social Networking to Enhance Patient Interaction”
January 28 2018  - 15:00 MEZ

On the 2018 cycle

→ Syllabus with 11 modules a month each, including one seminar and one forum discussion, usually spaced 2 weeks apart

→ Additional appearance of 4 internationally recognized speakers focusing on exciting and relevant topics

  • → see presentation with topic preview.

IMPORTANT: which topics are of special importance so you may want to request them highlighted - please comment.

PORA learning concept for parents

Knowledgeable speakers present subjects that matter to parents:

→ various types of hearing loss; the early recognition, treatment and long-term follow-up for those;

→ options of hearing device fitting (hearing aids, bone conduction devices, middle and inner ear implants); and

→ a discussion of valid therapeutic approaches and long-term (re)habilitation.

PORA learning concept for experts

You share experience with colleagues from Europe / USA / Australia:

→  on diagnostics and treatment of various types of hearing loss;

→  on the cooperation within multidisciplinary teams and the involvement of various institutions in the overall process.

→ You meet world-class opinion leaders who give their opinion on relevant and exciting topics, to be shared and discussed with you.


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