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Big or small, old or young, no matter what, you can play floorball. If you want to reach the top, you need to be fast, strong and technical but you also need to understand the principle of the game.

Since Malmö Open has three different divisions, the tournament is available for all kind of players. Floorball is a sport where the players plays as a team, happiness and teamwork, is an important part. No matter how good you are, your participation is necessary and makes a difference.


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Baltiska Hallen


Division 1, 2, 3 mixed teams.

Tournament Rules & Regulations

3 against 3 plus goalkeeper, game time 2x10 min (halftime 3 minutes), court size 12x20m.

The first stage will be played in a divisioning basis after the Swiss ladder system. The second stage which will be played in 3 different divisions. The third stage will be a playoff.

Rules according to the Swedish Parasport federation.


All players must have an intellectual disability, but license is not mandatory.

Div 1. In this division the players is well physical functioning, well-coordinated and is well trained. The player also shows good technic when it comes to skills with the stick and ball. The teams is also able to follow basic tactical structure and play as a team.

Div 2. In this division, players with good condition and physical function, understands the basic tactics of the game and play as a team, but has coordination problems and lacks stick technique, can participate.

Div 3. Most of the players lacks good condition, coordination and the understanding the basic tactics of the game or has just started their floorball career. The player also have deficient technique when it comes to how to use the stick.

It is the players ability that determines which division he or she will participate in, and NOT if he or she is part of first or second line-up.

It is also limited to 10 players in every team, all players in the team must play at least 45% of the time in every game during the divisioning. In the second and the third step it is only 8 players allowed in the game

Since there are no national guidelines how to divide the different groups the organizer chose to follow a method that is developed in Denmark. It is up to the team leader to determine which division his or her team is suited for. The organizer FIFH reserve the right to change teams to another division after approval from the Parasport Sweden Floorball committee.


requested at registration

Other info

The teams must be dressed in uniform club outfit consisting of home- and away clothing.

Contact persons

resposible for tournament

Kennet Rosén Stefan Christoffersson