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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!


Whitemane is out!

Stats :

Quick Match : 54.2%  (13% popularity)

Hero League : 51.1% (23.5% popularity)

Best on team fight objectives maps.

Struggles on split objectives like Dragon Shire and Braxis Holdout

Talents :

Rework Check-in


Hero League : 32.7% (Down 14.4%)


Hero League : 46.1% (Down 1.7%)


August 7th Balance Patch


Summon Water Elemental (R)

When are we getting an Elsa Jaina skin? AKA: BFA Jaina

While we’re on the subject Jaina is the topic of today’s Hero Discussion on the Heroes subreddit and folks are really stoked on her. Top comment refers to her as “ the gold standard of hots mages”. I think they’re right. She’s so damn solid and a great poster child for talent design.



1 pm Eastern / 10 am Pacific on the Heroes subreddit

TL Brainstorming

Do you have any ideas in mind to make Team League a more attractive mode?



What they DON’T want to do

Hero Swaps

When do you plan to introduce hero swapping to ranked play, if at all?

Blizz_Joe: Hero swaps are one of the most commonly requested features from the Heroes community for ranked play. We discussed this in our April AMA...

There are pros and cons with hero swaps, particularly for less experienced players that may be pressured to select heroes they are unfamiliar with for the promise of swapping later. When a player is only comfortable with a handful of heroes, it's difficult to want to hand control of your pick choice over to someone else. We've considered a few options:

Performance Based Matchmaking / Loss Forgiveness


Joe’s list of future changes:

Showing MMR

I feel like it would be a lot easier and more straightforward to just have mmr show if you're master and have top 200 mmr's be the GMs. This would fix all of the silly personal rank and grindmaster stuff that's going on right now. I find it really silly that someone can be like GM #8, never ban over anyone ever, have a sub 50% winrate, but still be high points because they play an obscene amount of games

Blizz_DGower: Showing MMR for players over ranking is something we have talked about before. We are still working on steps to roll this out in a way that is as organic as possible. Rank and rating generally go hand in hand, but there are cases where they can diverge and the posts we sometimes see on here (and we do read them!) about playing games where high masters/GM players are playing with placement people that haven’t played for a while are usually symptomatic of this (as an aside, our MMR decay system should stop this happening in future, as these players will decay out of being eligible for those games). Having a matchmaker work solely on MMR is one approach we have considered for helping with the quality of the games our players are in so we can show exactly why our matchmaker gave the games that it did. As Rating is a measurement of player skill and Ranking places players in an order, we must be careful when switching from one to the other when it comes to broadcasting this information to players, but it is something we definitely want to do!

Season Rewards

I feel like one of the issues in ranked play is that some players only play for the minimal amount for the seasonal rewards. What's your take on increasing the amount of games required for the rewards, making a tiered system or other incentives to encourage these people to play more?

BlizzJoe : We're actively considering adding a "Season Quest" that players need to complete in order to obtain their season reward. This may take the form of a tiered system, as you suggest, or it could be a flat and simple objective. In either case, we agree that there is an opportunity here.

Promo and Demotion Games

I kind of find promotion and demotion games in the same league annoying. Going from Plat 2 to Plat 1 and vice versa, they don't make much of a difference to me.

My question is, are you so far happy with this, or do you plan to change anything here? Like only making promo and demo games between leagues.

Blizzjoe: I tend to agree. I feel that moving between divisions shouldn't require this an additional layer of ladder anxiety. We intend to remove promotion/demotion games between divisions in the future, keeping these higher-pressure matches limited to moving between leagues. We don't have that on the schedule at the moment so I don't want to promise a timeline for delivery.

Short Answers

More BlizzCon Tickets

New wing done in Anaheim? It’s coming up fast. Any speculation? Diablo announced announcements yesterday.

North Hall


League Pro Wunder Interview

An interview with League of Legends Pro Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen points out some the areas in which Heroes succeeds and where it’s lacking.

Pro Heroes:

Anti Heroes:


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Master the Basics

Blizzard put a cap on their recent Midgame Moves articles, wrapping up the series. According to the pros, these are your Need to Knows.

Camp Timings and Map Pressure

What You Should Know About the “Throw Pit”

How to Recover from a Lost Team Fight

How to Push Your Advantage to the Max

No Worries, We’re Scaling




I’ve grinded up hero league from Silver 5 to Plat 4 and seem to have the most success with the playmakers. I play a lot of ETC, Anub’arak, GM, and Varian.  

I see a lot of games decided by that perfectly landed Mosh Pit or Cocoon / Burrow, a pro Alarak combo, a ring of frost, etc.  

What are some plays we can practice in solo que that have that one-shot game-winning effect?


My question is about drafting. I play mostly Unranked to be able to get better team comps and I find myself overwhelmed with trying to think about everything when drafting. How do you keep it all straight or prioritize different things?

There're a lot of questions to answer that changes throughout the draft as more picks come in. What's the best way to make a good team comp without leaving big holes? Thanks again for doing the show!

I’d like to mention HotSdraft again because it has really helped me think about the draft differently. It tends to put a pretty heavy emphasis on synergizing with your own tank(s) and countering enemy picks. The only thing I think it really needs is a mid-ban suggestion.


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