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terms of use

is a special reminder that the

 game user service agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") is an agreement signed by (hereinafter referred to as "me") and the user. Agree to provide game users (hereinafter referred to as "users") with Internet-based game services (hereinafter referred to as "game services") in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and the operating rules published from time to time. In order to obtain game services, users must agree to all the provisions of this agreement. terms and follow the prompts on the page to complete the full registration process. After the user completes the registration process and the account is successfully registered, it means that the user is willing to accept all the terms under this agreement. The terms of this agreement can be updated in a timely manner. Once this agreement is changed, the revised content will be prompted on the game-related page so that users can obtain the updated agreement content in time. Once the revised service agreement is announced, it will effectively replace the original service agreement. Users can check the latest service agreement at any time. Users should read this service agreement carefully before using the game services provided by the game. If the user does not agree with this service agreement and/or its modifications, please stop using the services provided by the game. If the user is a natural person under the age of 18, please read this agreement accompanied by a legal guardian. The minor's exercise and performance of the rights and obligations under this agreement shall be deemed to have obtained the approval of the legal guardian.

Article 2 Service content

1. The specific content of game game service is provided according to the actual situation, such as PC terminal game, mobile terminal game, console game, video game and so on. In the event of one of the following circumstances, the company has the right to interrupt, stop or change the services it provides, and does not assume any responsibility for the trouble, inconvenience or loss arising therefrom:

      (1) Regular inspection and maintenance, software and hardware updates, etc., that is, the service is suspended , will complete the repair and maintenance work as soon as possible;

      (2) The server is damaged in any form and cannot operate normally;

      (3) The network line or other actions that cause players to connect to the game server through the Internet are blocked;

      (4) Force majeure factors such as natural disasters;

      (5) In the event of an emergency to safeguard national security or the personal safety of other members and third parties;

      (6) When there is a sudden failure of hardware and software equipment and electronic communication equipment.

2. When providing game services, users of some game services (including related telecommunication value-added services) may be charged a certain fee. In this case, a clear prompt will be made on the relevant page. If the user does not agree to pay such fees, he may not accept the relevant game services.

3. Users understand: The game only provides related game services, in addition to the equipment related to game services (such as computers, modems and other devices related to Internet access) and the required fees (such as The telephone charges and internet access charges paid) shall be borne by the user.

4. Users should use genuine software to accept game services.

5. Users can obtain network service content provided by third-party companies through the game. Once the user accepts the network service content provided by the third-party enterprise, the user shall abide by the agreement made by the third-party enterprise for its services.

Article 3 Rules of Use

1. The user promises to register as a user of the game with his real identity, and to ensure that the personal identification information provided is true, complete and valid, and to be responsible for the information provided in accordance with laws and regulations and this agreement. Responsibility.

2. After the user registers as a user with his real identity, if he needs to modify the personal identity information provided, the service will be provided to the user in a timely and effective manner.

3. The right to review whether the identity information provided by the user for registration is true and valid, and should actively take reasonable measures such as technology and management to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the user account; the user is obliged to keep his account and password properly and correctly and safely use their account and password. If any party fails to fulfill the above obligations, resulting in loss of account password, account theft, etc., which causes damage to the civil rights of users and others, it shall bear the legal responsibility arising therefrom.

4. The user has rights and interests in the account registered or held by the user in accordance with the law, and assumes full responsibility for the behavior of the account.

5. The account password indicates the right to use the account. The password used for a user account may not be given to another user for any reason. If the user discloses the password to a third party, it means that the right to use the account is also transferred to the third party, and the user is responsible for the loss of the account and game items.

6. If the user finds that the user's account or password has been illegally used or used abnormally by others, he or she may notify in time through the customer service method announced by the game, and request that measures be taken to suspend the login and use of the account. The user has the right to require the user to provide sufficient evidence to prove that he is the owner of the account and that it is consistent with the registered identity information.

           (1) If it is verified that the valid personal identity information provided by the user is consistent with the registered identity information, measures shall be taken in time to suspend the login and use of the account.

           (2) If the user violates the agreement and takes timely measures to suspend the login and use of the account, and thus causes losses to the user, the user shall be compensated.

           (3) If the user does not provide his personal valid identity certificate or the personal valid identity certificate provided by the user is inconsistent with the registered identity information, the user has the right to refuse the above request of the user.

7. In order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, users can provide users with necessary assistance and support such as account registrant certificates, original registration information, etc. Administrative and judicial organs provide relevant evidence and information.

8. It is prohibited for users to privately trade or transfer game accounts, virtual currency, virtual props and other items. The risk is borne by the user, and the user has the right to ban the account in question.

9. Users are prohibited from publishing all private transaction information, including but not limited to the sale or purchase of game accounts, the sale or purchase of virtual currency, and the sale or purchase of virtual items. Once discovered, the user has the right to ban the account and role of the game account and game character involved. Punishments such as banning.

10. In the event of a dispute over a user's personal account, the user should submit sufficient materials to prove his claim. If no user can fully prove his rights as the account owner, he or she has the right to take measures such as permanent freezing of the account.

11. Users need to improve their security awareness, keep their account numbers and passwords properly, and do not assume any liability for game losses caused by account theft.

12. Any behavior that affects the balance of the game and damages the legitimate interests of the game and other players is prohibited, including but not limited to: profiting from game loopholes, using third-party software such as plug-ins, disrupting game order, and conducting illegal transactions, etc. The right to permanently ban their account, and even hold the parties legally responsible.

13. Users must follow the following principles in the process of using game game services. If a user violates one of them, they have the right to permanently freeze the corresponding account:

           (1) Comply with relevant Chinese laws and regulations;

           (2) The game service system shall not be used for any illegal purpose;

           (3) Comply with all network protocols, regulations and procedures related to game services;

           (4) Do not use the game service system to conduct any behavior that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet;

           (5) Do not use the game game service system to transmit any harassing, slanderous, abusive, threatening, vulgar and obscene or any other illegal information;

           (6) Do not engage in any behavior that violates humanistic morality, customs and habits.

           (7) Do not use the game game service system to conduct any behavior that is not conducive to the game;

           (8) Users should use the formal communication channels provided by the corresponding competent authorities for the services, products and business consultation of the game and business partners, and must not publish negative publicity about the game and related services in public.

14. When the user uses the game account and password obtained in accordance with this agreement to log in to the game of the game or accept other services provided by the game, he shall abide by the relevant service agreement and usage rules. Acceptance of the Code of Use.

Article 4 Content Ownership

 The game service content provided by the game may include: text, software, sound, pictures, videos, graphics, etc. All of these contents are protected by copyright law, trademark law and other property ownership laws. Users can only use these contents after obtaining the written authorization of the game or other relevant rights holders, and cannot copy, reproduce or create content-related contents without authorization. derivative products.

 The game is the operator of the above-mentioned game service content. It does not promise that all the content is owned or provided by the party. According to the relevant operation agreement with the game developer or publisher, it has the right to publish and operate the game. The content ownership of the work itself makes any promises to users. Disputes caused by the ownership of the above content itself are irrelevant.

Article 5 Disclaimer

1. The following matters are not guaranteed:

      (1) The game service will meet any of your requirements;

      (2) The game service will be uninterrupted, provided in a timely manner, safe, reliable or error-free.

2. The user expressly agrees that the risk of using the game service will be entirely borne by himself; all the consequences arising from the use of the game service will also be borne by himself, and the game does not assume any responsibility for the user.


Article 6 Service Change, Interruption or Termination

1. If the game service needs to be suspended due to the needs of system maintenance or upgrade, it will be notified in advance as much as possible.

2. When a user publishes illegal information, seriously violates social morality, or violates other prohibited provisions of laws and regulations, the user shall immediately terminate the service provided to the user.

3. The user provides false registration identity information, or commits acts in violation of this agreement, and has the right to suspend the provision of all or part of the services to Party B; the user will be notified of the suspension period and the suspension period will be notified when the suspension period expires. If yes, the service to Party B shall be resumed in a timely manner.

4. Users who violate this agreement have the right to suspend the provision of all or part of the services to users. For the content not stipulated in this agreement, they shall not terminate the services provided to users at will

; The right to interrupt or terminate part or all of the game services at any time with prior notice to the user, and shall not be liable to the user or any third party for any loss caused by the interruption or termination of all services.

6. Those who plan to terminate the provision of their game products and services will announce the reasons in the game 60 days in advance. When the service is terminated, the virtual currency that the user has purchased but not used, and the game service that has not expired, can be returned to the user in fiat currency or other methods accepted by the user according to the proportion of the user's purchase. During processing, it is not possible to request both the retention of game character data information and the refund of unused virtual currency contained in the game character data information.

7. If you have not used the game account to log in to the game for 6 consecutive months after registering the game, there is no guarantee that the game account will be retained by the system.

8. Those who terminate the provision of part or all of the services to Party B in accordance with this contract shall be held responsible.

Article 7 Compensation for breach of contract The

user agrees to protect and safeguard the interests of the game and other users. If the user violates the relevant laws, regulations or any terms under this agreement and causes losses to the game or any other third party, the user agrees to be liable for the resulting losses. liability for damages.

Article 8 Law Governs

Purchase and Refund Services

If you live in the European Economic Area, you have certain rights to opt out of online shopping. However, please note that once you download virtual currency from us, your withdrawal rights end. You agree that the purchase of virtual currency includes the immediate download of such content; and that once your purchase is complete, you will lose your right to withdraw. If you live in the European Economic Area, we will provide you with a VAT invoice when required by law. You agree that these invoices may be in electronic format. We reserve the right to control, manage, change or delete any virtual currency or virtual goods without any liability to you.


Article 9 Notices and delivery

of all notices under this agreement can be made by means of announcements on important pages, emails or regular mail transmissions; the notices are deemed to have been delivered to the recipient on the date of sending, if you Any questions about services or terms, please contact us by email at