There are many options when it comes to symbols in logos. While most company play it safe and try to choose a logo that represents what they are doing or selling you can get very creative with symbols. Just take a look at some of the biggest brands whose symbols are recognised everywhere in the world but don’t necessarily provide any context on what kind of business they are.

Nike’s logo for example is one of the simplest logos and if you didn’t know about it, you wouldn’t be able to guess that it’s a company that sells shoes. Because of its simplicity however, it is also extremely recognisable. Almost anyone you can ask will know that it’s Nike’s. They don’t to use some existing symbol for shoes because they made their own and it’s almost as recognisable.


While Nike’s logo does technically represent the wing of the goddess “Nike”, Apple’s logo is obviously a very logical choice for a company called Apple. It’s probably just as recognisable as that of Nike but because it’s an apple, you’ll probably connect the logo to the company called Apple a lot easier than you would with Nike’s logo if you didn’t know about the brands.