CLASS DAY: Tuesday 4:30 B

TEACHER:  Kelsey

COSTUME GIRLS: Printed bra top, pants and black hooded zip up, fabric for hair. Your own black socks. Wear fitted black dance briefs/shorts under pants.

SHOES: Black high top Hip Hop (info on brand and how to order sent via email in February)

MAKE-UP: Foundation that matches your skin tone, finishing powder, mascara on upper and lower lashes, black eyeliner on upper lid. Eye Shadow: Charcoal Gray Lipstick: Plum Blush: to match lipstick

HAIR: Pull hair up into a sleek high ponytail. Use a BLACK pony holder and weave the fabric through one loop of the pony holder (it helps keep it from falling out). Then tie fabric in a double knot (no bow).

ADDITIONAL INFO: Do not wear earrings, rings, bracelets, or any other additional jewelry. Remove Tags from costumes. Keep costumes hung in garment bags and keep all costume pieces organized and labeled. Steam Tutu to remove wrinkles.

SEWING INSTRUCTIONS: Safety pin the black zip up hoodie at the shoulder seam to the bra top.

Some costumes may need alterations to fit.

*Walgreens or Target stores are best to purchase specific eyeshadow and lipstick brands & colors.

COSTUME BOYS: Black T Shirt, Zip up hoodie, black pants, black ball cap, your own black socks, black hip hop shoes.

We do not have any “extra gloves, hair pieces, shoe bows etc” so please keep all costumes together and in a secure place.