Nutcracker 2017 Cast List

Badeaux, Megan – Snow, Forest Queen, Flutes, Lead Flowers        

Bailey, Beckett        - Party Boy, Mouse, Dragon                 

Bordelon, Isabelle – Elf,        Mouse                        

Boykin,        Isabelle         - Maid, Forest Fairy, Russian, Flower        

Brauer,        Addison – Soldier, Angel, Petal                

Brister,        Parker - Little Party Girl, Mouse, Bon Bon                

Carroll,        Laura -         Older Party Girl, Forest Fairy, Arabian Handmaid, Flower        

Carter, Tatum -         Elf, Soldier, Dragon                 

Carter,        Quinn -         Mouse,         Bon Bon                        

Cole, Mallori - Little Party Girl, Mouse                        

Cook, Elizabeth – Snow, Oriental, Flower                

Dauzat, Payton – Mouse, Bon Bon                        

Edwards, Kaitlyn – Forest, Russian, Flower                

Evans, Morgan – Snow,        Spanish, Lead Flowers                

Fallis, Erin – Snow, Flutes, Dew Drop Fairy                

Fallis, Janna - Little Party Girl, Little Angel, Peppermint girl                

Gauthier, Adalyn - Little Party Girl, Bon Bon                        

Gauthier, Amelia – Elf, Peppermint Girl                        

Hall, Danielle -         Snow, Spanish, Lead Flowers                

Heard, Annie -         Older Party Girl, Forest Fairy                

Hetherwick, Lily - Older Party Girl, Soldier, Angel        , Petal        

Johnson, Olivia - Clara                                

Joiner, Halle - Shop Helper, Soldier, Angel                

Lewis, Layton (Jo) – Elf, Mouse                        

Lyles, Caroline – Snow, Spanish, Arabian Princess, Lead Flowers        

Lyles, Matthew – Boy Party Doll, Nutcracker, Spanish                

Manuel, Madison – Mouse, Bon Bon                        

Maxey,        Carrie Beth - Older Party Girl, Angel, Arabian Handmaid, Petal        

Mayo, Libby Claire – Mouse, Bon Bon                        

McCartney, Gabby - Big Angel (party scene), Forest Fairy, Russian                

McQuain, Stephanie -         Girls Party Doll,         Snow, Flutes, Lead Flowers        

Mitchell, Jeremiah - Mouse King        , Oriental                        

Moreau, Marin - Older Party Girl, Lead Angel, Arabian Handmaid, Petal        

Murphy        , Lily - Older Party Girl, Soldier, Angel, Arabian Handmaid, Petal

Murray, Laura Beth - Shop Helper, Soldier, Angel                

Murray, Ross -         Party Boy, Soldier, Trumpet player                

Newton, Artasia - Girl Soldier Doll, Forest Fairy, Russian, Flower

Newton, Madison – Elf,         Soldier, Peppermint girl                

Nugent, Morgan - Snow Queen,         Flutes, Lead Flowers                

Ogaard, Lillian - Little Party Girl, Peppermint Girl, Little Angel                

Pollock, Rachel – Snow,         Oriental, Lead Flowers                

Racine,        Sydney        - Elf, Soldier                        

Roshto, Kennon – Maid, Forest Fairy, Russian, Flower        

Taffi, Carmen -         Snow, Oriental, Flower                        

Taylor, London - Little Party Girl, Peppermint Girl                        

Thompson, Nate - Party Boy, Mouse, Dragon                 

Thompson, Avery – Fritz, Soldier, Lead Russian        

**all choreography is designed to fit the dancers, and may not be the same as last year**