Multimedia CLASS RULES & Studio Etiquette

  1. Respect others and don’t make judgments.
  2. Students are responsible for informing the teacher if they arrive to class and find something broken or missing from their workstation, particularly computer, typing keyboard, piano controller & microphone.
  3. Students may listen to music while they work.
  4. Students should listen while the teacher is giving instructions without streaming anything else or typing (unless following along with demos).
  5. At all times, students should respect the styles and differences of the people around them.  
  6. Don’t leave garbage behind. If you make a mess, clean it up.
  7. If you move a chair, put it back when you leave
  8. Students should treat equipment gently and respectfully at their station and notify the teacher if something is broken or missing.
  9. If ever a mess is made at student workstations, the students should clean up their mess.
  10. Students may NOT eat in class. Only water bottles with lids are permissable.
  11. Students may use phones in class to take quizzes, make SoundCloud Playlists and with special permission from the teacher, not making phone calls, SnapChatting, FaceTiming or Video Chatting, texting, etc.
  12. Students may use the bathroom ONLY AFTER the first 20 minutes of class. They may NOT use the bathroom if there are only 10 minutes left in class.
  13. It is rare that students will ever have Free Time without something to do in this class. Students should never be streaming movies, vines or sports highlights during class time. When the Lab is open after school, feel free
  14. Students should listen using earphones or otherwise listen at a medium listening level so as not to distract or influence what others are creating around them.