Mission/Vision Statement

Clinton-Massie Local School District Mission Statement:

The mission of the Clinton-Massie Local School District is to provide students with the best education possible to develop well-rounded, lifelong learners who become functioning members of our ever-changing world.

Clinton-Massie Local School District Vision Statement:

The Clinton-Massie Local School District is a progressive, family friendly community learning center where every student is successful and provided with rich and diverse opportunities.

Clinton-Massie Local School District Core Values:

As we seek to achieve our Vision and accomplish our Mission, we value the following:

Clinton-Massie Local Schools District Goals:

  1. Provide a top rate well-rounded education for each student while expecting excellence in all we do.
  2. Be fiscally responsible with the communities’ money and fiscally transparent to our community.
  3. Foster a student centered professional learning community built on trust, accountability, fairness, and consistency that facilitates shared leadership and collective decision making resulting in highly motivated/functioning Students, Staff, Parents and Community.
  4. Facilitate progressive utilization of technology to enhance the learning experience, while maintaining safe/secure facilities that contribute to a successful student centered educational experience.
  5. Increase communication quality and frequency both internally and externally. Be “in touch” with our Students, Staff, Parents and Community.