#206 - Into the Nexus: “Redirecting the Spotlight”

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Developer Update Q&A

Via sydien on reddit:

Content will be staggered



Blackheart’s Bay potentially up for a rework



No stats, only talents. Pick your favorites.

For Sonya, we love her core gameplay but have noticed that there is very little wiggle room in what’s generally considered her default talent path. To combat this, we are opening up more survivability options so players don’t feel pressured into always taking Nerves of Steel and Ignore Pain. We are also adding a couple of fun new tools into her arsenal, including more disruption options for Ancient Spear and a number of new talents for Seismic Slam that place more focus on area-of-effect damage. As an example, the Shattered Ground talent now also increases the splash range of Seismic Slam, allowing some interesting opportunities for poking opponents in lane, or dishing out tons of damage in a teamfight.

Gone are a lot of generic and underpicked talents. Overall they’re really trying to push us down a Seismic slam route. Lv. 13 is the only level (besides 20) without a Slam talent. Taking all the Slam talents allows you to REALLY chunk enemy heroes.


Block is out

NEW: Tough as Nails (Passive)

Every 12 seconds gain a stack of Block that grants 75 Physical Armor against the next Hero Basic Attack. Stores up to 3 charges. Cooldown refreshes 200% faster while Fury is active.

We used to get stack of block every 5 seconds. If Fury is active we now get a stack every 4 seconds with that 200% increase. Fury lasts 4 seconds. So basically, if you don’t have a stack of Block you’ll get one everytime Fury is activated.

MOVED: Furious Blow [W] (from Lv. 16)

Every fourth Seismic Slam deals 40% more damage and costs no Fury

There’s a cool little counter for this in the bottom left so you can get your Slams to 3 and then make an engage with some extra burst.


REMOVED: Focused Attack

No replacement or similar ability. Probably the only decision I’m salty about.


Seismic Slam deals 75% damage to all targets hit and its splash damage travels 66% farther

The splash damage length is crazy cool.

NEW: Battle Rage (Active [and passive])

Passively increases damage dealt to Mercenaries by 25%

Activate to Heal for 10% of Sonya’s maximum Health. 30 second charge cooldown. Stores up to 3 charges

You can really chew through Mercs with this. And the heal is nice. It doesn’t specify that it can be used during Whirlwind, but it can. Also Ferocious Healing is gone at 7.


They’re straight up nerfing Ignore Pain. (75 - 60 Armor)

MOVED: Composite Spear [Q] (from Level 7)

New functionality:

Increases Ancient Spear’s range by 50%.

Hitting an enemy Hero with Ancient Spear grants 25 armor for 4 seconds

Super cool. But I don’t like such a massive shift in range for a skill shot so late into a game.

NEW: Striding Giant [R]

Wrath of The Berserker increases maximum Health by 10% and grants the Striding Giant Ability while it is active

Striding Giant can be activated to become Unstoppable for 2 seconds. 30 second cooldown



When looking at updating Medivh, we recognized his reputation as a challenging Hero who excels in the right hands. We absolutely love this about the Hero, and wanted to add even more opportunities for players to show off their skills while simultaneously reducing some of the frustration players can experience when playing against Medivh. To accomplish our goal of amping up the more fun and challenging aspects of the Hero, we are making a modified version of the Master’s Touch talent a baseline quest for Medivh, and adding a version of the Reabsorption talent into Force of Will. On the other hand, in order to combat some of the frustrations experienced when playing against Medivh, we are reducing the overall uptime on both Force of Will and Portal. We think these changes, in combination with several exciting new talents, will allow enemies to effectively play around Medivh, while also rewarding those players who time clutch Force of Wills and land massive amounts of Arcane Rifts.

Health scaling increased from 4% to 4.5% per level

Health Regeneration scaling increased from 4% to 4.5% per level

Arcane Rift [Q]

Force of Will [W]

Portal [E]


How does this patch add counterplay to Medivh?


Old uptime: Lvl 1: 50%, Lvl 13: 100%

New uptime: Lvl 1: 37.5%, Lvl 16: 75%


Old uptime: 30%

New uptime: 18.75%


Shrike (Trait)

Healing Dart [Q]

Biotic Grenade [W]

Nano Boost [R]

Eye of Horus [R]


Last Patch Impact

Only result of voice chat seems to be that Hammer went up and Medivh went down.


Season 1 2018 Ends March 6th

We will no longer boost the system’s uncertainty level in players’ matchmaking ratings (MMRs) at the start of a new ranked season. Previously, this uncertainty boost made movement more fluid during players’ initial matches each season. Removing it will smooth out cases where players could make considerable swings in rank over a relatively small number of games.

We’ve also implemented a one-league cap on how much your rank can move as a result of placement matches.

First time ranked players cannot be seeded higher than Platinum 3 when they start placement matches. When combined with the changes mentioned above, the highest those players can exit placements will now be Diamond 3.

There will be 10 placement matches waiting for you on the other side of the ranked season roll.


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Tony S.

I just wanted to send in my conspiracy theory on the next hero in Heroes of the Storm. You may or may not have noticed, but the Season 13 Diablo III portrait is an image of Imperius. Blizzard has put in these types of hints in the past and I think this means that Imperius is the next hero. What do you guys think?

Keep up the fine work.




Yesterday I hit Platinum in Heroes for the first time, thanks to a win streak, with about the last 10 games helped along by voice chat. It’s a very different experience with voice and it feels like this should have been in the game all along, because teamwork is such a core part of the game.

Like you said on the show, the games were more of a struggle when 1 or 2 players stayed off voice. Ironically the game which promoted me to plat was also the most toxic (last pick wanted to butcher and begrudgingly switched to dps Monk so we’d have a healer). Somehow we managed to take enough of our anger out on the enemy team to win the game.

But most of my games with voice were great. It’s fantastic to be able to discuss and adapt micro and macro on the fly. E.g. one game after killing 2 enemies I said “can we take a keep?” and got the reply “taking a fort is safer” which we all immediately did. No splitting and no random merc capping!

Another good thing was clean disengages. Saying “we got the wall” was a great way to feel like we got something done and it was ok to all back off, when pre-voice some of the team would have tried to keep going.

I also found it really helped adjusting on the fly on dynamic maps like BoE, DS and Braxis. It’s great to be able to ask the solo laner “how’s it going?” And they reply “going well”, or “I’m about to lose the point”. And on DS I managed to convince the team to focus on pushing the bottom lane, which I’ve found is impossible over text chat.

I also enjoyed playing with a Genji who had just the kind of hyped over confident voice you’d expect.

Thanks for the show, a big part of my climb is thanks to all your advice. It’s great to be able to make much better use of it on voice!


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