Payroll Suspense

Session B | Notes taken by Silvia Avila


  1. What steps you take to avoid suspense? (A. Galindo - SDCOE)
  1. Run queries to see if any will hit suspense for timecards and paysheets and enter corrections.
  1. When is the best time to clear queries? (A. Galindo - SDCOE)
  1. After the first pre-calc.
  1. Best practices to clear suspense?
  1. Create a checklist (sample handout)
  2. Run queries
  1. If there is no budget assign, where everything goes?
  1. It can be found on BetterPEDR under suspense
  1. Encinitas has instructions to Do Not use Correct Suspense Entries screen (S.Smart)
  1. Yes, they need to be cleared out
  1. If changes to department and not DBT, it will charge to incorrect department.
  2. If active DBT and changes, query only pulls positions with no active DBT
  3. On Journal Entries (T. Darr, Carlsbad) how do you identify the changes after you saved the report?
  1. Added months to identify the month changed. Employees have multiples changes in a month
  1. Returning retirees - Retirement benefits goes to suspense. Known issue
  2. If something went wrong with employees’ check, the 3400 ends in suspense. If you are paying something on the off-cycle the system doesn’t like it - known issue
  3. When clearing and crossing funds, always clear to and from.
  4. Navigation to clear suspense: Main Menu>GL>Journals>Suspense Correction>Correct Suspense Entries - You can find it on CRC Third Thursday Demo (3/2017)


  1. None recorded.