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DIT Employee Account Management Procedures
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DIT Employee Account Management Procedures

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DIT Employee Account Management Procedures


These procedures define circumstances in which employee accounts are disabled or the account contents purged.

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This document outlines a formal set of procedures the Division of Information Technology (DIT) uses to manage employee accounts. The university is required to manage accounts to keep our networks and data safe by ensuring only those who are authorized to access the university’s IT resources can do so. As part of that requirement, the DIT disables accounts and purges account content on an as-needed basis.

1. Account Disabling

Disabled, or deactivated, accounts do not have access to resources requiring your Morgan username and password such as Banner, WebSIS, G-Suite (email, calendar, drive, etc.), Canvas, MSU-Secure (wi-fi), Hoonuit, etc. A disabled account can be re-enabled as needed.

1.1 Account Deactivation Due to Involuntary Termination

Accounts will be disabled without prior notice for one or more of the following reasons:

1.2 Account Deactivation Due to Voluntary Separation

An Employee Exit Clearance form must be submitted by the supervisor via
Banner Workflow for employees who have informed their plan to separate or retire from the university. Employee accounts for those exiting the university under these terms, will be disabled within 24 hours of their official final work date.

1.3 Account and IT Resource Management after Voluntary Separation

In some cases, employees who separate or retire from the university still need access to university IT resources. These cases are handled as follows:

The Special Access Request Form is accessible via this link as a DocuSign form.

2. Account Content Purging

Purging is a systematic action that permanently erases records, data, and/or identity. When the contents of a Morgan State University account is purged, the assigned email address continues to exist, but the account contents are deleted permanently (e.g., contacts, email, calendar events, Google Drive files, etc.). Employee account purging is not currently a university practice.

3. Dual Role Accounts

In 2016, the DIT implemented a ​dual role account ​model, separating student accounts from employee accounts for those individuals who are in both a student and an employee role. Since the roles are separate, employee accounts will be subject to the procedures outlined in this document whereas student accounts will be subject to the Student Account Management Procedures.

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