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Applicant Tutorial - Grants
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Grant Lifecycle Manager Learning Lab | Applicant Tutorial

VIDEO 1: Site Access & Account Creation

You will access the system via the log on page. The Foundation may have provided you with a link to this page, or it may be hyperlinked on their Foundation website.  It’s recommended that you bookmark this page in your internet browser for ease of access.  If you’ve already created an account you may enter your email and password and log right in.  Otherwise, you’ll want to click on the Create New Account button.  If at any time after creating an account, you can’t remember your password, you may click on the Forgot Your Password button, enter your email address, and you will be sent a link to reset your password.



Upon clicking Create Account you will be taken to the Email Confirmation page, so you can confirm that you are receiving emails from the system.  Follow the onscreen instructions and click the “Continue” button to finish the registration process.  Now you have an account in this system, and remember, this is an account that you will use for both present and future applications.

VIDEO 2: Applying for Funding

Upon completing registration and accessing the system for the first time, you will land on the Apply Page. This page will show you any currently open opportunities that you can apply for, as well as any relevant deadlines and other applicable information related to them.

Once in the form, note that your contact and organization information automatically populates at the top of the form.

Work your way through the form responding to the fields.

When all of the fields are complete, submit the application.

VIDEO 3: Your Applicant Dashboard

Your dashboard houses current and historical requests.

The active request tab houses all current requests. These are the requests still requiring action, awaiting a decision and/or requests that have not yet been marked closed by the site administrator. Within each request you can see forms, form statuses and submission dates and, if applicable, form deadlines.

If your request is approved, you may be assigned Follow Up forms to be completed and submitted through the system.

Denied requests and requests marked closed by the site administrator are housed in the Historical Request tab.

If you wish to edit your account information or change your password, click your name in the top right.  This will expand a drop-down menu.  If you click Edit my profile, you will be able to update your user information or change your password.  Be sure to click save in the bottom right once you’ve finished.  

Please note, that you will be automatically logged out of the system after 90 minutes of inactivity (you

will receive a warning message at 80 minutes of the pending “time out”).