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Pitch Night and DD Vote Protocol

What is expected for Pitch Night and DD Vote

Rev 15/11/2015

Pitch Night

This is all about exposing the business proposition and CEO to angels to garner interest for DD.

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Intro 2 min

Warm intro by the champion who has worked with the startup, likes them and sees value to invest subject to DD that he/she is willing to lead.

Ideally in person, failing that by brief video. See example.

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Pitch 10 min

10 min max to explain the business proposition, the key objective is to garner enough interest among the angels to want to proceed to DD. Should cover the market pain, the solution, the team and traction, ask and pre-money. 

Most champions coach the CEO for this. Due to network security reasons, it is best to run the presentation from your own laptop, WiFi provided.

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Q+A 10 min

Immediate reactions by the angels to the pitch with comments, observations and questions. Brief and honest answers are best.

DD Voting (or Investment Vote when syndicating via another angel group)

This is all about collecting YES or NO votes for committing resources to DD and ultimately investing. 18 YES out of 34 votes are required to proceed to DD.
Please supply words and video before or soon after pitch night.  
See example.

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Words from the Champion

Brief intro: How and when the champion met the founders, how long champion and founders have known each other. What the champion likes about the business, investment interest and commitment to leading DD.

See example as above.

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Up to 10-minute pitch video. Best to show the founder in the flesh first, then continue talking over the pitch slides. You can simply record everything from your laptop. Alternative talk to the deck next to a screen.

See an example which is a little more elaborate than need be.