Dear Parents and Whanau

Welcome back to the very action packed Term 4.  This Term is only nine weeks long but will be filled with a lot of exciting learning activities.  Korimako hope you have had a relaxing time and have been able to have a holiday at the same time as your child.  As mentioned in the Korimako Term newsletter students from Korimako will be writing about their experiences throughout the week.  They will attempt to add photos and students work also.   This week’s news is written by Tyler and Isla.

Kapa Haka:

In Kapa Haka we sing a lot of Maori songs and play games like Pukana, Tuhinga o mua (octopus) and Kiore me te rapiti (rats and rabbits) we also learn rakau and poi, it is great fun and Matua (our leader) is very funny and always tells us stories about his performances.  

Calendar Art:

After lunch korimako does calendar art.  We got to choose between four different designs the first one is where first you write a word like amazing, awesome or your name in block letters after that you can decorate the background however you want then you stick a picture of you in the middle add sunglasses and you’re done. The second one is where you get a template of three trees and a house on hills then you color it in any way you like, you could do patterns or plain colours. The last one is a fish tank or buildings that you look at from a certain angle but it is hard because you have to make it look like it is going into the distance.



Cricket Team

The Year 5-6 cricket competition is underway for term 4. Students who were keen opted in.  

Due to numbers, students will have rest weeks in order for all to give it a go.

Today the team will travel to St Albans school to play their first game.


For numeracy this term we are focusing on measurements, the teachers have split us into 4 groups and we see every teacher throughout the week we also have choice two times which means we can do anything that involves measurement games or figure it out books.


In writing we are doing speeches we have a choice of writing a persuasive, entertaining or informative speech. Our writing teacher will help us create the speech and we will practice it at home ready to say it in front of our home base class later this term.

Korimako Gets Creative:

At the end of term 3 Korimako got a choice to do either dance, drama or visual arts and in the first week of term 4 they got put into the first option that they choice. Unfortunately not enough people chose dance so they had to go into their second choice. There is about 20 people in drama and you have to get into groups of about 2-4 people and decide if you want to do a game show, skit or play, debating and a monologue. In visual art you have a choice either to make a mask, sport clothing, footwear or equipment.  

Athletics Day

Our Athletics day is being held on Tuesday 24th October.  Long distance runners are to meet Mr. Cook at 8.45am at the Marshland Domain.  All other students will be walking over to the domain from 9.20am.  Please remember:

Sun Hats are compulsory - if students don’t have a hat they will not be able to participate

Please encourage your child to have a drink bottle and sunscreen.  Students are able to wear house colour clothing on the day or their school uniform.

From Korimako teachers

In our term newsletter we asked if your child is not swimming please inform your child’s home base teacher, so far we have received three emails from parents.  The accounts will be getting charged on Tuesday and swimming will be on your account unless you have informed your child’s home base teacher by Tuesday.

What’s On Week 2

Monday 23rd Oct = Labour Day, enjoy the long weekend

Tuesday 24th Oct = Athletics Day

Wednesday 25th Oct = Normal

Thursday 26th Oct = Normal

Friday 27th Oct = Science Alive Roadshow, Mandeville Sports Club Room at 12.30pm.   Parents most welcome to join us there.

What’s On Week 3

Monday 30th Oct = Start of Term 4 assessments for Korimako students

Calendar art on display (order forms will be sent out)

Tuesday 31st Oct = Postenment date for Athletics Day

Wednesday 1st Nov = Normal day

Thursday 2nd Nov = Normal day

Friday 3rd Nov = Normal day

Kind regards

Isla and Tyler

Enjoy your long weekend