#301 - The Angry Chicken: “You just got WhizBANGED!”


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Top of the Show Chat

Rocketsauce posted a question in the Patron Discord

I couldn't help but notice @Garrett and @JustinRYoung chatting on Twitter. Do you miss aggro? Is a Control/Combo meta bad for the game?


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Marked by Hakkar

Dope random event.


Brawl of Champions


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New Decks!

  1. Secret Paladin
    Secret Paladin deck list guide
  1. Early board control is the name of the game
  2. Hey look, more Knife Jugglers
  3. Secretkeeper is your Mana Wyrm.
  4. Bellringer Sentry is your mid-game fuel.
  1. Second highest Mulligan WR behind Secretkeeper.
  2. Hydrologist is 3rd.
  1. Solid winrates against most of the field.
  2. Beware Big Spell Mage, Odd Pally, Wall Priest, and most Warlocks.
  1. Most Warlock matchups are close. But the deck really struggles against Control Locks.

  1. Wall Priest
    Wall Priest Deck List Guide
  1. Made popular by Thijs
  2. Combo Priest, but with Taunt minions.
  3. Tar-Creeper, Zilliax, Witchwood Grizzly, Lich King, Mosh’Ogg Enforcer, Master Oakheart
  4. Rez-package: Eternal Servitude & Diamond Spellstone
  5. No Radiant Elemental.
  1. We never liked them in our rez pool much anyway and it would throw a big wrench in the Oakheart strat.
  1. Mass Hysteria and Psychic Scream are your guards against aggro matchups.
  2. Great matchups all around. The exception being against Malygos Rogue.
  1. Mini-Maly Rogue mention: This has become the most-played Rogue deck. But it is not sporting a very high winrate.

  1. Secret Odd Mage (or Aggro Odd Mage)
    Aggro Odd Mage Deck List Guide
  1. More Aggro
  2. No DK
  3. Like Secret Paladin Secretkeeper is your Mana Wyrm.
  4. Clockwork Automaton
  1. Haven’t talked much about this card. Reminder: It’s a 5 Mana 4/4 that Double the damage and healing of your Hero Power.
  2. This can be combo-ed with Daring Fire-Eater for an 8-damage Hero Power.
  1. Similar to Secret Paladin. Very good matchups across the board.
  2. Horrible again Odd Paladin. Next-worst is DR Hunter. But still winnable.

Old Decks Doing Better

  1. Mecha’thu Druid
  2. Odd Warrior
  3. Odd Rush Warrior
  4. Even Paladin is still hanging around with a good winrate.

Weird Shit I’ve Seen

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Johan (Discord)

Looking at the top standard decks, five of the top ten archetypes are nearly a year old (Odd/Even) with some of them not using any cards from the Year of the Raven other than Genn/Baku (Odd Paladin, Even Warlock). I understand that the meta is varied right now, but it's undeniable that it's super stale. And given how Genn/Baku are dominating the meta in standard, it's influence on Wild is going to be even worse.

At this point, do you think it makes sense for Blizzard to outright ban Genn and Baku from play (not just Standard but also Wild)?


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