Good-to-know-facts, FAQs, Agenda, about CCC

Catalysts has been expanding Europe’s biggest Coding Contest to a worldwide level since last year. On

April 3rd 2020, coders from all over the world will compete at the 33rd CCC.

Wanna know more?

This is how it all started- 11 years of the CCC

April 2018 - Infographic

2017 - Infographics

The 29th CCC 

The 30th CCC

The 32nd CCC

Here are some good-to-know facts:


The best way is to go through this doc and then if you still have questions contact us via We will publish all questions and answers here. During the contest, we’ll answer your questions via gitter.

We will provide internet access at each location, but you have to stick to the fair use policy (pages like Stackoverflow etc. are allowed, streaming and excessive downloading of content is forbidden).

The upload is an option, not a must have! In case you don’t have source-code to upload you can’t cash the bonus time.

We don’t expect a polished source code. But it’s interesting though from a scientist’s point of view how the best solutions were developed.

Nothing, it’s fine.

You can manage your team members under “my registrations” (after login).

Usually, we count every failed test (in that particular case every value). Therefore, it can be wise to commit not all results at once. Remember for every failed test (value) you get a penalty minute!


  1. Preparations at the CCC location will take about 30-45 min. Please, take care to be in time.
  2. Bring your laptop, please. Careful - only one computer can be used for coding the game. The others might take their computers just for research purposes.
  3. Registration of participants at the CCC location. Registration is possible until the start of the contest. But be careful - limited seats available! Participate alone or in a team of max 3 people for Classic and 5 for School.
  4. Setting up access to the local network
  5. Start of the CCC (check your local timezone)
  6. Download of relevant files (further information at the CCC)
  7. Double check of all technical preparations
  8. End of the CCC (Classic CCC lasts for 4 hours and School CCC for 2 hours)
  9. Score summary and presentation ceremony

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Happy coding!