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TX - 22-23 COVID-19 Health and Safety FAQ
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COVID-19 Health and Safety Q&A


Academic Year 2022-2023

Health and Safety

ResponsiveEd campuses are ready to meet the needs of students through on-campus instruction during the 2022-23 school year. We continue to monitor data, updates, guidance, and/or directives from Texas Governor Greg Abbott; Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath; and other local, state, and federal agencies regarding COVID-19 response, prevention, and mitigation efforts. This guidance has evolved and will continue to evolve based on COVID-19 conditions across the state and within the communities we serve.

ResponsiveEd has developed these operational guidelines in consultation with the following organizations:

The Texas Education Agency and ResponsiveEd strongly encourage students, staff, and visitors to wear face covers while indoors on campus.

In compliance with the Governor of Texas' Executive Order (GA-38), which prohibits government entities (including charter schools) from mandating vaccines, campus leaders and staff cannot require either students, staff, or visitors to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Therefore, vaccinations are optional for students, staff, and visitors. Campuses will work to ensure no person is treated differently as a result of their choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate.

The Texas Education Agency and ResponsiveEd strongly encourage students and staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

The Governor of Texas' Executive Order (GA-38)  prohibits campuses from requiring facial coverings for students, staff, or visitors, regardless of vaccination status.

The COVID-19 vaccine is available at many local pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and other locations. The Food and Drug Administration has expanded the emergency use authorization for the vaccinations to include all individuals age 12 and older.

All staff, visitors, and students should screen at home for COVID-19 symptoms using screening questions each day before arriving at the campus. All staff, visitors, and students (with parental assistance) should monitor for symptoms of illness before campus arrival.

Keep your student home from campus until you can see a health care provider or they receive results from a COVID-19 test. Please contact the campus to report the positive test.

Students who have tested positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate until:

Parents are required to report to their campus as soon as possible if their student has tested positive for COVID-19. Parents should contact the campus nurse via email or phone call to report the student’s COVID-19 case.

Students and staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate until at least 5 days have passed since their symptom onset AND their symptoms have improved, or since their positive test if they have no symptoms. This time will be handled as any other absence due to illness. The campus staff will contact the parent to discuss options (as defined by the TEA).

Given the data from 2020-21 showing very low COVID-19 transmission rates on the campus and in a classroom setting, and data demonstrating lower transmission rates among children than adults, school systems are not required to conduct COVID-19 contact tracing. Parents of students who are determined to be close contacts of an individual with COVID-19 may opt to keep their students at home during the recommended stay-at-home period.

The campus will send a communication to the families indicating a positive case was identified in their child’s classroom and/or cohort.

Frequent hand sanitization will help ensure the health and wellness of students, staff, and visitors. To this end, students, staff, and visitors will be asked to adhere to the following guidance:

Current COVID-19 numbers may be accessed at:


Texas Public School COVID-19 Data

ResponsiveEd COVID-19 Activity Dashboard

This document is subject to change as guidance and/or directives are provided by government officials and/or as COVID-19 conditions change.