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Patriot Foundations Scavenger Hunt

    For today’s activity, you will be competing in a scavenger hunt! The objective is simple, for you to find all the items in this list and write them down, along with their page numbers, on the graphic found below. Your tablemates will be a part of your team, be sure to give yourselves a team name and list the members on your team. In order to complete the scavenger hunt as a team, your whole team must have the information on a sheet just like this one. What that means is that all members will have information about the items below and their page numbers. Therefore, if you have people at your table, all five people must have the graphic completed. The teachers will be checking for accuracy and detail so if you are having doubts add detail to your graphic to make sure you win and do not forget the page numbers! Good luck and happy hunting!


  1. Main Ideas 2. When 3. Where 4. How it influences American Colonists.

Page Range. Write the page you find information.

Manga Carta

152 & 157

English Bill of Rights

91,120,152, & 157

Government Under England

92, 93, & 94

Colonial Governments


Great Awakening

94 & 95

Final Question: Answer the following on the back of this paper after you complete your scavenger hunt: Why might a Patriot, an individual willing to fight for American independence in this period, come about before the start of the American Revolution?