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March 21

EJ arrives at 17:44 / Scylla’s Video / On Facebook

April 02

Darvic female  BLUE DB (2010)

(ringed near Carrbridge in July 2010 (probably nest A11) with parents Blue XD and Green J)

April 08

First  unringed male arrives at 18:00

April 17

EGG #1 at 02:25 / Blog / EJ doesn’t incubate Egg#1

April 18

A Blue ringed female clashes with EJ / Tries to land

April 20

EGG #2  c21:09  / EJ starts incubating her two eggs

April 21

Darvic male Blue NU7 (2015)  / On Facebook

(Male  hatched in 2015 at a nest near the top end of Loch Ness)

George in the nestcup kicking / Scylla’s video:  (Is he kicking or nestcupping?)

Picture of Eggs #1 (lighter) and #2 (darker at back)

EJ eats  end of her fish on the nest

First time George incubates (not for long) / BNN’s video / G sits as EJ watches /

April 22

Darvic  male  Blue HF0 (2014) / Alison’s report

(male,  ringed on 8th July 2014 near Loch Moy / one of three chicks)

April 24

EGG #3 at 22:09

April 25

G accepts Egg#3 and incubates

April 27

New Male named GEORGE

April 29

Darvic male NW3 (2015) / Alison’s photo and report

(ringed on the 9th July 2015 near Loch Fleet, Sutherland, he was one of two chicks)














06    NO FISH

07    NO FISH

08    NO FISH

09    NO FISH

10    NO FISH

11    NO FISH

12    NO FISH

13     At last!!!

14    NO FISH    Blue Darvic FN3

15   EJ at Rothiemurchus

Eggs unattended for 1h59m

16    EJ catches her own fish

Eggs unattended for 10 hr17m


Eggs unattended for 36m

18   EJ brings fish tail  to nest

Eggs unattended for3h18m

19 (Did EJ catch a fish?)

Eggs unattended for 6h19m

20 (Did EJ catch a fish?)

Eggs unattended for 4h08m

21    Eggs unattended 4h40m

22    Eggs unattended 13h23m

23 Eggs unattended 12h40m

24 Eggs unattended 11h42m

25 EJ sleeps off nest / Eggs 11h54m










05 Unringed male intruder

06  Blue Darvic ??? male intruder









15     Blue Darvic NU7







22    Blue NF2 & Blue JC6



25  Darvic White DP female






  Fish Skeleton.jpg  March & April count: 08 caught by EJ   |||  15 - given to EJ       |||      May & June count: 14 by George to EJ ✔     03 by George not taken by EJ ✘       |||      EJ caught 14 herself       |||      04 - EJ - likely, but no evidence   

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June 30   

03:13 - Day cam

05:29 to 06:17 - EJ flies to the campost, then onto the nest / She arrives without a chirp / She stand on the right side of the nest, her lookout position / She does a lot of preening / She flies up to the campost / She flies off

06:31 - EJ returns quietly for a very brief visit

Scylla’s lovely snapshots & vid - EJ wheeled in at 05:29hr, stayed watching n preening 40 mins

10:21 - PTZ on, EJ in the camera tree having a good preen

11:27 - EJ sees someone, flies to the nest and starts mantling

Scylla’s vid - Intruder/GJ alert, EJ flies tree to nest, flyovers, she flies

Empty nest

15:44 - PTZ on, EJ in the camera tree preening


EJ’s first visit, up to the campost  (Scylla’s gorgeous snapshots)        


Amazing, gorgeous snapshots of EJ’s visit in the misty morning (MaryGK)

June 29   

02:49 - Day cam / Misty morning

04:51 - EJ on the nest

Scylla’s vid - EJ flies in 04:50hr, moved summat, some flapping, flies off

Scylla’s vid - 04:59 to 05:05 - EJ brings stick, nestorises lots, up to campost, off

06:05 to 06:10 - EJ back / Flaps and up to campost / Hovered down, picks up stick / She leaves

06:14 to 06:17 - She’s back with another twiggy stick / She leaves

Scylla’s super snapshots & vid - 06:04 to 06:17 - EJ is in and out nestorising so much this morning

06:55 to 07:07  - EJ onto nest from campost /  She leaves

07:31 to 07:51 - EJ is back with a stick / Up to campost / Back down again / She potters / She flies off and returns with another stick / She leaves

09:06 to 09:14 - She is back on the nest picking at sticks / She leaves

09:44 to 09:59 - PTZ camera on, EJ in the camera tree / She she mantles and flies to the nest

10:03 - Nest cam on, George and EJ on the nest in defence mode /No alarm calls from either

10:06 - George flies off

10:07 - EJ flies off

10:13 - EJ returns with a tiny stick / She stands on the right

10:23 - She mantles / George flies by

10:34 to 11:10 - EJ leaves the nest, she flies round and lands in the camera tree / She does a lot of preening and keeps an eye in the sky / She mantles quietly and keeps looking up / She flies off, no chirps

11:51 to 12:00 - Wingbeats heard off cam, then EJ back on the nest / She seems aware but continues preening / She flies round again and lands in the camera tree

Update on the PTZ camera from Emma S at LG - Hey Bloggers, Emma here! Unfortunately we are having some difficulty with the roving camera again today. Thankfully EJ landed on (almost) the perfect perch so you can see she's around, but I can't move the camera at all just now. Will keep trying! Sorry!!!

12:13 to 13:23 - EJ preens in the camera tree, her face obscured by a branch / She leaves

14:19 - EJ lands on the nest, she hovers and squeals and flies off

14:23 - Someone alarm calls nearby

16:24 - EJ on the nest again, she mantles silently then leaves

BNN’s catch-up videos:

17:38 - EJ returns to the nest, she flies up to the campost, then back onto nest

CC’s vid - EJ on nest

EJ still standing on the rim, edge of the screen, looking out

18:11 - EJ leaves

18:28 to 18:33 - EJ is back on nest / Off

18:36 - EJ back with a twig

18:40 - Up to the campost, then off

CC’s vid - EJ nest to campost

19:38 to 20:20 - EJ on the nest,mantles slightly, looks up / She moves sticks / She stands on the rim of the nest for a while / She leaves

21:27 to 21:31 - EJ returns but doesn’t stay long

Aviemore Ospreys - Sunny this morning first thing and 2 ospreys in and fished.. then the thick mist came and it's getting thicker by the minute

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - There was a bit of a midnight feast right outside the center last night with a pine marten and a badger enjoying some tasty peanut snacks!

June 28   

EJ has caught a fish at the lochan in Aviemore  ☑

09:37 - PTZ camera on, EJ in the Love Tree

11:50 - EJ mantling and flapping

13:19 - Faint alarm call, EJ mantles and flaps

14:40 - PTZ camera on empty tree, alarm calls heard off camera coming from the nest

14:45 to 14:46 - Nest camera on, EJ and George on the nest defending / He flies off and returns with a small clump of moss / He flies off, his alarm calls heard off cam / EJ leaves afterwards

CC’s vid - GJ and EJ defend

15:09 - PTZ camera on, EJ in the camera tree

17:09 - Camera switched to nest cam

20:10 - EJ brings a clump to the nest, she is very watchful / She leaves

Scylla’s vid - EJ to defend?

Scylla’s vid - 23:18 - Brief late evening Pine Marten visit

23:53 - Night cam

Aviemore Ospreys - Well another spectacular morning, think we had 5 different Ospreys in, while they are fishing early, the light is something else right now.... the last Osprey was EJ... and boy did she put on a show for everyone, flying round and round really low in as good a light as i ever get before diving and getting a fish, while i have to do a lot more work to keep everything going because of the 31 degrees,(got finished at 9pm last night) it seems to be well worth it, and again today we have some stunning images.... and hundreds of EJ.

Aviemore Ospreys - EJ getting her fish, image captured by Adam Caird

BLOG by Emma S - Update 28/06/18

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - We're so delighted that our wonderful friend, Nimrod Mifsud, has been honoured with the Nature's Hero 2018 Award from our partners, Birdlife Malta.

In his two seasons working at Loch Garten, his in-depth knowledge, infectious passion, skilful communication, talented art-skills and BEST cuddles made him a firm favourite with colleagues, volunteers and visitors alike.

Nimrod, it's been said before, but we'll say it again, you're one in a million and we love and miss you!

Come and see us soon!!

Loads of love from all at RSPB Abernethy and Loch Garten x (Link to video here)


George and EJ defending / EJ in camera tree (CC)                                   EJ in the camera tree (SheilaFE)

June 27   

04:15 to 04:30 - Scylla’s vid - GJ lands early, joined by EJ, he leaves , she waits

04:53 to 05:22 - Scylla’s vid -  EJ watching, preening, flying, returning, flying

05:24 to 05:26 - Scylla’s vid - GJ flies by then pays a short visit

07:00 to 07:04 - Scylla’s vid - Posturing visit from GJ, is a male intruder around?

07:21 to 07:24 - Scylla’s vid - EJ brings a twiggy lycheny stick, is watching someone in sky

07:53 to 08:14 - EJ returns / leaves

13:22 - PTZ camera on, EJ on the lower branch nest perch / She spends a long time preening in the sunshine

16:42 - EJ flies off / She can be heard on the campost (camera still on the empty perch)

16:51 to 16:55 - Camera on nest view, EJ lands on the nest / She is watching someone / She leaves

19:43 to 19:52 - EJ on the nest / She seems to have an eye on someone above / She leaves

23:46 - Night cam

Aviemore Ospreys shared Dave Joicey’s post - Some stunners taken by Dave Joicey yesterday, cracking images Dave. (Amazing photos of EJ and fish taken on June 26)

June 26   

02:50 - Day cam

05:00 - Scylla’s vid - Sample distant osprey calling

05:31 to 05:37 - EJ flies to campost, then onto nest / She moves a stick, then she goes to the rim and looks out / She leaves

Scylla’s vid - 05:30hr EJ flies to campost, shakes sticks on nest, flies off

06:18 - EJ catches a fish at the lochan in Aviemore   ☑ (EDIT: photo here)

09:10 - PTZ camera finds EJ in the Love Tree with her fish

09:48 - EJ starts mantling, George joins EJ in the Love Tree

09:53 - George flies off

EJ continues eating, sometimes she stops and looks around and mantles gently

Scylla’s vid - Gosh, GJ joined EJ in Love Tree for 7 minutes

13:33 -EJ flies off, alarm calls heard off cam /  EJ in the camera tree / She has some of her left in her talon / She looks so beautiful in the soft light

15:35 - She finishes eating her fish / EJ preens and keeps a watchful eye around her /

17:14 - Camera back to nest view / EJ still in the camera tree after the switch

17: 30 to 17:35 - EJ lands on the nest quietly, not a single chirp / She looks around her, mainly to the right and towards the back / She flies off / She chirps off cam

19:00 to 19:01 - EJ lands on nest, then up to campost / She flies off

19:04 to 19:11 - Ej returns to nest with a small lycheny stick / She moves the stick / She stands on the right side of the nest surveying her domain

BNN’s videos:

Aviemore Ospreys - Think that's 6 ospreys so far this morning, including the monster diving AU6 having about 5 false dives, last osprey at 6.18... EJ.

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - It's going to be another scorcher here at Loch Garten today! We've had at least FIVE different ospreys around/on EJ's nest in the last 4 days... what action will today bring?!


EJ and George (BNN)


EJ and fish (BNN)


EJ visits the nest (BNN)

June 25   

02:36 - Day cam

04:32 to 04:35 - EJ lands on nest, she mantles / George lands with one foot on her back / Both mantling, not facing each other / He flies off

EJ stays on the nest waiting

Scylla’s vid - 04:32 to 04:41 - EJ lands, then GJ, they mantle back-to-back, he leaves, she waits

Scylla’s vid - 05:18 - Could this be both EJ and GJ with tiny tweets?

Scylla’s vid - 05:28 - GJ returns for “mating”

06:15 - EJ gets more animated, starts calling and shifting a stick

06:35 - EJ flies off

Scylla’s vid - 06:41 - GJ turns up empty cropped, potters, flies

Scylla’s vid -06:56 to 07:07 - Another get together on the nest, GJ didn’t stay long

EJ goes fishing, no news on social media as to where   ☑

09:40 - PTZ camera shows EJ tucking into her fish on the flat tree perch

10:15 - EJ starts mantling on the perch with her fish

She alarm calls and flies off, someone lands on the nest, but we don't know who.

10:17 - PTZ camera zooms in on the nest, female intruder (ring on left leg) White DP is there alarm calling

She flies off. EJ lands with her fish briefly and flies off in pursuit.

10:18 - White DP lands again / A brief view of White DP, nest view

10:19 - Back to side view of the nest / White DP alarm calls / DP flies off and EJ comes to defend with fish in talon / EJ just touches down and DP flies past her

10:20 - White DP lands again / She stays on the nest for a while

10:26 & 10:29 & 10:31 - Skydancing heard

10:32 - Nest view of White DP /  She flies round and back to the nest

10:33 - Camera follows someone, possibly EJ, coming back to defend / After that the camera follows birds flying off in the distance and zoom back to the empty nest

SheilaFE’s post with info on White DP  - If it is White DP I have noted "possibly hatched 2007/08, 12 October 2016 seen in Portugal".  Could be an Aberfoyle bird.  (Thank you, Sheila)

BNN’s catch-up video (uncut) and snapshots

EJ back on the flat tree with her fish, all quiet

12:02  to 12:09 - George joins EJ and starts mantling / He alarm calls and mantles / He flies off, EJ stays

14:28 - She finishes eating and cleans her beak

16:25 - EJ flies off, camera follows her to the camera tree

 17:42 - Cam back to nest view

20:35 to 20:37 - EJ lands on nest with nesting material / She leaves

20:38 to 20:41 - EJ is back with a stick / She flies off, then alarm chirps heard

Scylla’s vid - 10:15 to 16:25 - Female intruder White DP, EJ prevails

23:49 - Night cam

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - Whoah! Loads of action at LG right now! EJ plus 2 other ospreys battling for the nest - and this female, white DP is claiming it at the moment! (Also look at replies, photo of WhiteDP in Portugal on 12/10/2016)

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - After a temporary coup of EJ's nest by white DP this morning, order was restored and EJ saw off the cheeky chancer! She was even joined by George on a nearby perch later in the day. What will tomorrow bring??!


© RSPB Loch Garten

EDIT - White DP was ringed on 17/07/2016 near Stirling (Update on Facebook on August 26th)

Andy Howard Twitter - ...and now #BlueNF2 has dropped in by to say ‘hello’ with a couple of failed attempts.

June 24   

03:53 - Day cam on PTZ camera

04:08 - EJ heard chirping on the nest / Sound of mating at 04:09

04:12 - Someone (George, likely) flies to the flat tree perch

04:15 - The one on the tree flies off, then a peep heard

04:20 to 04:30 - EJ on the flat tree perch

Scylla’s vid - 04:06 to 04:30 EJ and GJ early morning, mostly sound only

05:09 - EJ returns to the tree perch with a fish

Scylla’s vid - 05:09hr EJ flies in with her fish, gone 40 mins

Aviemore Ospreys confirm EJ has caught a fish  ☑ (EDIT: photo here)

12:59 to 13:09 - EJ in the camera tree

13:10 to 15:52 - EJ back on the flat tree perch / She leaves

15:54 - EJ lands on the nest, she seems to have brought a stick

15:58 - She flies to the camera tree

Scylla’s vid - EJ alarm chirps, flies to nest, moves sticks, back to cam tree

17:10 - Camera back to the nest, EJ was still there in the camera tree

17:51 to 17:55 - EJ lands on the nest with a thin stick / She moves sticks / She leaves

Scylla’s vid - Beautiful evening, EJ potters protectively

00:12 - Night cam


Aviemore Ospreys - Brilliant image of EJ this morning off the back of the camera just as she was about to dive and take a fish, taken by Ross Forsyth, had 5 other ospreys fish already this morning. (click to view photo)

June 23   

04:46 - EJ on the nest, up to campost and gone

04:50 to 04:54 - EJ returns with a stick / She leaves

Scylla’s vid - EJ’s early morning nestorising on a weak netbook

07:45 - A pair of stonechats take away some of EJ’s feathers

Scylla’s vid - Stonechats collecting feathers on EJ’s nest

09:51 to 10:05 - George lands on the nest, he mantles, EJ joins him and mantles /  Camera switches to side view of the nest, both there / George flies off / EJ flies off

Scylla’s vid - GJ and EJ get together for a posturing session

10:09 to 14:40 - EJ on the Fish Perch

14:42 to 14:45 - EJ flies to the camera tree / She looks around her / She flies back to the perch for some more preening

15:32 - EJ chirps, flaps and flies off 

15:43 to 15:47 - EJ on the nest, nest cam view/ She preens and continues looking over the nest / She leaves / PTZ camera finds her back on the perch preening

16:16 - She flies off the perch, and lands on the nest (unseen as camera was showing empty perch)

16:22 to 16:36 - PTZ camera shows EJ on the nest / She looks around her and up / She leaves

16:36 to 20:07 - Back to her perch, preening and watching / She leaves

23:40 - Night cam

June 22   

04:20 - EJ on the nest (no sound on webcam, just hum)

Scylla’s vid - 04:20 - EJ flies in, flaps, then up to campost

05:42 - On Aviemore Ospreys FB - FISH EJ caught herself  ☑  

09:30 - EJ on the flat tree perch with her fish

10:57 to 11:19 - EJ flies off from perch / Camera shows Blue ringed intruder in the camera tree / This is NF2

Camera changes to the nest, EJ and G there / 11:04 - NF2 lands, three on the nest / 11:07 - EJ takes her fish and leaves and leaves / She frightens NF2, so he leaves / But he return and joins George on the nest / 11:15 - George finally pushes him off / 11:19 - George leaves the nest

11:21 to 11:53 - EJ back on the flat tree perch / Camera swaps back to the nest / George has brought a stick /

11:26 - George leaves / 11:28 - PTZ camera returns to EJ tucking into her fish / 11:37 - EJ alarm calls and flies off / Camera follows and finds her in the camera tree briefly / She returns to the perch / 11:46 - EJ alarm calls and flies to the camera tree / 11:52 - EJ starts mantling / 11:53 - She ducks and flies off / Camera searches but doesn’t find her

Sound is back

12:09 to 12:15 (?) - EJ on the nest mantling / Another Blue ringed intruder is in Henry’s tree (to the left of the nest) / Intruder flies past the nest and lands 

Camera keeps freezing

12:18 - EJ on the nest alone

12:19 - PTZ camera catches a glimpse of Blue ringed intruder in the camera tree / Ring reads JC6 / He flies off

EDIT (on FB on July 07) - Osprey update: Blue JC6 an intruding osprey on the 22 June is a two year old male ringed in Glen Tanar on the 10 July 2016. Interestingly, Blue FN3, another intruding osprey seen on the 13 May was also ringed at Glen Tanar the previous year.

12:23 - JC6 in the camera tree again / He joins EJ on the nest

12:28 - JC6 flies off

On RSPB LG Facebook - While this is going on, NF2 and George are no longer in sight

12:32 - EJ leaves the nest, she flies to the flat tree perch with her fish

13:28 to 13:35 - She deals with the tough fish skin / She finishes eating and cleans her beak

17:39 - EJ on the campost

Scylla’s vid - 09:38 to   - Bold Blue NF2 disturbs the morning

18:40 to 18:44 - EJ on the nest pottering

18:45 to 18:49 - EJ back and gone

Scylla’s vid - 18:40 to 18:49 - EJ to nest twice,pottering, happy?

22:59 - Scylla’s vid - Pine Marten has a sniff, scent marks the nestcup

Aviemore Ospreys - After the windy day yesterday and with the ospreys spread out, we've had 5 ospreys fish... the last one being EJ and it's still only 5.42am

Aviemore Ospreys shared Kenny White’s post - Been in the Highlands for a week, this morning EJ in all her glory out for breakfast, perfect light and conditions.More to follow. (amazing photos of EJ and fish)

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - Three's a crowd?! Intruder Blue NF2 on the nest with EJ and George today, all standing their ground!!

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - A FOURTH OSPREY TURNS UP... Blue JC6 has appeared on the nest. Blue NF2 and unringed George are no longer in sight!


© RSPB LG - Three on the nest             NF2 in the  camera tree, then on the nest with EJ and George (Moffer)


Totally Clueless George!!!! On the nest with male NF2 (Moffer)


Male JC6 in the camera tree, then on the nest with EJ (Moffer)

Pine Marten scent marks the nest (Scylla)

June 21   

03:23 - Day cam

08:26 - Skydance? EJ alarming? / Then someone flies past the nest

09:14 - EJ alarm calls off cam

09:27 - Someone flies past alarm calling

09:36 - PTZ camera on, EJ in the camera tree

09:47 - Skydance call, EJ chirps and flies off / She has a fish in talon   

09:53 - Camera searches and finds EJ with her fish perched on top of a tree, vision obscured by pine tree

10:21 - EJ starts eating

11:00 - She flies off but returns to the same perch

11:15 to 11:19 - EJ mantles and flies to the nest / Someone flies in and lands on her / She mantles gently / She flies off, male remains on the nest standing on the rim, his lower back and tail showing

11:22 - He flies off / PTZ camera on, EJ back on the perch

Moffer’s catch-up and snapshots

 14:28 - EJ leaves the perch

14:55 - PTZ camera finds EJ in the camera tree, VC in the background

SheilaFE’s picture of perches: Fish Perch and Not the Fish Perch

Scylla’s vid -11:14 to 11:20 - EJ mantles, flies to nest, male flies in, EJ reacts to intruder?

EJ still there until PTZ camera was switched to nest cam

17:40 - Camera back on the nest

23:54 - Night cam

Aviemore Ospreys - 4 osprey here at 4am, one keep chasing another around, when it did fish.... it has a white ring number...a new osprey ? Not sure of the number yet and hopefully will find out later... three ospreys fished by 5.35. (In a reply they say there is a number 3 on the ring, it could be female White 43)

BLOG by Emma  - Update 21/06/18


EJ and a male, is it George? They defend, she flies off with her fish (Moffer)


EJ in the camera tree (CC)

June 20

No one on the nest overnight or early morning

10:39 - Someone flies past

10:55 - EJ in the camera tree

10:57 - She flies to the campost, then down to the nest / She doesn’t stay long / Off she goes

12:38 to 12:58 - EJ lands on the Fish Perch, she preens / She leaves

13:43 - The camera finds EJ preening on the Fish perch

15:40 - EJ flies off

15:58 - Alarm chirps heard, EJ on the nest / She stays for two minutes and flies off

16:03 - Camera searches and finds her back on the perch

Scylla’s videos:

16:42 - Scylla’s vid - EJ flies and screams an alarm

21:20 - Scylla’s vid - Pine Marten paid a brief visit, nothing for him here


EJ in the morning (Moffer)


EJ in the afternoon (CC)


Pine Marten returns (Scylla)

June 19   

01:01 - Pine Marten takes second egg

Scylla’s vid - Pine Marten takes second egg, goodeeee

01:25 - Pine Marten takes last egg

Scylla’s vid  -  Pine Marten takes third and last egg

01:30 - Scylla’s vid - Pine Marten returns to dig and mark nestcup, explores nest

06:10 - Confirmation from Aviemore Ospreys that EJ caught a fish this morning (Thank you, 25mac & AO)   

09:22 - EJ in the dead fish with her whole fish in talon

BNN’s videos:

13:00 - PTZ spots EJ eating her fish on the Fish Perch

She is still there eating her fish - last updated 15:08

15:09 - Alarm calls and she flies off / She is now in the camera tree eating her fish / She alarm calls again, she is watchful / She continues eating

15:26 - She finishes eating and cleans her beak

15:55 - EJ flies back to the Fish Perch

16:25 - She alarm calls and flies off 

16:29 - She returns to the Fish Perch

16:32 to 16:35 - She flies off again and lands on the nest. The camera is still showing the fish perch. Next, unseen, George joins EJ,  he has a fish in talons. Wingbeats heard, that is George flying off.

=== Questions:  Did he offer the fish to EJ? / Did EJ reject his fish gift? (She was full) / Was George the unringed male that was with her at Aviemore this morning?

16:35 - He lands in the camera tree with his fish.   He doesn’t stay long, he flies off.

16:37 - Camera pans to the nest, EJ is there

16:48 - She flies to the Fish Perch

17:07 - Camera is back on the nest / EJ was still on the Fish Perch before the switch

17:20 - Someone flies past the nest

Scylla’s vid - EJ’s afternoon, GJ is there too

No one seen on the nest

Aviemore Ospreys - Well so far so Good, 6 different ospreys fished with this girl fishing along side a unringed male, a little later my favourite osprey the monster diving AU6 Came and fished too, still only 6.10am.

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - An eventful night on the LG nest! A pine marten evidently fancied a rancid midnight-feast and made off with EJ's three eggs! Thanks to the eagle-eyed web-cam watchers for the pics. (Just to clarify...the eggs were not going to hatch anyway) Nature is awesome!

BBC News - Pine marten poaches Loch Garten osprey’s rotten eggs

EDITED on July 04: Chris Wilson - EJ - hope she has a good year soon (Amazing photo taken on June 19 at The Aviemore lochan)

Andy Howard Facebook - We’ve spent the past two mornings at the Osprey hide at Rothiemurchus, Nr Aviemore (I’m still in the hide right now!). Action had been rather dramatic with the mallards attacking the Ospreys, poor EJ from Loch Garten got more than she bargained for when she ended up yesterday when she ended up with a duck on her back!    (One of the photos shows EJ with a fish, this is the fish she caught yesterday)

EDIT: From the blog on 21/06/18: Quoting: “although at first it was thought EJ was the osprey in the original images, turns out it isn't her and is actually an unringed bird. My apologies for reporting that it was EJ!

EDIT: From the blog on 28/06/18: Quoting: “There was a lot of confusion around whether EJ was mobbed by a mallard, and it turns out that she WAS. Pesky ducks. The photographs published showed an unringed osprey, but it turns out there were a few angry female mallards around and EJ got her fair share of abuse from them! “


Pine Marten takes all three eggs (#1 yesterday, #2 and #3 today) (Scylla)


It returns to mark territory and explore the nest  (Scylla)


EJ with fish at 09:20, she flies to Fish Perch to eat it, then returns at 15:10 to camera tree with tailend (BNN)


George also caught a fish today (Moffer)

June 18   

05:22 - A very quick and distant flyby

No one seen on the nest yet

11:45 - PTZ camera on, EJ seems to be eating in the Love Tree   ☑ (evidence here - Andy Howard’s FB)

EJ is still there

15:20 - EJ flies off / Contact calls heard off cam / She lands on the nest / PTZ camera tries to focus but it spins and focuses down / George is on one of the branches

15:24 - Back to nest view, EJ on the nest

15:27 to 15:31 - EJ starts mantling / George lands on the nest to defend, threat unseen / He flies off

15:32 - EJ flies off too

Scylla’s videos:

Update on Facebook saying a third osprey was at LG at 15:30, George to the nest defending

No one seen on the nest since 15:32

23:44 - Scylla’s vid - At last the Pine Marten takes an egg

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - A male osprey (we presume it's George) has just landed on the nest and mated with EJ... for the second day in a row! Could George be attempting to redeem himself?

UPDATE: A third osprey is seen from the visitor center (15:30), is George here to defend the nest?


George comes to the nest to defend, unseen intruder (Limpy)


Pine Marten takes one of the eggs (Scylla)

June 17   

08:22to 08:37 - EJ lands on the nest with one little pipe, moves sticks, waits, leaves

Scylla’s vid - 08:22hr EJ lands, wanders a bit, stands and waits

10:56 - EJ lands on nest again, she mantles / Unringed male lands on her back, she has her tail up / EJ is receptive /  He flies off

Not sure if the male is George or another

11:00 - Unringed male returns to mate

11:03 - EJ flies off

BNN’s videos:

Update from Blair J at LG on the roving camera - Just to let you know, the roaming camera is not responding again. We hope to have Gordon in sometime this coming week to fix it. (Thank you, Blair)

11:27 to 11:33 - EJ is back on the nest, looking around / She flies off / SheilaFE’s snapshots for comparison

12:01 to 12:06 - EJ is back / She watches, keeps an eye around her /She leaves

13:03 to 13:08 - EJ on the nest again / She starts mantling / She leaves

14:14 & 16:22 - Two alarm chirps from EJ off nest

16:42 to 16:52 - EJ lands on the nest with a chirp / She stands quietly and looks around / She leaves, no chirps, no one seen or heard near.

17:55 - A very quick flyby

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - In space of 30 seconds, EJ went from mantling to mating with an unringed male. Make your mind up lassie! 😂


© RSPB Loch Garten                                 EJ landing, soon followed by whom, is it George or another? (BNN)


Successful mating (BNN)

June 16     

02:58 - Day cam

06:34 to 06:54 - EJ lands on the nest / She preens

Scylla’s vid - EJ skims by, lands, 20 min preen, prances, she’s perky

09:39 - PTZ camera shows EJ in the Love Tree

11:22 - PTZ camera zooms in on EJ and she seems to be eating 

Scylla’s vid - 13:38 to 14:09 - EJ eating fish in distant Love Tree, 2 poops, flies off

14:10 - EJ flies off to the right

Back to nest view, no one seen on nest

~~~ George not seen so far

June 15   

09:59 - PTZ camera finds EJ in the Love Tree,   /   She seems to be eating on the perch 

13:47 - EJ alarm calls and flaps, still in the Love Tree

Scylla’s vid - EJ alarm calls and flaps in the Love Tree

15:36 - PTZ camera finds Blue Darvic NU7 in the camera tree

Close-up of ring

15:41 - NU7 lifts off, PTZ camera follows EJ flying off the Love Tree into the distance

Scylla’s vid - Male osprey Blue NU7 pays a visit, he flies, EJ flies

16:43 - Camera back to nest view

~~~ George not seen today

No one on the nest for the rest of the day

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - NU7 has returned to the nest, he was last spotted here on the 20th of April. He only stayed for a few moments before flying off with EJ north of the nest.


© RSPB Loch Garten   (enhanced by BNN)                                          Close-up of leg ring (BNN)

June 14   

11:58 - Scylla’s vid - Someone flies  in to perch under nest

13:05 - A fly-past with no intruder call

13:27 - PTZ camera finds EJ in the Love Tree / She is there for a while, sometimes hardly visible because of the branches and the wind.

17:44 - EJ Lands on the nest / She lifts off gently as skydancing starts

Scylla’s vid - EJ lands on windy nest, helicopters off, alarm calling on and on

~~~ George not seen today (unless he was the skydancer)

Empty nest since

BBC News - Osprey EJ not raising chicks in 15th breeding season

June 13   

Webcam down between 03:22 to 09:09

No one on the nest up to 10:45

10:45 - George comes to the nest to defend / Unringed intruder hovers over the nest and touches down briefly / There were two flying in the distance while George as on the nest

BNN’s vid - 10h45   George defends against two intruders

Highlights of the intruder episode

19:30 - Alarm calls and skydancing heard / Flyby seen

Scylla’s vid - 19:30 - Alarm calls & skydance? out there

Scylla’s vid - 19:39 -  Another scrap of skydance in the wind

EJ not seen ‘on the nest’ today

BLOG by Blair J - Update 13/06/18 (Confirmation that EJ did catch a fish yesterday morning)


George defending the nest, intruder with dangling feet (BNN)

June 12   

04:12 - Someone flies by

BNN’s vid - A flyby, is it EJ going to get her own fish?

05:40 - Post on Aviemore Ospreys FB saying EJ has been to the lochan but dropped a fish twice

EDIT: Confirmation that EJ did catch a fish (in the BLOG by Blair on June 13)

BNN’s vid - 10:00 - Male redstart, so beautiful

Scylla’s vid - 12:51 - Camperson tried to follow a deer but lost it

No one on the nest yet

14:16 - A quick flyby

14:19 - PTZ camera switched on and EJ in the camera tree / She starts alarm calling and flies off / Seconds later she is back on the same perch in the tree

15:03 - She alarm calls again, but nothing comes of it

EJ preens in the camera tree

15:38 - She alarm calls again and flies off / PTZ camera follows, EJ on the campost /

15:42 - She alarm calls again and flies back to the camera tree

EJ in the camera tree

16:28 - EJ flies off

16:48 - PTZ camera pans around and finds a deer / Then it pans back to the nest view, EJ is there

BNN’s vid - 16h48 - The deer again, then EJ on the nest

17:07 - EJ gives a short call, she appears to be watching someone

17:17 - EJ leaves the nest

Scylla’s vid - EJ doing lotsa preening and mild intruder rebuking

Intruder calls heard but no one seen on the nest

Aviemore Ospreys - Look who dropped a fish twice this morning, got some brilliant images and plenty time for her to have another go as it's only 5.40am

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - There's a redstart this morning around the osprey nest! We've been hearing him singing from the Osprey Centre for the last hour 🎵 Beautiful bird!

BLOG by Raquel T - EJ in numbers - part 2

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - We had some lovely views of EJ on the camera tree this afternoon, with the Osprey Centre in the background 😊😍and on the cam-post above her nest. What a beauty she is!


© RSPB Loch Garten                        Not an osprey but a lovely deer (Scylla)                    A nice stretch (BNN)

June 11   

BNN’s videos and snapshots:

09:33 to 09:38 - PTZ camera shows EJ in the camera tree / She starts mantling and flies to the nest

She mantles but doesn’t alarm call / She starts calling gently

10:18 - EJ’s calls are more persistent, she moves to the right side of the nest

10:38 - Camera switches to the perch in the dead tree, George is there, no fish in talons

10:55 - George flies off and lands on the nest, he joins EJ who is still there

11:05 - George flies to the camera tree, view of the VC in the background

11:23 - After some preening he flies off

11:25 - EJ flies off too, unseen as camera was showing the tree

PTZ camera searches but no one found, view of the nest from the mast camera

Scylla’s videos:

=== Some doubt in the forum whether the male was George or the first male EJ rejected

14:20 - EJ is back in the camera tree

15:11 - EJ flies off and returns to the camera tree, a branch down

15:36 - A brief intruder call from EJ, no mantling, then she goes quiet

16:25 - EJ returns to the nest with a big branch

BNN’s vid - 16:25 EJ brings a branch to the nest

16:51 - EJ flies off

Scylla’s vid - EJ flies back to nest collecting big stick on the way

21:18 to 21:23 - EJ lands followed by George, who brings a clump  / She is expecting something, fish? / She bursts into chirps and flies off

Scylla’s vid - EJ to nest expecting fish? Looks lovely. GJ brings clump, flies, she waits, flies

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - George has returned and has finally decided to stick around for more than two minutes, while EJ is on the nest soliciting.


Stunning EJ (BNN)


Some doubt in the forum, is this George or the first male that EJ rejected? (BNN)


EJ preening in the camera tree (SheilaFE)


EJ brings a big branch to the nest (Moffer)


EJ not relaxed with George (BNN)

June 10   

06:00 - Aviemore Ospreys confirm that EJ has caught a fish ☑ (Thank you, Moffer & Aviemore Ospreys)

09:22 - The roving camera spots EJ in the camera tree with her fish

Scylla’s vid - 09:40 - EJ is in the camera tree with unseen fish

11:19 - EJ mantles and chirps, alarm call, intruder in the area / She stays in the camera tree calling / No sign of the intruder

11:23 - EJ flies off

11:26 to 11:29 - PTZ camera operator searches for EJ / It stops and shows the side view of the nest

It starts to rain, EJ calls heard nearby

11:37 - Camera finds EJ in the camera tree / She has what is left of her fish in her talons

11:40 - More alarm chirps from EJ / She doesn’t mantle

12:02 - The rain has passed, EJ is still in the camera tree with the VC in the background

12:06 - EJ flies of to the Love Perch

Scylla’s vid - EJ with fish in camtree, stretches, poops, alarm chirps, rain

15:42 - Deer passes near the Love Tree, EJ still there

BNN’s vid - EJ in Love Tree, deer passes by

EJ is still in  the Love Tree

17:18 - EJ flies off to the right, a chirp heard

17:26 - Camera switched back to the nest

17:36 - Alarm calls heard off cam, nothing came of it

No one on the nest - last updated 22:40

Aviemore Ospreys FB -   6am EJ just left with a fish, 3 ospreys fished in mist as thick as soup

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - Hard to see, but EJ is currently sitting on the camera tree tucking into a juicy fish! 🐟🐟


© RSPB Loch Garten    EJ in the camera tree (SheilaFE)            EJ ready to fly off (Moffer)

June 09   

08:55 - EJ lands on the campost, two minutes later on to the nest

08:58 - George lands on nest, a minute later he flies off

09:04 - EJ leaves the nest

Scylla’s vid - 08:51 - EJ heard but not seen on campost

Scylla’s vid - 08:57 - EJ is joined by GJ, he potters, flies, she chills, watches, flies

12:54 - Alarm chirp heard off cam

14:52 - Faint fish calls heard in the distance

14:58 - Someone flies by (Likely it is EJ)

BNN’s vid - EJ flies by

~~~ George was on the camera tree for two minutes according to LG / He arrived fishless

17:18 - Roving camera shows EJ in the camera tree / More here

17:34 - Camera back to the nest

18:32 to 18:42 - EJ lands on the campost, then onto nest / She stands over the eggs and moves a stick / She leaves the nest

Scylla’s vid - 18:32 - EJ from campost to nest, potters, preens, flies

19:03 - Alarm chirps heard and a fly-by

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - The weather has changed dramatically here at Loch Garten over the last few hours, while George popped in, fish-less, for 2 minutes to say hello to EJ before flying off again... I guess some things never change!

© RSPB Loch Garten

June 08   

02:52 - Day cam

04:10 to 14:15 - EJ on the nest / She looks up, someone is up there

Scylla’s vid - 04:10 EJ lands, someone is around but not seen, 1 minute buffer cut

No one on the nest

12:05 - EJ on the nest defending, she has a full crop / An intruder approaches the nest, EJ mantles

12:09 to 12:15 - EJ still on nest / EJ alarm chirps / Intruder dive bombs her

12:23 - EJ flies off / Alarm chirps heard off cam

Scylla’s vid - 12:05 EJ defends, flyovers, slight dive bomb

15:59 to 16:05 - EJ on the nest / She looks alert / She leaves

16:27 & 16:51 - Loud chirps heard near the nest

17:31 - EJ flies over the nest (Scylla’s clever collage ;-)

17:34 to 17:46 - FISH  ✔ - EJ lands followed by George with a headless fish / He stars alarm calling / EJ takes the fish but she stays on the nest / George flies off as EJ watches / She leaves with her fish

BNN’s vid - 17h34 Fish from George, intruder around, EJ stays on nest with fish

Scylla’s vid - Flyby, then EJ & GJ with fish, he & EJ defend nest (Amazing SLOWMO of flyby!)

June 07   

04:39 - EJ lands on the nest , she chirps as if someone nearby

05:07 - George lands empty taloned / He doesn’t stay long, flies off

05:13 - EJ leaves

06:17 to 06:25 - EJ returns and sits on eggs / Then she gets up and moves to the right side / She leaves

Scylla’s videos

10:14 to 12:06 - EJ on the nest / She tidies up the nest / Preening and waiting / And stretching / She sees someone and flies off

15:45 - EJ is near the nest, off cam / She starts fish calling, then she stops suddenly

16:06 - EJ on the nest calling / Then she goes quiet / She seems to be cleaning her beak (?) / She is hesitant whether she sits or not on eggs / She stands for a while on the right side of the nest dozing / Someone flies in the distance 

17:39 - Cam down (not sure when cam was back on / when cam was back EJ was already on the nest

17:53 - EJ flies off

21:48 - EJ on the nest fish calling

CC’s vid - EJ fish calling

21:57 - EJ leaves the nest

Scylla’s vid - EJ’s evening vigil hoping for fish, none came

June 06   

No one on the nest so far

11:18 - PTZ camera on, EJ in the camera tree /  She has what is left of the fish taken last night

11:42 - EJ half mantles quietly on the branch

12:06 - EJ finishes eating the fish / She cleans her beak, looks around / Lots of preening, scratching, stretching and nodding off

14:33 - The roving camera is reset / EJ still in the camera tree, but only head down visible

14:39 - Resetting again, same as before

14:57 - EJ flies off

15:06 - Camera back to nest view, empty nest

Buzzing sound still there

16:17 - Sound restored

17:26 - EJ on the nest, mantles slightly

17:27 - Blue ringed intruder lands on the nest (3 digits on ring) EJ doesn’t seem that bothered with his presence

17:35 - Intruder flies off

17:38 - EJ leaves

17:51 - George and EJ land on the nest alarm chirping

17:58 to 18:00 - A fly-by as the couple watch / George flies off in pursuit

18:02 - EJ flies off

Scylla’s videos:

19:35 to 19:44 - EJ is back / She looks out, chirps, leaves

Scylla’s vid - 19:35hr EJ visits, hoping for fish? Gives up & flies

Moffer’s great catch-up and snapshots of events 17:25 to 18:02

23:35 - Night cam (Wink, wink ;-), Scylla)

June 05   

No one on the nest overnight

09:03 - Someone flies over the nest, wingtips seen / Day cam catch-up

10:11 - First view of the nest with the mast camera (roving camera)

10:17 to 11:04 - EJ in the camera tree, with view of the Visitors Centre / EJ preening here / She flies to the campost, then on to nest / She stays there

11:29 to 11:37 - Alarm chirps from EJ, no one seen / She flies off, alarm call heard in the distance

11:40 - Roving camera finds EJ on one of Odin’s favourite branch, low down in the nest tree)

12:23 to 13:03 - After preening and stretching, EJ leaves with alarm chirps and lands on the nest / She preens and moves stick, /  She flies off

13:08 - Camera spots EJ on a perch down below, she continues preening

13:50 - EJ flies off and lands higher up in the camera tree

14:33 - EJ flies off and lands on the nest at 14:35 /  She tends to the eggs / She stands on the right side of the nest looking around and nodding

15:21 to 15:25 - Alarm calls and flapping / She continues mantling / She relaxes and leaves

15:58 to 16:14 - EJ is in the camera tree again looking towards the VC / She flies off / Roving camera searches for her but she isn’t found

Scylla’s catch-up videos:

21:11 to 21:19  - EJ lands on the nest / She starts mantling / Two male ospreys in the area / G is one of them. G lands on the nest with a huge whole fish and mantles /  21:13 - FISH   ✔ - EJ doesn’t know if she takes the fish or if she mantles / Intruder seen flying by /George flies off with the huge fish in his talon / EJ stays on the nest watching the aerial battle / The intruder flies over the nest

21:33 - Unringed male intruder lands on the nest / EJ looks the other way in defence mode / He flies off , George is seen flying left of the nest, intruder flying in the distance / George lands with the fish / This time EJ grabs it / Intruder still flying near the nest / EJ flies off with the fish

21:35 to 21:40 - EJ is back with the fish, she defends /  The intruder is still around / George flies off, EJ stays and starts eating on the nest / EJ flies off with her fish, she lands in one of the big distant trees to the left of the nest

21:41 to 22:03 - George brings a stick and sits on the eggs / He flies off

22:06 to 22:08 - He returns with another stick / The intruder dive bombs him / He is alert, he doesn’t sit on eggs / He leaves

BNN’s catch-up videos (uncut/no sound):

Scylla’s catch-up videos (edited):

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - Woohoo! We can now live stream from our roving camera - meaning you can follow EJ and George when they're visible, but not on the nest. Of course we'll switch back to the nest when they're on it. Happy, sunny days at LG 😊

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - We found out about the intruding male FN3 spotted three weeks ago! He was ringed near Aboyne in July 2015, one of two chicks, and this is the first time that he has been seen since he left the nest. Good news to know that he is back to Scotland after three years!


The wonderful views with the roving camera (all snapshots by Moffer)


A whole fish for EJ and an unringed male intruder around (Moffer)


EJ defending / Intruder on nest, EJ mantling, her back to him / EJ ready to fly off with G’s fish gift   (Moffer)


George brings a stick and is dive bombed by the intruder (Moffer)

June 04   

04:51 to 04:57 - EJ lands on the nest / She half mantles as someone flies in the distance / She leaves

Scylla’s vid - 04:51hr EJ visits, GJ flew by as a dot in the sky

05:59 - Distant alarm chirp heard

Beautiful coal tit on the nest

No one on the nest between 04:57 and 17:08

17:08 to 17:16 - EJ on the nest, she moves a few sticks, looks around, flies off

17:33 - Faint skydancing

Scylla’s videos:

Coal tit shows up again

June 03 - Sunday   (pages 12 to 15)

Scylla’s starting post with nightcam & daycam / Misty morning at LG

No one on the nest yet

08:53 to 08:55 - EJ on the nest, she jumps down from the campost / She leaves

Scylla’s vid - EJ to campost, onto nest, suspected Pine Marten? Potters, leaves

Jess’ post with update on mast camera

12:00 to 13:27 - EJ on the nest, tending eggs, preening, moving nest material

Scylla’s vid - EJ on nest 1h30m, tidies eggs,leaps at someone again, preens

14:48 - Alarm call off cam

15:29 - BNN’s vid - EJ lands in defence maybe

16:23 - BNN’s vid - Flaps, fly-by and call

17:31 - EJ lands quietly on the nest / She stands on the right side and looks out

17:54 - EJ calls suddenly and flies off / Her alarm call is heard nearby

18:31 - EJ back on the nest flapping defensively

She stands near the eggs and looks up / She moves to the side of nest to preen

18:57 - EJ flies off

21:55 & 21:57 to 22:35- EJ flies past the nest /EJ is back on the nest / She calls for fish, but nothing comes of it, she flies off

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - Easy like Sunday morning...EJ's been chilling on the camera tree for most of the morning so far today. It's all very peaceful

© RSPB Loch Garten

June 02 - Saturday   (pages 6 to 11)

Scylla’s starting post with snapshots of lovely moon, day cam and shifting mist

Scylla’s vid - 03:00 - 2mins of dust phenomenon over the nest

04:30 - EJ lands

Scylla’s vid - EJ lands 0430hrs , mantles slightly, stands pathetically chirping

05:02 - George lands with no fish, he doesn’t stay long

Scylla’s vid - GJ pays a quiet, 1min, fishless visit

EJ stays on the nest calling quietly

08:06 to 08:32 - Lovely snapshots by Moffer

08:58 - A defence call and a flap

09:00 - EJ spots someone flying above / More stretching

11:20 - EJ flies up to campost and back down / She waits and waits, patiently

11:58 - A little closer to camera, she is absolutely stunning

12:06 - She leaves the nest

12:37 to 12:45 - EJ returns, she looks defensive, makes tiny contact calls / She looks up / She calls and leaves

It starts to rain at LG

13:13 - EJ flies past the nest, left to right, but doesn’t lands / She calls for fish off cam / Thunder heard

Scylla’s vid - 12:37 to 12:45 - EJ mildly defends, is watchful, flies off

Empty nest since 12:45

14:21 to 15:14 - Webcam down

FISH   ✔ - Confirmation - Very special Thank You to Moffer)

15:15 - Webcam back, George sitting on eggs (suggesting he brought fish for EJ)

16:12 - George flies off

Empty nest since 16:12


A very short visit by George (Scylla)


Stretching, preening, waiting and watching. What patience! (Moffer)


Beautiful EJ (Limpy)


George incubating? We missed a fish delivery :(                                    A yawn   (BNN)

June 01 - Friday  (pages 1 to 6)

04:23 - Alarm cries heard, possibly skydancing, then EJ lands on the nest / She chirps as if expecting someone

04:33 - George flies around and lands on the nest / He looks at the eggs, moves a stick and steps on one of the eggs / He flies off 04:34 / Sweet chirps from EJ

Scylla’s vid - Skydance?! GJ flies by, lands, moves stick, flies off

04:54 - EJ flies off suddenly

06:59 - Someone on the campost

10:12 - Someone on the campost / EJ lands kicking one of the eggs

11:13 to 12:24 - EJ on the nest, not incubating / Preening, stretching, looking around her / She flies off

Scylla’s vid - 10:12 to 12:25 - Just to record EJ on nest 2h15m

14:00 - A beautiful coal tit on the nest

Scylla’s vid - Slowmo acrobatic coal tit

17:50 to 19:55 - EJ on the nest, she calls loudly for fish / She flew by before landing / She waits patiently and calls again before leaving

20:18 to 20:48 - EJ returns to the nest calling / Cuckoo calls close to nest, EJ flies off

21:43 - EJ back on nest with sweet chirps / George seen flying in the distance, he doesn’t come to the nest

21:49 - EJ leaves

BLOG by Emma S - Update 01/06/2018

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - We're enjoying seeing this female mallard almost every day leading her chicks safely across the road/car park to our bank vole buffet! (Click link to view video)

May 31   

Eggs unattended overnight

04:14 to 04:18 - EJ lands on the nest, one foot on one of the eggs / G flies over the nest / EJ stays on the nest mildly fish calling

05:09 - EJ leaves

Scylla’s vid - EJ landed with foot on egg, GJ flew over

Scylla’s vid - EJ gave up calling sweetly to GJ, pottered and flew

08:51 to 09:16 - EJ lands on the campost, then on to the nest / She stands on the side of the nest looking around / She doesn’t sit on eggs / She leaves

11:30 - EJ jumps to the nest from the campost, she calls for fish /  Preening, calling, stretching, watching, waiting silently

11:42 - EJ alarm calls / Thread unseen, then back to watching and preening

13:10 - An alarm squeal and a flap

13:18 - EJ leaves

15:36 - EJ returns to the nest / She doesn’t sit on the eggs / She watches and preens

16:25 - EJ flaps and alarm calls, short lived

16:38 - EJ flies up to the campost, but soon jumps back on the nest

16:42 - She flies off

16:58 -  FISH   ✔ -  Moffer’s catch-up snapshots of the fish delivery

Scylla’s vid - 16h58hr GJ with fish for EJ, he incubates only couple of minutes

17:01 - George flies off leaving eggs home alone

17:31 - EJ is back without the fish, she tends the eggs

17:40 - EJ up and calling, wings up and down

EJ still on the nes,t right side

19:18 - EJ leaves the nest

Scylla’s vid - After fish, EJ spent 1h45m on the nest, faffing and waiting

21:21 - Someone flies past

Great report and photos of Korky’s visit to LG


Fish delivery at 16:58, George doesn’t incubate for long (Moffer)

May 30   

Eggs unattended overnight

04:52 - Someone lands on campost / EJ onto nest, then back up on campost / She flies off, chirps heard

Scylla’s vid - 04:52hr EJ visits campost and nest

06:27 to 07:59 -  EJ back on the nest, she moves a stick / She settles to incubate

She flies off

Scylla’s vid - EJ brings silly stick,  settles to incubate

08:21 to 08:30 - EJ back with another stick / She leaves

Scylla’s vid - EJ brings another stick, preens, leaves

09:47 to 10:01 - EJ returns and tends the eggs /  She leaves

Scylla’s vid - EJ brings small stick, incubates, leaves

10:52 & 10:55 - EJ back again, moves sticks, leaves / EJ returns with another stick, waits on side of nest

12:34 to 12:41 - Both land on the nest to defend, G leaves at 12:36 / EJ leaves at 12:41

Scylla’s videos:

13:41 - EJ lands with raised wings, she stands on right side of nest / She flies off

14:20 - Someone lands on campost

Scylla’s vid - Shadow flapping on campost, then curvy flyaway

14:42 to 13:33 - EJ returns to the nest and fish calls / She settles on eggs and continues to call

Scylla’s vid - 16:33 - EJ waited 2hr for fish, flies indignant, alarm call heard

22:22 - EJ lands on the nest and settles on eggs / George flies by in the distance  & Video

22:41 - EJ flies off

May 29   

        >> Eggs left unattended for 17 hours 30 minutes (since 11:08 yesterday until 04:32 this morning)

04:32 - Scylla’s vid - EJ lands, tends eggs, GJ lands on her back, he flies first

04:38 - EJ flies off

09:26 to 09:29 - EJ lands on the nest / She doesn’t stay long

09:26 - Scylla’s vid - EJ pays a short, quiet visit to the nest

09:58 to 10:01 - EJ returns / George flies in and lands on her back / He leaves / EJ preens then flies off

Scylla’s vid - EJ lands with small chirps, GJ lands on her back, she preens, leaves

11:47 - EJ is back on the nest and George delivers a FISH   ✔ / EJ flies off with it / G incubates

Scylla’s vid - UNEDITED - Short rainbow trout? For EJ from GJ

George is up and down on the eggs but he finally  settles on them

12:39 - G flies off

Scylla’s vid - (LONG) GJ incubated restlessly for about 50 minutes

        >> Eggs unattended 2h21m

15:00 - EJ returns to the nest

15:25 - FISH   ✔ - George incubates

Scylla’s vid - EJ expects a fish, it takes a while but does arrive

16:33 - George flies off and returns to the nest with a stick

17:31 - George flies off  (G incubated for over 2 hours!)

18:18 to 18:23 - EJ returns to the nest / She calls to someone off nest / She leaves

        >>Eggs unattended for about 1h30m

20:02 - George returns to incubate / He has a quick fly-around and returns to incubate

BNN’s catch-up snapshots (of events below)

20:20 to 20:23 - EJ returns /G flies off / EJ flies off

20:26 to 21:08 - George returns to incubate (He incubated for 40 minutes)

21:10 to 21:37 - George returns to incubate

21:40 to 21:52  - EJ returns / George flies past / She leaves

Scylla’s catch-up videos:

  • 16:33 - GJ surprised us, he incubated two hours with break to fetch stick
  • 18:17 - (UNEDITED) EJ hesitant with eggs, agitated by who
  • 20:02 to 21:52 - Evening: GJ incubates again and again, EJ sits briefly
  • 23:05 - Who moved the egg?!

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy - EJ and George are both around the nest today, with George bringing in yet another fish for EJ and he's also incubating the eggs again!

May 28   

01:11 - Scylla’s vid - EJ got up for a flap and crop-drop

03:18 - EJ starts calling  and  flies off

07:14 - EJ returns to the nest, she settles on eggs

07:45 - EJ flies off

09:20 - EJ return to the nest / Half mantling and chirping / Alarm call off cam, EJ reacts

09:35 to 09:39 - EJ flies off and returns with a stick / After nestorising, EJ leaves the nest

Scylla’s videos:

11:05 - EJ is back on the nest / Half mantling, looking up, then watchful

11:08 - EJ flies off

Scylla’s vid - 11:04 to 11:08 - EJ conducts a slow burning defence of her nest

Alison’s update from LG - I was there this afternoon, and nothing about at all

This morning when there was an intruder at around 09:20, George appeared off camera and chased it away. (Thank you Alison and Moffer)

No one on the nest since 11:08

May 27   

EJ incubates overnight

03:28 to 04:32  - EJ flies off / When she returns she doesn’t hesitate to sit on the eggs

04:35 - A very brief visit by George / He steps on EJ’s tail before flying off

Scylla’s vid - EJ returns to eggs, GJ pays very quick visit

07:26 to 07:33 - EJ has a break

07:34 to 09:16 - EJ back on the eggs / Up and preening

09:16 - She flies off and returns with a stick / She moves the stick around until she finds a place for it

10:25 to 10:27 - Scylla’s vid - Does EJ become frustrated? She spread wings, flies

11:00 - FISH   ✔ - A good size tail / EJ flies off with it / George incubates

Scylla’s vid - GJ brings fish!!! @11h00hr

11:28 - EJ returns to the nest, George leaves, EJ doesn’t incubate

11:28  to 11:32 - Scylla’s vid - EJ relieves GJ, but then doesn’t incubate, flies off

12:26 to 12:40 - Two fly-bys seen / EJ lands alarm calling and flapping / Intruder unseen / EJ flies off

Scylla’s vid - EJ defends alone ~vs~ unseen (except distantly) intruder

15:33 to 15:36 - EJ returns to the nest / George lands on EJ back and flies off / EJ settles on eggs

16:25 - EJ flies in the direction of the fish perch

17:09 - EJ returns and starts alarm calling

17:31 - EJ leaves the nest

18:10  to 18:58 - EJ returns to the nest to defend / Intruder unseen / She settles on eggs

18:58 to 19:44 - EJ leaves the nest

19:44 to 21:20 - She returns and settles on eggs again / Then she flies off

21:35 - EJ returns and starts fish calling

22:17 - FISH   ✔ - Scylla’s vid - Second fish for EJ today, gosh / EJ takes it & leaves / G incubates

22:38 - EJ returns, G stands up and flies off, EJ settles on eggs

Scylla’s vid - GJ jumped as EJ returned, no tail end, slow settle

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB - EJ taking a break and enjoying the glorious weather, whilst our resident male mallard has decided that the bird bath makes a great personal cooling off space! (Click link to view photos)

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB - It seems that George is finally learning! This morning he delivered a fish for EJ and took over the incubation, for second day in a row. He's been visiting this afternoon as well, mating attempt included!

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB -  One of our red squirrels enjoying a nibble of antler. A good scource of calcium for them. (Click link to view photos)



A good fish tail for EJ (Moffer)


EJ defends alone, intruder seen in the distance (Scylla)

May 26   

First night EJ spends off nest / Eggs unattended from 18:55 yesterday to 06:49 today, total of 11h54m

Scylla’s vid - 06:49 - EJ lands after leaving last evening, takes ages to settle

07:58 - EJ flies off

        >> Eggs unattended for 3h32m

11:30 - EJ returns to the nest  / She preens / She doesn’t sit on the eggs

12:41 - She flies off

13:06 - BNN’s vid - Audio - Someone calls nearby

14:31 - FISH   ✔ - George lands on the nest with a fish for EJ, she takes it and flies off to eat it.

George decides to incubate the non-viable eggs

BNN’s vid - G brings a fish, EJ takes it, he sits on eggs!!!

14:55 to 15:13 - Cam down

15:13 - Cam back up but George not on the nest

Update from Carnyx - The VC were trying to get the roaming cam on live for us, and turned off the nest cam by accident. (Thank you Peter and Moffer)

MaryGK’s great report and photos of her viist to LG today

16:34 - Is one of the eggs cracked? / More snapshots

BNN’s videos:

20:16 - EJ and G fly in together, he lands on her back, then flies off / She settles on eggs

BNN’s vid - 20h16 - EJ and G fly in together, he flies off, she watches / G has a huge crop

21:39 - EJ flies off

22:12 - EJ returns and settles on the eggs

Neil McIntyre Twitter - Last night seen things come together for a memorable Osprey moment, the fantastic EJ and backlit in wonderful evening light  (Click the link to see this stunning photo of EJ / Thank you, Neil)


What a turn up for the books (Moffer)                                             George incubates non-viable eggs (BNN)

May 25   

Scylla’s recap of and night time video - EJ up nearly 10 minutes for poop & preen, settles slowly

02:17 - A 20-minute preening session

03:53  to 04:30 - EJ flies off, returns 37 minutes later

06:19 - Scylla’s vid - EJ flew way out, turned and flew back past the nest

MaryGK’s comments on her visit to LG yesterday and photo of the “Season So Far…” board at LG

07:06 - George on the nest

        >> Eggs unattended for 58 min (06:19 to 07:17)

07:17 - EJ returns to the nest

08:30 - EJ flies off for two minutes and returns with something small in her talons / An alarm chirp and back on the eggs

08:55 - EJ alarm calls / She stands on the right hand side of the nest as she looks up at the unseen threat

09:00 - EJ stars flapping and continue to alarm call / EJ very watchful

09:13 to 09:19 - EJ keeps a watchful eye / George lands on the nest to defend, intruder seen in the distance / George alarm calls, intruder unseen / George flies off after threat is over

Scylla’s vid - 08:54 to 09:17 - Prolonged unseen intruder episode, GJ comes to support

10:41 to 10:43 - EJ flies off / Back to nest

12:51 - EJ flies off again / Alarm chirps heard and she’s back on the nest

13:02 to 13:12 - She’s up and calls and flies off again /  She returns 10 minutes later

13:43 - EJ flies off without a chirp

15:20 - EJ returns to the nest / She sits on the eggs and preens

18:17 - EJ alarm calls / Threat unseen, it comes to nothing

SheilaFE’s post on her visit to LG

18:55 - EJ flies off

19:25 - News that EJ has caught a fish at Rothiemurchus (Thank you Moffer, Valerie and Neil McIntyre)  ☑

BLOG by Chris T - 25/05/2018

Neil McIntyre Twitter - The amazing EJ has just fished at Rothiemurchus. A little back of the camera preview. She is just the best (Click link to view photo)


EJ alarm calling, unseen intruder (Moffer)

May 24   

04:37 - EJ flies off

07:29 - EJ returns calling, straight in from the trees

Scylla’s vid - EJ flew 04:37, back 07:29

        >> Eggs unattended for 2h52m

09:05 to 09:44 - EJ flies off / She returns and stands on the rim of the nest

10:07 - EJ flies off

Scylla’s video - Were these alarm calls as EJ flew off

        >>  Eggs unattended for 8 hours 50 minutes

18:54 - George lands on the nest / He has a full crop / He suddenly flies off

18:57 - EJ lands on the nest / She settles on egg and calls for fish

19:00 - George returns to the nest / EJ continues to call / He stays for a minutes a leaves

EJ continues incubating / Something calls her attention and she stand up and calls, it comes to nothing  / She resumes incubation

20:04 to 20:06 - EJ goes for  quick comfort flight

BBN’s report of her visit

Scylla’s videos:

May 23   

Scylla’s vid - EJ woke up and called +/- 03:30hr

Scylla’s vid - 04:37 - Who attracted EJ’s attention?

05:19 to 08:20 -  EJ flies off / EJ returns and settles on eggs

10:06 - EJ flies off

Mary GK’s wee report of her visit today   (Thank you, Mary)

19:42 - Report from Les Carr in the Forward Hide - EJ is sitting below the nest on her fish eating perch in glorious sunshine (Thank you Les)   

EDIT (on May 24): I have asked him and he clarified that he saw EJ on the Fish Perch, but he could only see her back, he could not see whether she had a fish)

22:46 - EJ returns to the nest and settles on eggs

       >> Eggs unattended for 12 hours 40 minutes (22:46)

Scylla’s videos::

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB - Our camera trap catched a pine marten having a feast last night! There's always something exciting going on at the Osprey Centre! (Click link to see video)

May 22   

02:36 - EJ well hunkered down against the elements / Rainy

04:17 - EJ up for a quick fly-around, back on the eggs

Scylla’s videos:

07:56  - EJ flies off

11:14 - Update from Chris T at LG - Good morning all. EJ is currently perched on the branch just below the nest but doesn't appear to be eating. Whether she's had a fish already, we're not sure. If anything happens away from the camera, we'll try to keep you updated! Chris  (Thank you, Chris)

Report from Alison at LG - EJ flew off from her perch below the nest and hadn't been seen since when I called in briefly about 16:00.  (Thank you Alison and Moffer)

Les Carr’s report - EJ left the eggs at around 7-10 last night and didn’t return till 10-55 and it had been raining non stop. She sat on the eggs all night and flew just after we had left, We did the afternoon shift and finished at 6-00 and she still hasn’t been back on the nest although she is in the area. (Thank you Les)

        >> Eggs unattended for 13 hours 23 minutes (07:56 to 21:19)

21:19 - George flies past left to right, then EJ lands on the nest / George lands seconds after that displaying a full crop / EJ calls for fish / G cleans his beak on the nest

21:20 - George leaves the nest / EJ continues calling as she settles on eggs

Scylla’s vid - 07:56 EJ left, back 21:19, with GJ in tow, we stay till she sleeps

EJ tucked in for the night

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB -  EJ is playing hide and seek today, perched below the nest behind some branches. The three eggs are left on the nest in this cold, drizzly weather!

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB -  After spending much of today off the nest, EJ is now settled back on her eggs. We expect her to continue incubating on and off for a while yet, even though the eggs won't hatch. And the LG nest is her patch, so we anticipate her hanging around to defend her territory from other females, well into the summer. Still osprey action to be seen!


A pretty gloomy daybreak (Trying)         Soaked EJ incubating (MaryGK)              EJ leaving at 07:56 (Moffer)

May 21   

00:01 - Scylla’s vid - EJ produces a squit, loud for its size

02:02 to 04:15 - EJ calls to someone / Some flapping / On eggs

04:25 - Scylla’s vid - GJ calls in for mating attempt, stands looking, flies

04:56 & 06:07 - A 3-minute break for EJ / 2-minute break

07:30 to 07:45 - Another break and back on eggs

08:53 - EJ alarm calls, intruder unseen

09:50 - EJ flies off and straight back to nest, alarm chipping

11:30 - Intruder lands on the camera tree (as per MaryGK’s report of her visit today (Thank you, Mary)

11:31  to 11:38 - EJ alarm calls / Intruder attempts to land, legs dangling over nest / EJ flies off, back to nest

11:46 - Unringed intruder tries to land again

11:49 to 11:52 - George lands with a plump crop / He watches around him in defence mode

12:22 - EJ calls loudly for fish

Scylla’s vid - 11:30 to 11:52 -  EJ suffers intruder, GJ comes to help when threat over

13:19 to 14:14 - EJ flies off / She returns

        >> Eggs unattended for 55 minutes

14:59 - EJ starts calling again / George lands on EJ and flies straight off again

MaryGK’s lovely report of her visit to LG today

16:29 - EJ fish calling again

17:00 - A short comfort break for EJ

19:13 - EJ flies off

Scylla’s vid - EJ flew at 1931hrs, eggs left in rain to nightcam

22:58 - EJ returns to a very wet nest, she settles on the eggs

        >> Eggs unattended for 3hrs45min (22:58)

Scyllas’ videos:

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB - After spending time off the nest yesterday evening (off feeding?) EJ has been incubating pretty much all day today. She's had an intruder to contend with plus a couple of (empty-talon-ed) visits from George so far today

RSPB Loch Garten Twitter - George has visited EJ a few times today, but never with a fish! EJ continues to incubate her 3 eggs and call for some food, but he just doesn't seem to get the message. She's fishing for herself though, so at least she's not starving.


Unringed intruder tries to land (Moffer)

May 20   

Update from Carnyx on PTZ camera (Thank you, Peter)

01:32 - Scylla’s vid - Another break for EJ, after midnight

04:01 - EJ hasn’t had a spell of tucked-in sleep so far

04:38 - EJ flies off and straight back to the nest / EJ calls  and George lands on her back / He leaves

Scylla’s vid - GJ flies in to ‘mate’, EJ makes those head movements

Scylla’s vid - 05:53 - EJ takes 3min break, preceded by head movements

07:26 - A quick comfort flight and back to the nest

08:23 to 08:54 - EJ is off again / She returns

        >> Eggs unattended fo 31min

Scylla’s vid - EJ preens and sails away - gone fishing?

09:39 - EJ napping

10:46 to 10:50 - A comfort flight for EJ

Gusty winds at LG

12:45 - George lands (despite gusty winds) on EJ’s back, they mate

Scylla’s vid -with SLOWMO -  GJ gusted askew as he come in to mate (Brilliant, Scylla!)

12:45 to 12:49 - A comfort flight

14:33 to 14:41 - Another comfort flight and back on the eggs

16:19 to 16:27 - EJ flies off / She returns and has a go at the stick

17:47 - Another quick comfort flight

19:21 - EJ flies off

22:08 - Someone flies past / Calls heard off cam

Scylla’s vid - Purposeful fly-by followed by nightcam

       >> Eggs unattended for 3 hours 37 minutes

22:58 - Calls off cam / EJ returns to the nest and settles on the eggs

Scylla’s vid - EJ returns after 3+ hours, did she catch a fish? 

Aviemore Ospreys FB -  Really windy and a lot cooler, just had an osprey fish when it looked like nothing was going to appear, watched him fold his wings a few times to dive only to go nowhere in the wind, when he got the fish it was almost dragging it along the ground trying to get going in the wind.

Aviemore Ospreys FB - 7:30pm, osprey over the pond trying to fish

Reply to Moffer - can't be sure but it was desperate, never get an osprey sit on the tree when I'm at the edge of the water... and fly 10ft over my head.


12:45 - George trying to land in gusty winds  (great captures by Moffer)

May 19   

02:48 Scylla’s vid - Who disturbed EJ? A frog?

03:39 to 04:00 - EJ wakes up, gets up for a scratch, calls a few times , goes quiet

04:38 - A quick fly-around

06:11 - Scylla’s vid - EJ disturbed by geese

06:15 to 06:18 - Another fly-around

07:27 & 07:47 - Some high-pitched calls from EJ

08:12 - A quick break and back to the nest

EJ sits on eggs, then gets up for a scratch a few times

Lovely catch-up in snapshots of EJ this morning  by Moffer

09:54 - EJ deals with a stick that is blown onto her

10:00 to 11:30  & 11:47 - Moffer’s catch-up snapshots - Comfort flight and preening / Another comfort break

12:21 - Intruder alert

SheilaFE’s lovely catch-up snapshots of events 09:28 to 12:33

12:48 - Unseen intruder in the area again / EJ calls loudly

13:21 to 14:49 - EJ flies off 

        >> Eggs unattended for 1h28m

14:49 - She moves the stick again before settling on eggs again

15:11 - EJ starts calling, G arrives / He lands on her back, he has a full crop / She shouts at him, he flies off

EJ gets up for a stretch and a preen, settles on eggs, tussles with the stick, calls, more preening

16:10 to 17:27 - EJ flies off again / She returns fishless

        >> Eggs unattended for 1h17m

18:35 - EJ flies off again

20:04 - An osprey flies over the nest but doesn’t land

        >> Eggs unattended for 3h34m

22:09 - EJ returns to the nest and cleans her beak 

22:49 - EJ has a quick comfort flight in the dark

Scylla’s catch-up videos:

BLOG by Chris T - Update 19/05/2018

May 18   

07:37 - Scylla’s vid - EJ gets up awkwardly, has a fly-around, back chirping

08:38 - Comfort flight, back on eggs

08:45 to 09:22 - EJ leaves the nest, returns 37 minutes later

10:16 - Intruder calls from EJ

12:50 - Comfort break, back on eggs

EJ has been preening on the nest, standing by the eggs / Several fish calls from EJ in the morning

13:22 - EJ flies off

Update from Carnyx Wild - Hi, we believe the pan tilt and zoom camera is working. We are finding out if it can be connected to the streaming computer so staff can select either the nest cam or PTZ for the internet. Peter

Live streaming has date and time stamp (Excellent!!!!!! Thank you, Peter)

        >> Eggs unattended for 3h18m

15:30 - Report by Alison of skydancing - I know the LG camera has been stuttering a lot today so you, Scylla or anyone else may not have it recorded, but when I was rewinding the footage on YouTube, I heard sky dancing at 15:29:56 (the new clock is amazing for finding things!!), followed by a distant bird flying which seemed to land under the nest and then gave a few alarm calls, so I'm thinking that was EJ. It was very faint so may have been missed

(Thank you Moffer and Alison)

Scylla’s vid - Snatch of skydancing, osprey seen descending towards nest

16:40 - EJ is back on the nest with the tailend of her fish 

19:39 to 19:41 - A quick break

21:50 - Another quick break / There seems to be another osprey in the area

Scylla’s vid - EJ contact-calling unseen, where’s GJ?

Scylla’s catch-up videos:

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB - A quiet day at LG so far today with EJ continuing to incubate her three eggs and occasionally calling for George, but no sign of him yet.

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB - EJ left this afternoon and returned around three hours later with the remains of a fish, which she finished eating on the nest.

Scylla’s Opening Post - Today is a very, very sad First Anniversary:


© RSPB Loch Garten / Artwork: Scylla                 Portrait of Odin the Magnificent  (BNN)

May 17   

EJ sleeps well, turns eggs, calls as day starts to brighten up / She has a frosty tail

04:33 - EJ up for a quick comfort flight

04:38 - George lands with half a fish in talon, EJ doesn’t get up to take it    (Fish not taken ✘)

Scylla’s vid - 04:38 - GJ with half fish but EJ doesn’t get up

06:06 & 07:35 & 08:10 - A quick break for EJ, then back on eggs

10:01 & 11:22 - Comfort flight / She has got up and had a good preen on the nest

BNN’s vid - 12:19 - G returns, attempts to incubate, EJ arrives, he flies off

13:46 - Another quick comfort break

BNN’s vid - 14:02 - EJ alarm calls, threat unseen

14:27 - G arrives, lands on EJ’s back

BNN’s vid - 14:27 - G lands on EJ, gets cold shoulder from her

14:57 to 15:33 - Longer comfort break

        >> Eggs unattended for 36 min

16:46 - EJ flies off and straight back to nest

 20:02 - Another quick comfort break

22:17 - Scylla’s vid - GJ flew in and out, as if suspecting an intruder

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB - Every day brings something new at LG! Yesterday EJ spent a lot of the day roosting below the nest, clutching her self-caught fish, leaving the eggs un-incubated. This morning , EJ rejected a fish brought in by George in the early hours, refusing to budge from her eggs. What next, we wonder?

The Press and Journal - Fears over Loch Garten after ospreys fail to produce eggs (??)

May 16   

04:14 - G visits the nest for a quick paddle on EJ’s back

Scylla’s vid - GJ arrives for a morning paddle

07:36 - EJ flies off for a comfort break

07:54 - EJ flies off again 

        >> 07:54 - Eggs unattended

08:49 - EJ returns from her fishing trip and lands in the Fish Perch (see Scylla’s vid)

08:55 - Eggs home alone / Willow warbler collets feathers for its nest

09:06 - EJ alarm calls heard off nest / She seemed to be on the Fish Perch when someone dive bombed her, then she flew

09:24 - G comes to the nest, he doesn’t attempt to incubate / EJ is heard shouting from below, George flies down and away / G flies past from R to L as EJ calls

CONFIRMATION -  EJ has caught her own fish  ☑ (on FB)

BNN’s vid - 09:24 - George on the nest, he doesn’t incubate, flies off

BNN’s vid - 15:17 - Willow Warbler collects EJ’s feathers

        >> 18:11 - Eggs unattended for 10 hours 17 minutes

18:11 - EJ back on the nest with fishtail

18:25 - EJ sits on the eggs

20:45 - EJ has a quick break and back on the eggs

Scylla’s video covering main events of the day - EJ fished, gone 10hrs, GJ visits, little birds collect feathers

Scylla’s vid - 20:43 - EJ takes a break in the evening sun

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB -  After George failed to bring a fish in the last few days, EJ has finally gone and caught herself a nice juicy one. 🐟🐟

Rothiemurchus FB -  VIDEO of EJ at Rothiemurchus

Guess who stopped by for a spot of fishing before drying off on her favourite perch... it's EJ! 


© RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy

May 15   

02:41 - Scylla’s video - EJ called to someone in the night

04:25 - More calling from EJ

05:28 to 05:42 - EJ flies off / Back on the nest

        >> (Eggs unattended for 14min)

08:51 - George on the nest for a few seconds, then off

~~~ G on nest for a few seconds

09:20 to 11:01 - EJ leaves the nest / She returns looking wet / She leaves the nest again

        >> (Eggs unattended for 1h41min)

11:02  to 11:53 - EJ off again 

        >> (Eggs unattended for 51min)

12:03 to 14:10  - Webcam down

14:10 - EJ sitting on eggs

14:38 -  EJ flies off with a call

        >> (Eggs unattended for 52min)

16:30 - EJ returns to incubate

Scylla’s videos:

  • EJ preening on May 14

Picture of EJ at Rothiemurchus - Did she catch a fish?  ☑)

Aviemore Ospreys FB - Had an osprey come straight from the boat of garten area early this morning just about to dive when a heron landed in the water to put it off, it's not making life easy for that osprey... other ospreys would put the heron off.. that one seems to be a little soft when it comes to fishing.

Aviemore Ospreys FB -  Another rubbish morning osprey wise, these males don't seem to be in any hurry to fish, I'm sure things with soon change but they ain't in any hurry right now, so because the birds ain't playing ball it's free like I said it would be. 

Rothiemurchus Twitter - EJ at Rothiemurchus for over an hour today!!

May 14

Scylla’s vid - EJ’s early morning poop, flap, back to sleep, then mist

Scylla’s vid - Were these a couple of chirps from GJ?

Scylla’s vid - GJ calls in for a paddle, EJ tangled in stick 

~~~ G on nest for a few seconds

09:05 - An intruder is near the nest

EJ still on the nest incubating, then preening, a few very quick comfort breaks in between

13:37 - Intruder around, EJ alarm calls sitting on eggs

13:44 - EJ up flapping and defending 

~~~ George not there to help EJ defend

15:55 - Intruder alert

The intruder is male Blue FN3

16:39 - EJ defending again

~~~ George not there to help EJ defend

16:50 - Intruder lands on campost

16:59 to 17:01 - Intruder touches down on nest briefly and flies off / Intruder returns, hovers across the nest with dangling feet

~~~ George not there to help EJ defend

Scylla’s vid - Male Blue FN3 intrudes, preens on campost

Scylla’s vid - 22:20 - GJ did a flyaround and touched down, didn’t stay

~~~ G on nest for a few seconds

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB -  Intruding male osprey with the blue ring FN3 just landed on camera tree! EJ is looking stressed. We are doing some research to know his age and origin :)

© RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy

EDIT: FN3 - Ringed at Glen Tanar in 2015 (update on Facebook on July 07th)

May 13

08:29 - EJ has a comfort break / She is soaking wet, miserable weather at LG

Scylla’s vid - Very brief comfort break for wet EJ

09:49 - FISH  ✔ -   Fish from George at last!!!! / George incubates

Scylla’s vid - 09:50 Good fish from norty GJ at last

10:16 - George stops incubating and leaves

Scylla’s vid - 10:13 to 10:16 - Strange behaviour by GJ, spreading wings, nervous, flying off

Webcam off

10:53 - Webcam back, George incubating

11:14 - Geese fly by, George gets agitated, defends

=== CRinger’s comment on G’s drive to mate

12:21 - EJ returns to the nest fishless, George leaves, EJ settles on eggs and calls

~~~ George has incubated for over 2h30m so far today

=== CRinger’s comments on the chances of who the father may be for each egg

13:25 - EJ is not happy, she starts calling / Someone flies in the distance

13:55 - An intruder flies over the nest, EJ defends / Intruder lands on the campost (photo HERE)

~~~ George not there to help EJ defend

=== CRinger’s comment on George having/not having a second nest

14:51 to 14:56 - Comfort break

14:59 to 15:02 - EJ flies off / She returns and settles on the eggs

16:29 - Intruder is back, EJ shouts

16:32 - Intruder gets too close

16:45 - Blue Darvic intruder lands on the nest

17:22 - Blue Darvic intruder tries to land on the nest / It lands on campost, then tries to land on nest again

~~~ George not there to help EJ defend

18:36 - EJ leaves for a very quick comfort beak / She is back on the nest

=== Report from Alison with photos of the unringed intruder today (Thank you Alison and Moffer)

EJ incubates for the rest of the evening / night

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB -  After seven and a half days, George has finally brought EJ 👐👐🐟 Lets just hope they keep rolling in now!


Soaking wet (Moffer)


FISH AT LAST!!!! (Moffer)

May 12   

03:47 - Scylla’s vid - EJ, having been rained on all night so far, starts calling

05:24 - Scylla’s vid - GJ visited, at least EJ got up and flew, she hadn’t moved for hours 

~~~ G on nest for a few seconds / He landed on her back

06:31 - Scylla’s vid - A duck or goose intruded (inadvertently?) on EJ, she was alarmed

=== Karen’s post referring to comments yesterday - Did it all start when EJ stopped responding to G’s mating attempts? / Fish supplies stopped coming after this

=== CRinger’s post with more comments

09:17 - EJ alarm calls, she flies off and returns to incubate,  threat unseen

12:50 - EJ leaves the nest, when she returns it looks as though she has been for a bathe /( 2X today)

=== SheilaFE’s observations on who the father of the first and second eggs could be

13:07 - Scylla’s vid - EJ takes long break, flyover, intruder call

Doubt as to whether EJ has gone fishing today due to her longer absence on the nest / No, she hasn’t

16:56 to 18:19 - Scylla’s vid - Did EJ catch & eat fish in 1h15m???

Alison’s on-the-spot account of EJ’s movement (Thank you Sheila and Alison)


Another fishless day for EJ (Scylla’s snapshots)

May 11   

03:12 - Scylla’s vid - Clatter woke EJ, she called and called, loudly and silently

04:17 - Scylla’s vid - G flies in, touches EJ’s back, stands, flies off

05:49 - A quick flight and back on the eggs

06:52 - Scylla’s vid - A little squeal from EJ as she turns her eggs

07:39 - Passing geese disturb EJ

09:20 - On FB - A male osprey flew over the nest carrying a fish

10:03 - EJ continues to incubate on a wind blown nest

Where LG stands with regards to EJ’s predicament (post by Jess Tomes)

11:39 - Wind catches EJ again, twice

12:49 - A very short comfort break and back to the eggs

13:03 - Sticks flying and landing on EJ

EJ still sitting on eggs, waiting patiently

20:00 - A quick comfort flight

20:36 - G back on the nest for a paddle on EJ’s back

Scylla’s vid - GJ is earlier tonight for his fishless paddle

23:36 - Scylla’s vid - Raining, EJ up for tiny poop, she has company at least

Discussion on George’s behaviour

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB - At 9:20 this morning a male osprey flew over the nest carrying a fish. Unfortunately he didn't land and disappeared over the horizon. Come in George!!!

© RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy

May 10   

Webcam down

04:30 - A brief visit from George (report from the Forward Hide at LG / Thank you, Mike)

09:32 - Webcam back, no sound (buzzing) / EJ incubating

Sound issue can’t be resolved at LG

09:37 - A quick break and back on the eggs

Big feathers seen on the nest recently

CRinger’s post on osprey moult

Tiger’s post - link to Moulting in ospreys part 1 & article on moulting

11:43 - A brief comfort break, back on the nest / She leaves again as if after someone and returns to the nest

12:09 to 12:15 - EJ flies off, no calls / Back on the nest

Tiger’s post - Similar situation at LG in 2005

13:15 - EJ calls looking in the direction of the camera tree

13:30 - EJ faces the other way now and incubates

13:53 - Another brown feather breaks free in the wind

16:09 - EJ pulls out another long feather

16:12 - A one-minute break for poor EJ

17:12 - EJ flies off leaving eggs unattended

17:25 to 17:27 - EJ returns, she looks wet / She starts alarm calling / She is back on the eggs

Concern that EJ is losing too many feathers

20:09 - George on the nest / He flies off, EJ flies off too/ She returns to the eggs and calls

Scylla’s vid - G flies in for paddle, looks around, leaves, EJ flies around

Aviemore Ospreys FB - (reply to a post) i am getting two unringed Males fishing, i see the Osprey they call George is not feeding EJ and to be honest i think i will see her fishing this weekend for herself, one of the unringed Males is flying i'm sure to a nest not far away from Abernethy

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB - EJ has been leaving the nest to drink from a nearby puddle today. Normally she'd get her water from the fish she eats...unfortunately there's still no sign of any coming in. George was around the nest early this morning but we haven't seen him today.

© RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy

May 09   

A poem by Pandy - Osprey keep their secrets

EJ sleeps soundly during the night

04:13 - EJ wakes up and starts calling, no visitors seen or heard

04:45 - Scylla’s vid - G in for mating attempt, shot off afterwards

06:20 - EJ has a comfort flight, she returns and settles on the eggs

09:06 - EJ is tipped over by gust of wind / Another comfort break, and she is back on the eggs

10:56 - EJ calls like crazy, but nothing comes of it

Tiger’s post - How long can an osprey go without food

Scylla’s videos:

14:03 - Comfort break

14:03 - Scylla’s vid - EJ flies, calling, then special call to someone out there

16:23 - A quick comfort flight, back on the eggs

EJ has not left the nest since her last break

19:47 - EJ incubating in the rain

22:03 - George flies in unexpectedly and hovers over the nest before landing, EJ shouts for fish / G flies off

Scylla’s videos:

Webcam down

Over 96 hours (04 days) without fish

EJ sleeping, head tucked under her wing

BLOG by Chris T - The Hunger Games

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB -  EJ has been without food since Saturday! She should be OK for a few more days but she'll need to eat eventually. Her instinct is to stay with her eggs and rely on the male. Come on George!


© RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy

May 08   

01:32 - EJ up for a flap

04:08 & 04:18 - EJ starts calling / Louder calls

04:52 - George arrives and flies off (an intruder around maybe?)

Scylla’s vid - G flies in & out, was there a hint of an intruder?

EJ looking quite sleepy, preening, waiting quietly

08:50 & 08:52 - EJ has a comfort break and soon returns

No change, EJ incubating patiently

11:26 - EJ watching the world go by

11:36 - Wind catches EJ’s tail and she gets up for a preen / Back on the eggs

12:02 - More stretching on the nest

News that PP7 (Cromarty) is back in Aviemore

EJ still there incubating, waiting patiently

15:09 - EJ has a quick comfort flight

15:20 - EJ starts calling and G lands only for mating, he leaves

Scylla’s vid - G calls in for mating only, how much worse can this get

16:07 & 16:37 - More calling from EJ

18:27 - Another very very very short comfort break

EJ’s last fish was on May 05 at 19:27 - 72 hours without fish

21:38 - EJ calling again

EJ tucked in for the night

*** Another day with EJ waiting patiently and incubating on her own / 72 hours without fish / Three comfort flights / George on the nest twice, first time in & out, second time to mate (1 minute max.) / 16 days to hatching***

Aviemore Ospreys FB - Look who’s back in town 2day      (PP7 was photographed this morning)

May 07   

04:11 - EJ calling out  fervently for G to go fishing

04:41 - Scylla’s vid - G flies in, has a good look out and around, flies off   (G less than a minute on the nest)

07:14 - EJ quiet for a while, waiting

Tiger’s post - 17 days until hatching

08:05 - EJ has a comfort break and back on the eggs

09:08 - A few fish calls

09:38 & 10:07 - EJ fish calling

10:47 to 11:47 - Raining at LG

12:39 - Another very quick comfort break (45 seconds)

12:46 - Another big feather gone

13:09 - Someone tries to lands, talons seen, could have landed in the camera tree

13:11 - Sound of someone landing on the campost

13:12 - EJ not alarm calling, but fish begging

13:28 - Unringed intruder tries to land on the nets again, no rings on legs

All goes quiet

 Flapping and alarm squeals

15:54 to 16:00 -Another comfort break (6 minutes)

16:29 - EJ calls and flies off

16:35 - EJ returns, she looks wet (6 minutes)

18:47 - An outburst of calling while turning eggs, no outcome

Alison’s reply to: "Fastly approaching two days since she had a meal how common is this?" (Thank you Alison and SheilaFE)

20:00 - EJ remains quietly sitting

20:46 - More calls / A lovely sunlit evening

Scylla’s catch-up snapshots an video - 13:06 to 13:11 - EJ suffers two intrusions, only talons seen

Tiger’s post - Laying to hatching

In a nutshell:

*** Another day with EJ in charge of incubation / George on the nest for less than a minute in the morning, no mating attempt / EJ had three comfort breaks, two were about 6 minutes long (each) / EJ returned wet from her last break / Intruder tried to land on the nest twice / George not present during intrusion / No fish brought to the nest / Over 48 hours without fish / 17 days to hatching***

May 06   

00:00 to 03:39 - EJ sleeps peacefully / She gets up for a flap and a preen at the back of the nest / She settles back on the eggs

03:53 - Scylla’s vid - Little trill wakes EJ, she soon went back to sleep

04:08  to 04:21 - EJ calling, then she goes quiet / Then a few loud shouts

04:34 & 04:58 - EJ calling again

05:36 - A quick comfort break and back on the eggs

06:30 - Pandy’s vid - EJ watches and waits

07:30 - Another quick comfort break and back to the eggs

09:15 & 09:18 & 09:25 - EJ calls loudly / Up and shouting

10:18 7 10:24 - Up for a scratch and a preen

10:53 - A quick comfort break and back on the eggs

11:25 - Update from Alison at LG - George was on the camera tree the the flaps were opened  (Thank you Alison and Moffer)

11:33 - More preening and turning eggs

12:14 & 13:08 - A flap, a call, preening and wing stretch / Stretch, preen, lost feather

15:13 - EJ gets up twice and calls loudly before preening

15:34 - Another big feather pulled out

15:45 - A comfort break and back on the eggs

Scylla’s videos:

16:10 to 16:11 - EJ calls / George arrives, no fish for EJ /  He flies off, then returns to mate / Gone

Scylla’s vid - G torments EJ with another fishless visit, then back to mate

16:44 to 17:04 - EJ calling for fish / She calls again as she gets up , but it came to nothing

17:30 & 17:46 - EJ calling gently / EJ calling a little louder

18:22 - EJ fish calling again

19:02 - Fish calling again

20:22 - EJ chirping now and again / Lovely sunlit background

Tiger’s posts:

21:56 - Another quick comfort break for EJ

EJ tucked in for the night

In a nutshell:

*** George seen in the camera tree early morning / EJ incubated all day, she had five comfort breaks which were reported in the Daily Update / George visited the nest for less than two minutes, one mating attempt, no fish brought for EJ / No intruder calls***

May 05   

02:58 - Scylla’s vid -  EJ’s night time exercise break

06:37 to 06:39 - EJ alarm calls, flaps defending and flies off  / She returns and settles on the eggs

07:33 to 07:38 - More alarm calls from EJ / She flaps and flies off / She returns alarm calling, then settles on eggs

07:42 to 08:06 - EJ flaps and screeches again / EJ very watchful, more alarm calls, defending on her own

08:38 - George arrives, attempts mating and takes over incubation / EJ flies off

08:47 - EJ back calling for fish

08:53 to 08:55 - EJ forces George off the eggs and calls for fish / He flies off, returns and tries mating, then flies off again / EJ incubates

10:19 - Intruder around, EJ flaps, screeches and mantles / Threat not seen / EJ settles on eggs again

11:10 - After calling for fish, George arrives fishless / He brings a big clump / He’s off

11:17 & 1203 - EJ has a stretch and a preen on the nest / And again

13:22 to 13:24 - EJ has a comfort break and leaves eggs alone / She returns

EJ incubating / one more comfort break and back to the nest

18:11 - George arrives with nest material, no fish / EJ calls for fish / He flies off

Scylla’s great catch-up videos:

19:27 - FISH ✔  - EJ grabs the fish and flies off with it in her beak

 Scylla’s vid - AT LAST a half decent fish for EJ

19:57 to 20:05 - EJ returns without fish, she calls for more fish / George leaves

EJ incubates


At last George brings a decent fish for EJ (Moffer)

May 04   

04:29 - Scylla’s vid - EJ wakes, starts calling, has fly-around

05:06 - A very short visit from George, he lands on EJ’s back

Scylla’s vid - George pays a quick mating visit, can’t see if successful

05:53 - FISH ✔ - tail end only /  EJ flies off with it

Scylla’s vid - Another fish tail for EJ, this won’t do!

06:03 - EJ returns asking for more

Scylla’s vid - EJ soon returns after eating tail,then a flyer swoops in the distance

An interesting note about breeding success and age/experience (by Dr Erick Greene / Thank you, Pandy)

EJ has a few comfort breaks and resumes incubation / George has not incubated so far

14:58 - EJ alarm calls

19:24 - George arrives without a fish, EJ calls for fish / He looks at the eggs but doesn’t sit on them / He leaves and soon returns to the nest , then leaves again / EJ follows

19:27 - Someone lands on the nest, not sure if another male or George / EJ returns and and chases him off

She settles on the eggs

19:33 - George is back and tries to mate

Scylla’s vid - Another disappointment for EJ, George with no fish

Scylla’s vid - George flies back in to mate, seems successful

EJ continues incubating

22:29 Scylla’s vid - Late evening bathroom  break for EJ

BLOG by Jess Tomes - Latest from the front-line

May 03   

EJ incubated during the night and had a few comfort breaks

00:18 to 07:38 - Scylla’s catch-up snapshots

10:12 - FISH ✔ - A very small piece which EJ takes and flies off to eat

Scylla’s vid - A mere tail fin from George to EJ

George incubates

10:57 - EJ returns to incubate, George leaves

Moffer’s catch-up snapshots

EJ continues incubating / Osprey spotted flying in the distance, no reaction from EJ

17:13 - Scylla’s vid - Suddenly EJ calls and flies around and back, no-one seen

18:08 - EJ gets toppled by the wind /  She calls for fish

18:59 - George lands on EJ and off again

Scylla’s videos:

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB - The man behind the amazing photo of Abernethy on the wall at the Osprey Centre

May 02   

02:05 - Scylla’s vid - That’s a better flap, EJ

02:15 - Scylla’s vid - EJ’s been preening out feathers… & trying to put them back?

02:35 - Scylla’s vid - EJ acquired a little passenger for a moment

03:32 - Scylla’s vid - Sample of rain heard more than seen

05:15 to 06:35 - EJ looking thoroughly soaked & fish leftover on the nest / She starts eating fish / Then she leaves it on the side

08:30 - After a comfort break EJ takes fish tail and skin and eats it

Still raining but not as hard

10:49 - Tail end of fish gone

EJ incubates

12:42 to 12:46 - Skydancing heard / George arrives, alarm calls and mantles / George stays and leaves after threat’s gone

12:57 - George brings a stick / EJ has a break / George incubates

Otter’s “police” snapshots for ID

15:24 - George flies off and EJ flies in to take over incubation / He returns to the nest a few times and leaves

15:57 - George returns with a piece of fish in his talon / He looks around and flies off with the fish / This fish was not taken by EJ

Scylla’s videos:

16:04 - George returns with the same  fish piece, EJ doesn’t take it. Is there an intruder around? He leaves

16:26 - Intruder alert / EJ mantles / Intruders talons seen over the nest

16:28 - Intruder flies over nest again, talons and shadow seen when it flew off /  EJ alarm calls again

16:44 - Unringed intruder tries to land again

Scylla’s vid - 16:04 to 16:45 - Two declined fish offers, three intrusions

18:04 - George returns without the fish piece offered twice earlier

EJ continues incubating

BLOG by Emma S - Counting Capercaillie in the Cairngorms


Unringed intruder tries to lands three times (Limpy)

May 01   

EJ has incubated all night

00:34 - Scylla’s vid - Comfort break for EJ, nice tail fan

06:00 - George seen on the camera tree at LG (Thank you Scylla and Jess)

EJ calls, settles on eggs and has a few comfort breaks

George has not been on the nest so far

17:21 - George arrives fishless / EJ takes a comfort break and returns / George flies round and returns for mating

~~~ G visits briefly, successful mating it seems

Scylla’s vid - First sight of George today, mating, he leaves

19:43 - FISH ✔  - George brings a big headless fish for EJ

Scylla’s vid - At last, super headless fish for EJ

~~~ George incubates for just about 2 hours

21:39 - EJ returns to the nest with a good piece of fish

Scylla’s vid - EJ returns with fish leftover, like an old lady

EJ incubating / Leftover fish on the nest

RSPB Loch Garten Abernethy FB - We had a lovely pair of Crossbills perched right in front of the visitor centre this afternoon! & Info on HF0 and NW3


Large headless fish for EJ (Moffer)

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