Texas USSSA Return to Play Rules and Guidelines:

  1. www.usssa.com/coronavirus has information regarding return to play protocols. Please review these. This link along with these rules must be shared with all fans, coaches and players.
  2. Every player that was on a roster has been removed from active status for their team. All guardians will have to go back into their guardian account and approve the new waivers in order to play. If a player is found not on the roster and participating in a game, it is a forfeit. Please check your online roster before playing in an event.
  3. No one with a fever shall be allowed to enter the park. Anyone exhibiting symptoms should not attend events. Parks reserve the right to have temperature check stations at events. Attendees should take their temperature prior to leaving him and remain home if they have a fever.
  4. All fans must social distance. We understand that families may sit together. We have no way to know who is truly in a family at the ballpark. With that said, no more than 2 adults will be allowed to be within 6 feet of each other. Stands will be closed or have reduced seating areas. Please bring chairs. Expect to sit spread out down foul lines and please don't congregate in one area.
  5. If we have an issue with Social Distancing of any type. The manager will be asked to remedy the situation immediately. If the situation is not corrected, the game will be declared a forfeit and the team who was not social distancing will be removed from the event.
  6. Players may wear PPE as long as they dont interfere with the safety of the game. Plastic face shields are not allowed since they are not NOCSAE approved. Masks and other face coverings are perfectly ok.
  7. If an umpire calls balls and strikes from behind the catcher, it is recommended to wear a face covering.
  8. If using a tent, only family members are allowed under the tent. Social distancing still applies for more than 2 adults under the tent closer than 6ft.
  9. At the managers meeting, only one coach per team is allowed to attend.
  10. Umpires will verbally  notify the manager of his pitching at the conclusion of the game. Once the manager agrees the pitching is accurate, the umpire will request the manager’s name and write it onto the card verifying he confirmed pitchers. A manager has to challenge pitching immediately after it is posted online. Any delay can result in the pitching listed on the card as the official number of innings pitched.
  11. If a coach approaches an umpire to argue a call and gets inside of 6 feet, he is ejected immediately. Second offense by a team, the team is forfeited out of the event.
  12. Teams must clean their dugout completely upon leaving. No one is to enter the dugout area until all people have left the dugout from the previous game.
  13. All teams must sanitize their dugout prior to entering. This can be done with a sanitizing spray or a team can use a bleach water mixture in a small sprayer. This must be done prior to players entering dugouts.
  14. Gate fee policies will vary by location. Please dont assume that they will remain the same week to week. Please contact your director to ensure they have not changed.
  15. Teams are asked to vacate the park after their games are over to keep the capacity of the park down to a minimum.
  16. Formats of play will likely change from 2 pool into bracket. This will vary based on the local and state guidelines given to each area/park.
  17. No sunflower seeds allowed in parks.
  18. No Hi Fives or Hand Shakes between teams, coaches or umpires.
  19. Only 9 players allowed in the dugout at one time. Others should be outside of the dugout while waiting for the appropriate time to enter.
  20. No team water coolers allowed. Only personal player coolers allowed.
  21. If entry and exit locations are established, teams should utilize them accordingly. Some facilities may not be able to have separate entrances but where feasible, they must be utilized by teams.
  22. Parents, coaches, players, and umpires should wait in the cars until 15 minutes prior to

game time, there will be only on-field warmup and all parents, coaches, players and

umpires should exit the facility immediately at the conclusion of play.

  1. All posted rules must be followed. All state and local guidelines must be followed.
  2. Additional guidelines may come from parks and or state at any time. Please be prepared to adjust accordingly.