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23.24 High School Registration Information
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                 High School Registration Information                                               

 For students going from 8th to 9th grade and

to the main high school campus the 2023 - 2024 School Year.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the high school campus counselors.  We are all here to help you navigate this exciting transition through high school! ~LISD High School Counselors

High School

and Website

Registration Visit Date and Time

Parent Registration Meeting Date and Time

HIgh School Registration Site Link

The Colony High School

*Parent Help session at The Colony for Rising 8th grade parents: 6-7:30 pm TC Library

*Counselors meet one-on-one with 8th grade students Feb 15th at Griffin and Feb 16th at Lakeview

January 19th - 6:00-6:45 - Rising 9th grade meeting at TC in the PAC; 6:45-7:30 - Current 9th-11th grade meeting at TC in the PAC.  

Electives Fair running Concurrently

One-stop shop for all things Registration

Flower Mound 9 Website



Shadow Ridge

FM9 Registration Timeline

FM9 23-24 Registration

Flower Mound Main Campus Website

January 18 -

Parent University

6:00pm - 8:00pm

January 18 & 19 -

Parent Help Sessions

7:45 am & 3:45pm

January 12, 13, 17 -

Student Help Sessions

All Lunches

February 15 -

Individual meetings with rising 10th grade students

January 18 - Parent University

6:00pm - 8:00pm

FMHS Registration Events

Flower Mound 2023-2024 Registration Website


Hebron 9 Website

Killian MS

Arbor Creek MS

Creek Valley MS

January 18th: Hawk Expo 4:45 - 7 pm

Live Webex Parent QA: January 31st at 12:00 pm via Webex


Hebron Main Campus Website

Hebron 9

*Parent Info Session via Webex on Tuesday, Jan 17 at 6pm via Webex

Password: PJhHYkda595

*Lunch visit to H9 on Monday, Jan 23

*Rising 10th Grade Info Session on Tues, Jan 17 at 6pm via Webex

Password: PJhHYkda595

*Rising 11th and 12th Grade Info Session on Wed, Jan 18 at 6pm via Webex

Password: hawks

*Advanced Academic & CTE Info Session on Thur, Jan 19 at 12pm via Webex

Password: Hawks2023

*Parent Q&A Session on Fri, Jan 20 at 12pm via Webex

Password: hawks

LHS Harmon Website

Durham: January 25 & Feb 1

Hedrick: January 25 & Feb 2

DeLay: January 25 & Feb 3

Durham: January 25

DeLay: January 25

Hedrick: January 26

LHS Parent Night: Feb 2

LHS Harmon Registration Website

LHS Killough Website

Huffines: January 24 & Feb. 1

Hedrick: January 25 & Feb. 2

DeLay: January 25 & Feb. 3

DeLay: January 25

Hedrick: January 26

Huffines: February 1

LHS Parent Night: February 2

LHS Killough Registration Website

Lewisville High School Main Campus Website

Harmon: January 27th & 30th

Killough: January 24th & 25th

Main: 31st- Feb 3rd- All Lunches

Parent Presentation

Harmon: January 24th

Killough: January 26th

Main: February 1st

Marcus 9 Website

Lamar: Jan 18

Briarhill: Jan 19

Downing: Jan 20

M9 Registration Dates

Jan 17th-Freshman Fair

M9 Registration Website

Marcus Main Campus Website

MHS Counselors @ Marcus 9:

Jan 18th: Parent Registration Meeting (Webex) 6-7:30

Jan 26th & 27th: Parent & Student Help Sessions

  • 7:45-8:30
  • 11:45-2:00 (Lunches)
  • 3:30-4:30

Feb 1st: Rising 10th grade 1-on-1 Meetings with MHS Counselor

MHS Registration Dates

Jan 18th: Parent Registration Meeting (Webex) 6-7:30

MHS Registration Website

TECC East &

TECC West 

Registration : during the main campus timeline

Community Night: 1/26

5:30-7 at both campuses

Firefighter interest meeting TECC West 1/26 @6:30

TECC Course Card 22-23


Open Enrollment through Home Campus Timeline

Available at Campus Events

VLA Registration Card 2023/2024

**Please adhere to the LISD transfer policy if applicable.