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Artists' Bill of Rights
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Artists’ Bill of Rights

It is understood that creative atmospheres are not “emotionally sanitary” – they can safely be bawdy, profane, vulgar, and challenging. Having (a) an environment of building consent and (b) an environment that allows for response to clear boundary violations can broaden our opportunity to be challenging and fearless in our work.[1]

Artists performing and producing on Austin stages have the right to pursue their trade in an atmosphere free from physical and emotional harm.


We understand that the Council likely won’t recognize artists’ rights being compromised from our seats in the audience. Artists who have unsuccessfully addressed these issues, or who are afraid or unable to address them themselves, are encouraged to reach out to the Council for help.

The process is as follows.

  1. Report the issue via the online submission form on our website, or speak to a Council Member.
  2. Three impartial B. Iden Payne Council Members will form a small group to complete an assessment using Human Resources best practices. This includes:
  1. Interviewing all directly involved parties
  2. Interviewing indirectly involved parties (ie, other participants in the production)
  3. Other steps as the individual case requires.
  1. There is no time limit for this assessment, and the assessment will remain confidential amongst the members of the Tribunal until their findings are finalized.


[1] Excerpted from the Code of Conduct, developed by Not in Our House, Chicago, Illinois.