Below are answers to questions we are often asked about the event. Participants should also read Erg Sprints Rules and Procedures for detailed information on the competition. Please Contact Erg Sprints if you have additional questions.

Where and when is Erg Sprints held?
Erg Sprints will be Saturday, February 1, 2020 at T.C. Williams High School (“Remember the Titans”) in Alexandria, Virginia.

What events will there be?
Erg Sprints will have the usual 2,000 meter events along with traditional Erg Sprints events: marathon and half-marathon, 20-minute junior and 30-minute open/masters rows, 500 meter sprints, relays, parent/child and kids rows. Find the full list of events on RegattaCentral.

Where is T.C. Williams High School?
T.C. Williams High School is located at 3330 King Street in Alexandria, Virginia, 5 miles south of Washington, D.C.

How about parking?
We strongly encourage carpooling or the use of taxis, ride sharing services, buses, or complimentary hotel shuttles.

Free parking is available at several sites in close proximity to T.C. Williams High School at 3330 King St., Alexandria, VA 22302. When you arrive at T.C. Williams, please enter the traffic circle off of King Street at the west end of the school. If the parking garage has vacancy, you'll be directed into it. If not, you'll be directed to one of several other lots on the other side of the school or in the very nearby community. The farthest away you should expect to park or walk is ½ mile (about a 10 minute walk) from the venue. You will also be allowed to drop off any and all passengers in the traffic circle in front of the school before parking.  

Limited handicapped parking is available.

Please follow parking signs. Cars parked illegally may be ticketed or towed. Consult the on-hand police or ample volunteer parking staff if you have questions. Lastly, consider bringing an umbrella in the event of inclement weather.

Athlete Check-In?
Doors open 7am Saturday. Allow enough time for athlete check-in. Get your athlete registration card which you will need on the race floor. Don’t lose it! There is no on-site registration, however,  there will be a very limited number of “bullpen” seats for 2,000 meter events.

Do I need a USRowing waiver?
ALL athletes must sign a USRowing waiver. Rowers who are members of USRowing (or members of an affiliated club) must have signed a USRowing online waiver. Rowers who are not a member of USRowing must bring a signed USRowing paper waiver to check-in. Waivers for minors (under 18) must be signed by a parent or guardian. No exceptions.

Lightweight weigh-In?
If you registered as a lightweight rower you will be directed to weigh-in. You must weigh-in between 1 and 2 hours before your scheduled race time.

I don’t see a lightweight option for the event I’m interested in.

In the case of certain open-weight events without a separate lightweight class a rower is eligible to win a medal if he or she has weighed-in and there are two or more lightweights competing in that event. Those events are 30-minute, marathon, college freshman 2K and 500 meter sprint championships.

There is no lightweight class for junior (age 13) 1000 meter, coxswain, relay, or parent/child events.

On race day, you’ll have access to a warm-up room featuring 80 ergs. Please be considerate of athletes in races before yours. Unless otherwise instructed, athletes will be escorted to a briefing and to the race floor by USRowing officials from the warm-up room 30 minutes prior to their event.

Alexandria, Virginia?
The City of Alexandria is on the south bank of the Potomac River across from Washington, D.C. Old Town Alexandria, which pre-dates Washington by 40 years, is a vibrant area of historic houses, hotels, shops, restaurants, museums, art and antique galleries.

Besides Erg Sprints, what can I do?
Like Washington, D.C., Alexandria has plenty to keep a visitor busy. You can watch artists in action at the Torpedo Factory Art Center. Walk or bike along the Potomac River. Take in the view of Alexandria and Washington from the top of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. Spend the day at George Washington’s Mount Vernon. And if that’s not enough, Washington, D.C. is easily accessible from Alexandria.

Find out a lot more about our host city at Visit Alexandria, including attractions, dining, shopping, and more.

How do I get to Washington, D.C.?
The Washington, D.C. region is served by three airports, AMTRAK train, and intercity bus service.

Washington is 10 minutes by car or 20 minutes by Metro train from Alexandria’s King Street-Old Town station.

Where should I stay?
There are more than two dozen hotels in Alexandria. Find more information at