iPad Notesheet

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Overall Presentation

Working with GAFE on iPads

Highlighted Apps

Google Apps - Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets

Sesame Snap (Pedagogical Documentation)

Explain Everything

Popplet (Mind Maps)

Adobe Voice * (Interactive Stories)

Pic Collage

iMovie (Movie Making)

Doink (Green Screen - Movie Making)

Aurasma* (Adds Student Voice)

Book Creator (Book creation and more)

Skitch (Text on Images)

Coding on iPads


Math Learning Centre Apps (Math Manipulatives)

Money by Mathies (Math Manipulatives)

Epic (For Educators) - Book Shelf

* Requires Account

Tasks Sheets

Google Drive iPad Login

Google Drive iPad Logout


Popplet Lite

Camera App

Making Predictions Using Explain Everything

Generating Questions Using Explain Everything

Name Your iPad

How to Use AirDrop

Additional Resources

TDSB Teaching & Learning with Technology: Julie Millan | @jsm2272 | JulieMillan.ca