Happy Holidays from the NCAA Eligibility Center!


The first semester is quickly drawing to a close, so I would like to take this opportunity to provide a few reminders for you to pass along to your member schools. We appreciate all you do to inform and educate student-athletes and their parents about NCAA academic standards. Our outreach and education efforts are ongoing and we have some updated materials to share with you.  It’s a great opportunity to keep ADs and coaches apprised on what we need to do to help our college-bound student-athletes follow the right path to achieve their dreams.

Basketball Updates/Information

As you may know, many things have changed regarding recruiting in the boys’ basketball space.  For information related to the following topics, please visit www.ncaa.org/college-basketball-reform-resources :

Updated Educational Resources

The following resources are designed to help you and your colleagues as you provide information to students and families and assist them with the initial-eligibility, registration and certification processes. Please refer to our registration website (www.eligibilitycenter.org)  or our educational site (www.ncaa.org/playcollegesports) for even more information.

Our updated resources for the 2018-19 school year can be found on our Educational Resources page and include:

Eligibility Center Newsletter

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Link to the NCAA Eligibility Center

Putting a link to the NCAA Eligibility Center (www.eligibilitycenter.org) on your state association website and your member schools’ websites is a great way to get your student-athletes and coaches on their way to learning more about what it takes to be a successful college student-athlete.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please give me a call or send an email.  My contact information is below and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Lisa Roesler 

Associate Director of Engagement and Strategic Partnerships, Eligibility Center

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