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[M-A Robotics] Sponsorship Packet
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Menlo-Atherton High School

FIRST® Robotics

555 Middlefield Road

Atherton, CA 94027

(650) 305-0758


Dear Sponsor,

The Menlo-Atherton Robotics team invites you to join us in changing the world.

We open doors to STEM—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—for high school students, many of whom have never experienced science outside of their textbooks. We challenge them to become participants in the FIRST Robotics Competition and share our collective mission: to design, build, program and refine a 125-pound robot in eight to twelve weeks. Once on the team, students are paired with industry professional mentors, and together they grapple with tough design, programming, and machining challenges, all against a looming deadline. In the process, new friendships are forged based on intellectual curiosity, teamwork, and the camaraderie that only difficult challenges fosters.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide membership to students for free; therefore, in order to keep our non-profit, 501(c)3 program running, at a cost of $40,000 annually, we are reaching out to the community for sponsorship.

Your support, be it financial, in kind, or through mentor volunteer hours, will provide students with the opportunity to face off against the best high school robots from the US, Israel, Brazil, Australia, China, and more.

We are not the largest FIRST team, nor are we the oldest, but through the phenomenal dedication of our mentors and the hard work of our students we have experienced significant successes.

  • General Motors Industrial Design Award – 2005
  • FIRST Championship Archimedes Division Champion – 2005
  • Silicon Valley Regional Winner – 2006
  • Silicon Valley Regional Finalist – 2007
  • Sacramento Regional Judges Award – 2008
  • Sacramento Regional Winner – 2011
  • Silicon Valley Regional Winner – 2012
  • CalGames Winner - 2012
  • Sacramento Regional Winner – 2014
  • Sacramento Regional Semi-Finalist – 2015
  • Silicon Valley Regional Semi-Finalist – 2015
  • Silicon Valley Regional Semi-Finalist – 2017
  • Central Valley Regional Semi-Finalist – 2019
  • Silicon Valley Regional Semi-Finalist – 2019
  • Silicon Valley Regional Semi-Finalist - 2022
  • CalGames Finalist - 2022

Our 2014 robot played volleyball. It won the Sacramento Regional and earned us a spot at the World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri.


Outside of competing, the team attends local STEM fairs such as the San Mateo County Fair, Encinal Science Fair, and Menlo Park Public Library Science Night to demonstrate our robots. Our goal is to fuel passion for robotics, and show our community that anyone can become involved in STEM.

About Our Team

We are a diverse team of ~40 students from Menlo-Atherton High School who are eager to learn and succeed through determination and hard work. Throughout the years, our team has worked to acquire and maintain a nearly-equal ratio of boys and girls from all different backgrounds. We value every one of our member’s specialties in the various roles on our team, encompassing coding, engineering, design, business, machining, and more.

However, creating an amazing environment where we can exercise our enthusiasm for robotics does come at a cost. We rely on members of our community to help fund our passion. The money we raise is allocated towards robot parts, competition fees, new tools, student training, transportation, and more. Every donation that we receive is immensely helpful, and no donation goes unnoticed. In the next few pages, we have included information on sponsorship levels and a high-level summary of our annual budget.

If you are interested in supporting the next generation of creative thinkers, problem solvers and leaders, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Help us change the world.


Evan Wong

Student Business President, Team 766

Our Sponsorship Levels

BRONZE LEVEL SPONSORSHIP                                                                $1,000

Thank-You Plaque, Business Logo on All Team Apparel, Website Listing, Sponsor Banner Listing at All Team Events

SILVER LEVEL SPONSORSHIP                                                        $2,500

All of the above benefits, as well as: Small Business Logo on Robot, Individual Press Release, Company Name Read at All FIRST Events, Company Name Part of Team Name

GOLD LEVEL SPONSORSHIP                                                                $5,000

All of the above benefits, as well as: Medium Business Logo on Robot, Verbal Recognition at Every Event, Team Pit Banner Listing

PLATINUM LEVEL SPONSORSHIP                                                        $10,000

All of the above benefits, as well as: Large Business Logo on Robot, Corporate Event

Team Costs and Finances


Please attach the following information to your donation and mail to:

Menlo-Atherton Robotics FIRST Team 766

 555 Middlefield Road, Atherton, CA 94027


Name of Contact Person: ________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ______________________________ E-mail: ____________________________________________

  Donation Amount: _____________________________________________  Receipt: Yes ____  No ____