Application to the Indigenous Digital Archive 2018-2019 Fellows Program

due November 11, 2017

During their fellowship year, Indigenous Digital Archive Fellows will work independently and collaboratively on research projects using the online resources at Fellows will also meet together with mentors for three multi-day meetings at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe (travel support is provided). The kick-off meeting will be in March 2018.

Fellows may apply to work on a project related to their family history; topics such boarding school and jurisdiction histories, as the role of the Superintendent of Indian Affairs in Native New Mexico life from 1849-1880, conditions at different government boarding schools, child labor, official racism, arts in the early schools, or what comprised education over time; or a topic of interest to their tribe or to their own research that the documents could help address. For more on suggested research topics, please see

1) Your name:

2) Your email address:

3) Your mailing address:

4) Are you applying as a:

__ Community Member

__ Researcher

__ Student

__ Independent Scholar

__ Professional Researcher

__ Other (please explain): ______________________________________

5) The Indigenous Digital Archive 2017-2018 Fellows program is open to members of the 23 tribes of New Mexico plus Hopi. Please list your tribal affiliation. (Before awarding Fellowships, we'll ask for written documentation such as a copy of your tribal id.)

6) What is the title of your proposed research project? (140 character limit)

7) Please describe the research that you plan to work on as an Indigenous Digital Archive Fellow. (200 word limit)

8) Please describe one or two of your most important experiences that have contributed to your desire to research on your chosen topic. (200 word limit)

9) What inspires you and motivates you to explore this history using the historical documents available on the IDA? (100 word limit)

10) Please describe what you hope to achieve by the end of the 12 months. (150 word limit)

11) Please describe your previous research experience. (This could include doing family history, etc.) (200 word limit)

12) Are you willing to identify and share additional research areas and / or things that can be improved about the Indigenous Digital Archive?

13) Are you willing to do a public presentation about your research, such as at your school or college, tribal library, community center, or in a video webinar that we could record and post?

14) Do you have access to a reliable internet connection and a computer? This could be at home, at school, and/or at your local library.

15) I am willing and able to meet as a group three times over the course of the fellowship year (times TBD, first meeting likely in March 2018) at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, with mileage and Santa Fe hotel costs covered by the IDA project. (If younger than 18, my parent or other guardian will attend with me.) YES / NO

16) Please provide the name and contact info for three people to serve as your references. We will contact references for finalists.

17) Please include with your application a one page c.v. or resume. (one page only please!)

Completed applications must be emailed to by 11:59pm Mountain on Saturday November 11, 2017 to be considered. Please put your name as the start of the filename for the application and your c.v. or resume. Thank you for applying!