Joslin PTA

Board Meeting Minutes  10/11/17

 Julie Barschow  called the meeting to order on October 11, 2017 at 5:07 pm.

Quorum was established.  Board members present are Natasha Chapman, Deb Ambrose, Michelle Degon, Patrick Aziz, Summer McKinnon,

Amber Caskey motioned to approve minutes from September’s meeting. Deb Ambrose seconded.

Treasurer’s Report

Current balance: $8,780.21

Debits since last report:




Check 1151  - Joslin picture commission




Check 1154 - TX & National PTA dues for 66 members




Check 1156 - AIM Insurance




Check 1155 - donation to Harvey relief




Check 1153 - Joslin for Story Wranglers




Check 1152 - Joslin reimbursement for fees paid

Credits since last report:






Square Inc - membership



Square Inc - membership



Deposit - membership



Deposit - membership + donation ($25)



Deposit - membership



Deposit - T-shirts

Outstanding debits:

10/6/17 - $5.00 overpayment for T-shirt

Outstanding credits:

10/9/17 - $130.79 PayPal - memberships

10/11/17 - $337 - T-shirts

Effective balance: $9243.00

Principal’s Report

Mr. Aziz covered the 2017 Bond, list of projects for Joslin, some projects from a previous bond seem to overlap this bond. District cannot confirm whether we can use these funds towards other projects.

Submitted a grant for City of Austin’s Bright Green Future last week. We could do more if someone volunteered to help write these grants.

Snacks - covered policy for snacks - no sugary snacks, no group snacks.

President’s Report

2017 Bond - time frame to voice our opinions as PTA has ended. We can’t advocate against the bond, but we can advocate for the bond.

Grants - create google sheet to track which grants we have applied for.

Add a position for Business philanthropy chair. Mrs. Mckinnon motions to elect Jen Hodges to fill position. All agreed.

Teacher Appreciation Lunch. A monthly lunch provided for teachers in their lounge. Oct 13, Nov 17, Dec 15.

PTA needs a Parliamentarian, Julie will share details.

Committee Reports


Spooktacular - Members to update the planning worksheet. Julia to create a Facebook event and boost the ad. Julie to send latest image.

Members will hold a meeting on Thursday 10/12 at Radio at 3;30 PM as we ran out of time.

Box Tops: 825 new box tops since last meeting!  We will have a Community Box Top table encouraging community members to donate their Box Tops to Joslin.

Membership: We currently have 68 members! Our goal is 100. Send a flyer home with more information and envelopes to try and boost enrolment.

Health and Wellness: Peas program started  today - it is a gardening program. Time to plant Fall garden, we need to establish a plan and formalize the process. Catherine will coordinate with Kate on coordinating parent volunteer for each grade level. 

Tamara is working on getting Hot Shots program at Joslin.  Went over other programs she has contacted.

New Business

New Business: Jenn Hodges shared plan to raise funds for PTA, and tracking spreadsheet. It lists target companies, our wishlist and our to-do list. PTA reviewed letters that are planned to be sent to local business.

A Legacy of Giving - Stephanie Turner gave an overview of the organization, upcoming events. Fall event is geared towards collecting food for local Food Bank. There will be a presentation given to students to explain what the organization does (date unknown). Joslin will receive a pod that will be filled with donated food items.

Possible project for Spring: a project to help Sunrise and the local homeless community.

Summer McKinnon  motioned to adjourn.    Julia de Moraes  seconded.

The meeting was adjourned at  6:02 p.m.