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RSLS Mission: Using God’s true Word as a guide, Risen Savior Lutheran School partners with parents in providing a Christ-centered education that prepares students for life and eternity.

March 25, 2020

Dear Families of Risen Savior,

We are currently living in unprecedented times. With so much uncertainty, we know that there is one unshakeable truth: The love, grace, and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ is ours. May we continually be  reminded of that beautiful truth through our interactions with each other.

Risen Savior Lutheran School exists to assist our congregations & community by partnering with parents for Christ-centered education in children. While this has regularly been carried out through face-to- face, daily interaction between students and teachers, that option, as you are aware, is not currently available to us. Even though we will not be in the same building during the coming days, we will continue to work toward our mission of educating students for life and eternity..

Until further notice, the delivery method of our education will transition to distance learning. Rest assured, we are still committed to high quality, Christ-centered education. Our plan to accomplish that is laid out on the following page. This will be something new for all of us.  The roll-out of this new distance learning will not be perfect. Very much like at the beginning of any new school year, you will have many questions. We will work to answer those questions as quickly and completely as possible over the upcoming weeks.  

We are committed to you and your child(ren) as long as distance learning is required. We will continue to provide you with the support you need so that the critical education of your children does not stop.

We thank you for your commitment to the mission of Risen Savior Lutheran School, the safety of our students and faculty, and the continued education of our students.

Yours In Christ,

Mr. Jason Rupnow, Principal

Distance Learning Plan Overview

Timeline:          Distance Learning will begin Monday, March 30 and continue for as long as

necessary up to the end of the school year.

Procedures: 1. Distance Learning plans for each classroom are available on the school website

www.rslsmn.com or by clicking this link.  Click on “Learning Plans” and then on your child’s teacher.

                2. Distance Learning plans will be posted every Friday for the following weeks' work.

                3. Weekly pick up of new physical materials and the drop off of completed work will be

done every Friday morning from 7:00 - 10:00 AM in our “Pick Up & Drop Off Zone” (PDZ) located by the school mailbox between the school and St. Mark.

4.  New materials to pick up will be grouped into labeled family packets and placed into

a red bin. Your family's bin will be labeled and shared with one or two other families.

        5. Completed assignments for individual students should be returned in the plastic bag

they came in and placed into a blue bin labeled for your child’s teacher.  Multi-student families should hand each child’s work in separately. Bags and assignments will then sit for at least three days before teachers handle and/or sanitize them.

        6. In the event of rain, the PDZ will be moved indoors just inside the main doors of


7. Work completion dates will be included in each teacher’s Distance Learning plan.  No

paper worksheet or assignment will be due before the following Friday drop off.

Communication Plan: During distance learning days, email will be the preferred method of

communication with teachers.  However, individual teachers are free to offer other


Mrs. Michelle Dressel                mdressel@rslsmn.com

Mrs. Sandi Flunker                sflunker@rslsmn.com

Ms. Meredith Milbrath                mmilbrath@rslsmn.com

Mr. Michael Vlieger                vlieger@rslsmn.com

Mrs. Megen Rupnow                mrrupnow@gmail.com

Mr. Jason Rupnow                principal@rslsmn.com

While teachers will not be required to be at school, they will offer daily office hours in order to answer questions.  Office hour times will be included in each teacher’s Distance Learning plan.

Attendance: Distance learning days are school days. Unlike a traditional school day, attendance is

not determined based on being physically present in the school building. Instead, attendance is tracked through work completion.  Therefore, the timely completion and return of assigned work is critical to a student’s enrollment remaining in good standing.

Technology Support:  If you experience technology issues with learning platforms during distance

learning days, please contact your child’s classroom teacher. He/she will serve as the point person for assisting you with these problems. However, teachers will not be expected to handle problems with personal hardware issues.

Passion. Priority. Purpose.

           Romans 5:8