I’m Interested in your Dental office, but I have questions!

Top 10 F.A.Q.s (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How much will my visit cost? We feel strongly that each of our patient needs are different. Your needs and wants are unique to you. At your first visit we’ll provide you with a detailed evaluation of your oral health, and provide you with options. We always INFORM before we PERFORM. No surprise bills, no unexpected costs. You’ll ALWAYS receive a written, detailed estimate to review before we begin any treatment. 9 out of 10 patients rate us 5-stars on “good value for money” in our many patient surveys. We know you’ll feel the same way.

  1. Do you offer financing options? Absolutely! We offer flexible financing, prepayment and membership options to fit your budget. Plus we’ll always get your approval before we start, so you stay in the loop on any costs associated with care.

  1. Do you accept my dental insurance? We sure do! We are a completely insurance friendly office, however we are not insurance driven. What this means is we’ll present you with the best options, even if your plan has limitations. We won’t let plan restrictions interfere with your choice regarding your care. While we’re at it, our highly-trained team members will be able to maximize and coordinate your dental benefits electronically. You may learn more about dental insurance here.

  1. Will my treatment hurt or be uncomfortable? Most of our patients remark at how much easier their treatment was then they thought it would be. Plus we offer a variety of sedation options, from oral sedation to laughing gas, or even IV sedation. Be sure to ask at your consultation and we’ll discuss which one is best for you. We also have overhead tablets with noise-cancelling headphones so you may relax to a movie or listen to music.

  1. Why should I choose your office? We offer the Pinecrest Dental exclusive “Comfort-Care Guarantee!” This means you’ll receive a full warranty with each restoration, including implants, cosmetic dentistry, whitening and veneers. Our patients rate us highly on the following: reliability, high quality, good value for the money, and unique. 94% of our patients state they are willing to recommend us to a friend or family member.  

  1. What if I don’t have dental insurance? Nearly 40% of our community is without dental insurance. But that doesn’t need to stop you from getting a great smile! We’ve developed 3 different levels of membership, plus payment options for those who want to get the care they deserve, before waiting makes it more expensive or painful. We even have family and group plans. Learn more about our membership plans at pinecrestdds.com/no-insurance-no-problem.

  1. Can this treatment wait? I don’t have time and/or money right now. Of course we will take your treatment at a pace you are comfortable with. There is no reason to “push” you into something you aren’t comfortable with. However, you should know that the best care possible will never cost less or be more comfortable than it is today. We don’t want you to miss work or school which can be very costly and time consuming. Your oral health impacts your overall health, so often causes other unforeseen consequences.

  1. Am I a good fit for your office? It depends, not everyone is. But even if we aren’t, we’ll still give you options and point you in the right direction. Our patients care about their overall health, and the long-term maintenance of their oral health. If this describes you then great, we’re probably a match!

  1. Will my medical insurance help out with major procedures? Absolutely! Studies have proven that a healthy mouth will reduce overall medical expenses by up to 21%! Who doesn’t want that? Plus you’ll feel better. Learn more at our medical insurance website here.

  1. I’m need alot of dental work done, what will my recovery be like? For most restorative procedures (such as bonded white fillings, gum therapy and ceramic crowns, and even many implants), you’ll be able to eat normally within a few hours. For longer procedures such as implant makeovers, wisdom teeth and tooth removal, you’ll want to eat soft foods and avoid heavy lifting for 24-48 hours. We’ll give you a full instruction guide at your visit.

More questions? Call (801) 503-0035 or email reservation@pinecrestdds.com and one of our team members will gladly assist you!