Get the Insight App

The Insight website does not always work well on phones or tablets, and so we have purchased the Mobile app licence for you.

This help guide is to help you download and install the Insight App, for both Students and Parents.

Parents can use the app to help monitor Home Study, book Parents Evening appointments, check home information and more.  Reading reports and updating information is still done through the website.

Students can monitor their home study assignments, and check notices.

The App is available on both Android, and Apple, and has been tested at SBL on both platforms.


  1.  Get the App from either the Google Play store or Apple App store.  Use the link or QR code below, or search for “Insight by TASC

On Android: or scan the code to the right

On Apple: or scan the code on the right

Once you have installed the app, you will be prompted to either “scan the QR code” or manually type the Insight web address.  Use the QR code or link below.

You will also of course need your username and password for insight.  For students this will be the same as your username and password that you use at school.

QR Code:


If you have any issues installing the app, please contact, with

  • The details of your phone / tablet.
  • Your name.
  • The name and year/tutor group of the student concerned.
  • The email address you wish SBL to use as the main contact address for you.