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Drawing the Line - Visual Guide - updated 21/08/2020
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About The Show

How long is the show?

The show is 120 minutes long with an interval.

What is the show about?

Act One

The show starts with the audience being seated and divided into two teams. The lights go down and the action begins in low light with the characters telling the audience about the beginning of time. The lights are brought up onto an empty stage where we hear about the line that divides two nations. Throughout the play, the audience are asked to contribute suggestions for things to help define their own nations including a game that involves drawing on the floor and building buildings with cardboard boxes. The audience are invited onto the stage to play games to help build up their nations, if they want to. Points are accumulated and shown on a big scoreboard. However, tension runs high and a war happens between both sides before the end of Act One- this consists of volunteer audience members getting up and throwing light balls to knock down skittles. Only one nation survives.

Act Two

The second act opens and it feels dim and bleak.  We are in the ruins of the losing nation. We follow the Lineswoman who managed to travel in a remote controlled car under the line to the winning nation to find the Guardian Spirits who have abandoned their world. She sees the unfairness there on both sides of the line and rebels, which sets off a flashing light. There is a short black out as the Lineswoman’s vehicle crashes where she ends up in an old lady’s house. The Lineswoman rebels against the Guardian Spirits and removes the line that separates the two nations- helped by any members of the audience that want to get up onto stage. Then the audience is invited to draw all over the stage and name their new world.

Who is in the show?

The show is made up of 3 actors, who play different characters.

The characters in the show are:
Lineswoman, who is played by an actor called Nisa Cole

Guardian Spirit One/ Bendy and Old woman, who is played by an actor called Steph Reynolds

Guardian Spirit Two/the teacher, who is played by an actor called Elliot Hughes

The actors look like this:

This is Nisa Cole

This is Nisa in costume as Lineswoman:

This is Steph Reynolds

When Steph is in costume, she looks like this:

This is Elliot Hughes:

When he’s in costume, he looks like this:

When I arrive in the theatre what will I see?

The Set

When you arrive in the theatre you will see a blank stage with black boxes at the back, chairs around three sides and a black projection screen on the far wall. Over the course of the show, the black boxes get emptied and neon coloured boxes that look like giant lego pieces and props are revealed.


When you arrive in the theatre the lights on stage will be a general wash and there will also be lights on the audience to help you find your seat. There will be Albany staff to help you too. Lighting will be used throughout the show to help to show when the actors are telling the story- this is blue and yellow coloured.


There will be music/sound playing when you arrive in the theatre. There will be music throughout the show that is played over the speakers as well as a song that is sung live by the actors.

Recommended age

Drawing the Line is recommended for ages 12+

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