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Burke Virtual Academy Parent/Student Handbook 2022-2023
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Burke Virtual Academy

Parent/Student Handbook


What is Burke Virtual Academy?

Burke Virtual Academy (BVA) is a virtual school of choice offering distance learning in the virtual setting to Kindergarten through 12th-grade students in Burke County with courses taught by highly qualified, innovative, local educators.  BVA provides students in Kindergarten - 8th-grade full-time virtual schedules with a consistent curricular and instructional delivery model. Students in 9th through 12th grades can choose between full-time or part-time virtual schedules. Instructional delivery through Burke Virtual Academy contains both synchronous (teachers and students meeting live via Zoom) and asynchronous (students attending to tasks without live teacher interaction) methods offering a sense of flexibility for families whose schedules do not fit within the traditional school day. Burke Virtual students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, dances, high school prom, etc.), and select elective courses (band, chorus, JROTC, etc.) at their base schools, providing a well-rounded and engaging education.

Mission: Our mission is to provide flexibility and personalization to student learning that will prepare all students for productive citizenship.  Burke Virtual Academy will provide an innovative virtual learning experience that will ensure students are ready for college or career pathways, uniquely prepared with relevant life skills.


Virtual Academy Contact Information





Monday - Friday 7:30-3:30


Social Media




Dr. Kristin Edwards

Virtual Academy Coordinator

Dr. Christie Abernathy

Director of Advanced Learning

Connie Thompson

Counselor/Student Advisor

Becky Shehan

BVA Assistant

School Calendar

Burke Virtual Academy will follow the same calendar as the traditional schools in the Burke County Public School System including holiday and vacation days.

2022-2023 CALENDAR

Vacation Days and Holidays

Burke Virtual students will not be expected to complete assignments on days designated as vacation days or holidays on the school calendar.

2-Hour & 3-Hour Delays

Burke Virtual students will follow all 2-hour and 3-hour delays as they are announced.

Successful Virtual Students

It is the goal of Burke Virtual Academy to ensure the success of all enrolled students. Successful virtual students demonstrate the following characteristics:

Student Eligibility Requirements:                      

Click the links below for more information regarding the student eligibility requirements and the parent/student agreements:

2022-2023 Virtual Academy Student Eligibility Requirements

2022-2023 Virtual Academy Parent & Student Agreement

Family Commitments

Successful virtual students have the support of a responsible adult to participate and engage on a regular basis. Parents or another designated adult will serve as an At Home Learning Coach to support the educational needs and facilitate learning with their child.  The At Home Learning Coach has a larger, more active role with younger (K-2) Virtual Academy students. All parents should monitor student progress and communicate with the teachers regularly to ensure student success.

Home Learning Coach 

Daily Time Commitment Expectations




2-4 hours per day

3-4 hours per day

4-5 hours per day

Enrollment Information

Burke Virtual Academy has one enrollment period for elementary and middle school students in the Spring. Elementary and middle school students are enrolled in year-long courses and are expected to make a year-long commitment. High school students are enrolled in semester long courses and will have two enrollment periods, one in spring and another in fall.

2022-2023 Open Enrollment K-12

February 15, 2022 - March 25, 2022

Home School Students

Home school students are encouraged to enroll in the Burke Virtual Academy. Students will need to enroll with their base school located in the BCPS district in which the family resides. Per BCPS Board Policy 4160, middle and high school home school students will need to register their child at least part-time or two virtual classes.    

Students with Disabilities and 504 Plans

Students with disabilities and students who have 504 plans are required to meet the eligibility criteria to enroll at BVA. The Extended Course standards are not taught in the virtual setting.  Upon entering the online academy, parents will have to have an IEP meeting to address this new student setting.

Extracurricular Activities and Athletics

Students enrolled in BVA are eligible for athletics and other extracurricular activities like band. Students will participate in band and athletics at the base school that serves their domiciled area unless they have previously received a board-approved transfer.

Dual Enrollment

BCPS participates in the Career and College Promise program that provides students with opportunities to take college courses and earn college credit through Western Piedmont Community College. Students in the 11th and 12th grade who meet eligibility criteria may enroll. For details, contact Suzanne Crawford, Burke Middle College counselor (


Elementary and Middle School students will attend live zoom meetings daily. Schedules will be provided during the beginning of year parent conferences.

High School Students should attend their scheduled live Zoom instruction on the following schedule. Teachers will establish the times during the first week of school.

Live Zoom Schedule

  • Monday - Math
  • Tuesday - English
  • Wednesday - Electives
  • Thursday - Science
  • Friday - Social Studies

Virtual Office Hours

Teachers should hold regularly scheduled office hours on the days they are not providing live instruction.

Student Attendance K-8

Attendance is a critical factor in student academic success. Students are required to participate in daily live zoom sessions provided by the teacher at the designated times in order to be counted as present for the day. Student attendance will be taken daily for our elementary and middle school students.

Student Attendance Information 9 - 12

High school student attendance will be taken daily for each course. Live zooms will be scheduled once per week for each subject area. If students have a scheduled live zoom, they must be present for the zoom in order to be counted present for the course that day.

If a live zoom is not scheduled, students will complete a daily attendance Google Form located in the Canvas module for each course.

If your student is enrolled in a face-to-face course at their base high school or Western Piedmont Community College and has a conflict with scheduled live zooms, please have them reach out to the teacher to work out a plan on an individual basis.







Live Math Zoom

Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Complete check-in or login to Canvas


Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Live English Zoom

Live Elective Zoom

Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Complete check-in or login to Canvas


Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Live Elective Zoom

Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Complete check-in or login to Canvas


Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Live Science Zoom

Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Social Studies

Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Complete check-in or login to Canvas

Live Social Studies Zoom

In alignment with BCPS policy 4400, students accumulating 5 or more absences in a course, excused or unexcused, may not receive credit for that course, and a Failing Due to Attendance (FF) grade will be recorded. Attendance at the high school level is counted per class period. Principals, teachers and staff will make reasonable efforts to provide appropriate opportunities for students to make up course work.  Students with extenuating circumstances may file an appeal with the school attendance appeals committee prior to the completion of the course if the student has a passing grade for the course. Failing Due to Attendance (FF) will be recorded if the student does not meet both stipulations. Under certain circumstances, students could be required to make up time for their absences.

The following absence reasons are listed below:

In the event that a student fails to log in whether for an excused or unexcused absence, the opportunity to make-up missing work will be provided. The following expectations will be followed for makeup and late work:

Attendance Violations

After ten consecutive, all-day unexcused absences, the student will be designated a “10-day violator” in PowerSchool. If the student is 16 years or older, the students may be withdrawn from membership as a student at BCPS.

Grading Procedures and Exam Policies


Assigning grades for student work is an important part of the learning process. Grades for virtual students will be assigned in the same manner as students participating face to face. Teachers should record at least one grade a week for each subject area.

Kindergarten through 2nd grade students will be assigned grades using the BCPS K-2 Report Card using the following criteria:

3rd through 12th grade students will be assigned numerical grades which represent a letter grade on a 10 point scale using the following criteria:

Grading of Students with a 504 Plan, IEP, or EL (English Learner) Services

Students who receive services under a 504, IEP, EL plans should receive accommodations on assignments and assessments, if necessary and as identified in their written plans. EL students should be graded based on English language proficiency levels in reading, writing, listening and speaking as determined by the WIDA, W-APT, or ACCESS test. EL students may receive language modifications and testing accommodations in the classroom, while being instructed with the state standards on grade level.


Late work and make-up work will be accepted by all Burke Virtual Academy teachers. Arrangements for completing work after an absence should be made within five school days of the student’s return. Arrangements should include a schedule for completion of the work.

Other assignments will be accepted, even when submitted after the designated due date. Credit for late work shall be awarded according to the following guidelines:

Grading Scale, Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculations, and Grade Percentage Breakdown for High School Students

Local school districts are required to follow the grading scale and quality point designation listed below at the high school level (grades 9-12). The criteria for Virtual Academy students is the same as the criteria for seated (face to face students). New standards for quality points also took effect in the 2015-2016 school year. The new quality points provide an additional .5 quality point to Honors courses and 1.0 quality point to Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), specific community college or university courses taken in high school. Failing grades (59 or below) do not receive any quality points.

High School Grade Scale/GPA

Numerical Grade

Letter Grade



(Honors/college courses identified in the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement)


(AP, IB, Cambridge, higher-level college courses identified in the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement)





















59 or below





High School Courses and Graduation Requirements

High School Courses and graduation requirements can be found in the Burke County Public Schools High School Course Offerings Handbooks for the 2022-2023 school year. Graduation requirements for Virtual Academy students are the same as those for students participating in seated courses.

2022-2023 VA High School Course Offerings

Exam Policies

Campus Safety

Students on Campus

Occasionally Burke Virtual students will be required to be present on campus during school hours for the purpose of completing assignments, tutorials, exams or other specified student activities. Students are not permitted to leave campus and return unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or designee. Students who leave campus unaccompanied must have permission by a parent, guardian, or designee. Students found in the parking lot or other unauthorized areas will be subject to consequences commiserate with the discipline code of that school and BCPS policy #4300-R. School hours are 7:45am - 3:00 pm. Students reporting to a BCPS school campus should:


BCPS and BVA are committed to providing an encouraging and engaging learning environment. In order to ensure a safe atmosphere for students, any form of bullying or harassment will not not be tolerated.  Students and parents are encouraged to report incidents of bullying to the anonymous Say Something site.

Student Code of Conduct

Burke Virtual Academy students will be expected to meet the behavior expectations as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, 4300-R, in the BCPS Policy Manual.

Outlined below are some of the expectations specific to a virtual learning environment:

Disruptive Behavior

Minor behaviors that result in disruption of the learning environment (synchronous meetings) shall be addressed by school staff with appropriate interventions.

Academic Integrity

The virtual learning environment where direct teacher oversight is not occurring on a minute by minute basis can breed dishonest educational practices if parents, students and teachers are not steeped in the ethics of this unique learning platform.  Assignments, exams, and other types of school work are measures of student performance. Honesty is required to get an accurate view of what students are learning. Cheating, plagiarism, dishonesty, falsification of assignments, falsification or forgery of signatures, violation of software regulations, violation of copyright laws, violation of the acceptable use policy and inappropriate computer access are prohibited. Copying homework, sharing answers, copying from the internet, and using information without properly citing is also considered cheating and is not permitted.  At the elementary level, parents must resist providing excessive coaching with assignments.  In addition, teachers will conduct many reading assessments where no help can/should be provided by the parent.  These assessments are the only way teachers know what your child is capable of completing on their own.  All BCPS code of conduct procedures will be followed in BVA as they would in the traditional schools for ethics violations.

Student Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in a manner that does not cause disruption to the virtual learning environment. Students who are dressed inappropriately will be required to change the inappropriate clothing. Virtual Academy dress requirements include the following in accordance with BCPS Board Policy 4316:

Use and Possession of Electronic Devices: BCPS Board Policy 4318

Students may possess but shall not use a cellular telephone, portable electronic paging device of any kind, commonly known as a “beeper,” a digital camera, or any kind of electronic recording device in school during regular school hours except as approved by a principal or teacher. “Regular school hours” means from the beginning of the student instructional day to the end of the student instructional day. Using wireless communication devices to reproduce images of tests, to access unauthorized school information or to assist students in any aspect of their instructional program in a manner that violates any school board policy, district or school code of conduct is prohibited.

Using cellular telephones or other devices with photographic capabilities in student locker-rooms, restrooms, or any other student changing areas, regardless of whether such use occurs during the school day or outside the school day is prohibited.

Students taking photos of other students and posting on websites is not authorized without the permission of student, parents, and principal/designee.

Using a laser pointer in a way that reasonably could cause physical harm or is disruptive is prohibited.

This policy will be in effect for students who are on a school bus, activity bus; any school system sponsored transportation, or on any school sponsored activity.

Consequences for all students are as follows:

  1. First Offense: The electronic device shall be confiscated by the teacher. Notification shall be sent to the parent by the teacher. Parents may pick it up at the end of the school day from the teacher.
  2. Second Offense: The electronic device shall be confiscated from the student and held in the office for parent pick up. The administration shall conference with the parent and student about appropriate use of devices and expectations of school
  3. Third Offense(s): The electronic device shall be confiscated from the student and held in the office for parent pick up. The administration shall conference with the parent and student about how repeated disregard for this procedure will lead to other discipline as appropriate, which may include in-school and out-of-school suspension (i.e. insubordination, disrespect, inappropriate use of technology). The student will no longer be allowed to bring an electronic device to school except as approved by a principal.
  4. Subsequent offense(s): The electronic device shall be confiscated, and the parent shall be notified by an administrator. The parent may pick up the electronic device from the school office, and the student may receive additional days of in-school or out-of-school suspension as deemed appropriate by school administration.

The Rules of Netiquette

“Netiquette” is a fairly new term used to describe the proper ways in which one should act in an online environment. This includes an eLearning environment; social media site; and/or while utilizing communication tools (i.e. email/text). Below are netiquette guidelines that all Burke Virtual Academy students are expected to follow:

Inappropriate Student Behavior

Student Services

Student services department provides services dedicated to assisting students with a variety of behaviors ranging from behavior, information, goal setting, conflict resolution and the overall understanding needed to make wise decisions that may affect their academic, social, and personal lives.  Students may schedule appointments to see the school counselor at a time identified by the counselor and student.

Technical Support Information


Log In Instructions

Technical Support


  • Public Channel for students that provides help with accessing school system educational programs

ClassLink Support

  • Where students/parents access student learning programs

BCPS Email

  • In most cases your student’s email address is made from the 1st letter of their First Name, their entire Last Name, and the last 3 digits of their lunch number followed by
  • (ex. John Smith -
  • Your student’s password is their entire lunch number.  Passwords must be at least 8 characters.  If their lunch number is less than 8, add zeros to the end of their lunch number.  (ex. For lunch number 123456 the password is 12345600)

Submit a Tech Help Desk Ticket

(see below)

BCPS Student Tech Help Desk

  • Assistance for student issues with Burke County issued technology

State Testing Dates

Students are required to participate in state-mandated tests on campus at their base school.  Students must take the End-of-Grade / End-of-Course or teacher made exam in the course to receive credit for the course.

Students will take NC Check Ins periodically through the semester in grades 3 - 8 and the HS Math 1 course. These assessments are not used for a grade or for accountability purposes. However, they are a formative assessment that provides teachers with valuable feedback concerning student learning.


Required For

Read to Achieve

3rd grade reading test for those that did not score on grade level on the 3rd reading EOG.

End of Grade Testing

Grades 3 - 8 Reading and Math  

Grades 5 and 8 for Science


ALL 10th Graders

Fall EOC

CTE Exams

Teacher Made Final Exams

EOC’s for all students taking English II, Math 1, Math 3, and Biology; Teacher made finals for all other courses


11th Graders who have not previously taken the ACT

Advanced Placement Exams

All students enrolled in an AP


ACT WorkKeys

12th grade CTE completers

Spring EOC

CTE Exams

Teacher Made Final Exams

EOC’s for all students taking English II, Math 1, Math 3, and Biology; Teacher made finals for all other courses