Spring 2019

Registration deadline is Monday, February 25th at Midnight


Welcome to the 2019 Spring Session of Rosendale’s After School Enrichment Program!

Registration deadline is Monday, February 25th. You will be notified by email of class confirmation on Thursday, February 28th.  Please do not send in payment until you have received a confirmation email.

Program and registration forms are available online at

The PTO offers After School Enrichment Programs to give students an opportunity to try something new and extend their learning beyond the classroom.  The program depends on parent volunteers to run. Volunteers are needed to take attendance and sign out students at the end of a class. If a class has no parent volunteer, it may be cancelled.  Volunteers may work one to five weeks.  A parent that volunteers for all 5 weeks has the option of receiving a $25 credit.

The Spring session begins Wednesday, March 6th, and runs on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Classes run for 5 weeks. Please record the specific dates for the classes you select. Class descriptions, ASEP forms, and guidelines are included in this packet.


All classes are from 2:15 - 3:15 pm. Pick up is promptly at 3:15.

PROGRAMS for Spring 2019

Wednesdays: 3/6; 3/20; 3/27; 4/3; 4/10 with a make-up of 4/17 if needed

   **No class 3/13 due to half day for conferences**

Green Screen Movie Magic - Ms. Thompson (Grades 3-5)

Fee: $32 (Min. 5 - Max. 20)

Everyone has heard of a green screen, but how do you make movies with this technology? Green screens are used in the movies to make it look like the actors are driving across the desert, and it's used on TV to make it look like your local news announcer is standing in front of an animated weather map. Ms. Thompson will guide students through the steps of movie creation. Tackling idea conception, storyboarding, script writing and using the green screen to create high-quality final products. We will be using imovie, ipads, and green screen applications to teach students valuable problem solving and technology skills! Join us to create a movie of your own!

Mixed Media Art Class - CREATE Community Studios (Grades K-5)

Fee: $42 (Min. 7 - Max. 12)

Join CREATE Community Studios for some fun experimenting with different art materials! We will focus on unique and different ways to use paint, collage, pastels and more!

Indoor Soccer Play! - Ms. Wilde and Mr. Barker (Grades 2-5)

Fee: $42 (Min. 20 - Max. 36)

Please join Rosendale’s Head of Maintenance – Mr. Barker, and Teaching Assistant, Mrs. Wilde for INDOOR soccer fun. This program is open for grades two through five. Sneakers are required to participate in the gym. Shin guards are optional. No cleats. Each day we will play 2 to 3 games, rotating age groups so that everyone has a turn. This is soccer fun – not regulation soccer –  safety and exercise is our indoor soccer goal!

Mondays: 3/11; 3/18; 3/25; 4/1; 4/8 with a make-up of 4/15 if needed

Computer Lab - Ms. Rackliffe (Grades 3-5)

Fee: $32 (Min. 10 - Max. 27)

Let's do the fun stuff we don't have time for during school hours! Join Ms Rackliffe and learn how to play a new game or how to use a program you are interested in. You can bring the questions, and we'll figure out the answer!

Smocks and Smiles - Ms. Wilde (Grades 2-5)

Fee: $42 (Min. 15 - Max. 25)

CrAzy and CoOl CraFts with Mrs. Wilde! Raven crafters will create one exciting project each week in a fun-filled environment with Rosendale's own, Mrs. Wilde!  Be prepared to squeeze tubes and drip paints, wrap yarn, and be silly for an hour each week. Smocks and smiles are all that is required. So find a big, oversized shirt and join us!

Swing Dance - Ms. Thompson (Grades 3-5)

Fee: $32 (Min. 6 - Max. 25)

Learn some swinging moves with Ms. Thompson! Interested in ballroom dance or want to build on what you learned in Dance Crazy? This class is for any students who would like to learn the basics of swing dance or "jitterbug." Students will learn both partnered steps and solo footwork! Swing dance is a group of dances that developed with the swing style of jazz music in the 1920s–1940s. You will learn the basics of East Coast Swing and Charleston. Sign up for a swingin' time!

Animals of the World - Uncharted Wild LLC (Grades 2-5)

Fee: $44 (Min. 15 - Max. 20)

Each week we will cover a different group of animals including invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds! Students will get to see up close and personal a wide variety of exotic animals they won't get to see in their backyard as well as touch or hold many! Students will learn about how these animals survive in the wild, what they eat, where they live, as well as general facts about ecology and biology!

Registration Information 

Please record the specific dates for the classes you select. ASEP classes are not scheduled on school holidays and conference days. The ASEP class schedule will also be posted on the PTO website.  All classes will be one hour in length, beginning at 2:15 and ending at 3:15 pm. Pickup is promptly at 3:15 in the student's classroom location. Come a few minutes early to see what your enrichment student is learning!

Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers are a vital part of the program, helping ensure everything runs smoothly and that each student is accounted for, from school dismissal until parent/Kid’s Time pick-up. ASEP is not possible without parent volunteers! A class may not run without a parent volunteer.  Parent volunteers help monitor the program each day from 1:45 - 3:30 pm. Volunteers take attendance, follow up on absences, monitor pick-up, and make sure every child leaves with a parent or Kid’s Time staff member. Also, parent volunteers assist with classes and provide additional student support for instructors who request help.  Each parent volunteer who completes all five weeks in the session can receive a $25 rebate or choose to donate the rebate to the PTO.

Student Pick-up

Parents must pick up their child at 3:15 pm at his/her class location. Please be prompt and considerate as our volunteers are donating their time. For security reasons, parents will be asked to sign the sign-out sheet. If your child can be picked up by someone other than a parent, please include that information on the registration form. Children enrolled in Kid’s Time at Rosendale will return to Kid’s Time at the end of the ASEP class under the supervision of a parent volunteer or Kid’s Time staff member.

Registration Deadlines Registration forms must be completed on or before Monday, February 25th.

Over or Under-Enrolled Classes

Instructors determine the class size based on the amount of time, space, and materials required for each student. In the event a class is over-enrolled or if a class is canceled due to insufficient enrollment, parents will be notified by telephone or email. In the spirit of offering each child an equal opportunity to participate, over-enrolled classes are filled according to a lottery system.

Confirming Enrollment

Parents will receive email notification to confirm enrollment before classes begin. Your email address and important contact information are required on your registration form.  Payment should be sent in once you receive your email confirmation.


Absences  If a child will not be attending the ASEP class that he or she is registered for, but will be at school that day (and not on the absent list), please let the school know by sending in a note or leaving a message at the main office (518) 377-3123. This will prevent the ASEP instructors from looking for the child in class and will let the volunteers know that the parents are aware that the child has gone home safely. If your child is sick, he or she will have already been recorded absent, so there is no need to notify ASEP separately.


Once registration is confirmed via email,  checks payable to Rosendale PTO or cash should be sent in immediately. Please place your check or cash in an envelope labeled ASEP, and return it to your child’s homeroom teacher. There will be no refunds once classes begin.

The PTO currently accepts checks as payment, however due to bank fees our policy is that if a family has two returned checks in a given school year, we will no longer accepts checks from that family for the school year.

Cancellations and Emergencies

Children will be sent home by bus if school and ASEP classes are canceled due to inclement weather or any other emergency. Please make sure that arrangements are made for your child if school and ASEP classes are canceled unexpectedly. Makeup dates have been included in the schedule if an ASEP class must be canceled due to inclement weather or emergency.

Allergy and Medical Concerns

Please note that the nurse is not available after school and parents are responsible for having a plan in place for any medications needed.

Student Behavior

The objective of the program is for children to learn and have fun. Children are expected to be cooperative and respectful. If a child fails to meet these expectations, the school principal or ASEP chairperson will contact the parent. If the problem continues, the student will not be allowed to return to class. Class fees will not be refunded in this case.

Contact Information

For more information or to volunteer for the After School Enrichment Program, please contact Erin Hughes at 

Over the years, Rosendale’s ASEP Committees have developed procedures to facilitate a safe, enjoyable, efficient, and effective program. We appreciate your cooperation in completing the following forms so that the 2019 Team can deliver the most successful ASEP experience possible to you and your family. Thanks so much for your continued support!