#322 - The Angry Chicken: “Fire Fest-E.V.I.L.!”


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Saviors of Uldum AMA – Tuesday, July 9, 2019

sorry, no card reveal spoilers!

Still no new game modes


Revisiting Class Identity




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Fire Fest-E.V.I.L.

New Tavern Brawls

Blackrock Crash - Week 1: July 10 – 17

Described as a party-sized solo adventure.

Play as different members of the League of E.V.I.L. and battle against Blackrock bosses to get Dalaran back on track to Uldum. The league is prepared to reward you handsomely for your efforts, of course: you can earn Saviors of Uldum card packs to be opened once our new expansion is live!


Blackrock Crash Week 2: July 17 - 24

The Blackrock Crash is still going, but now it’s time to call in the heavy-hitters. This week you’ll fight the Blackrock bosses with a new Arch-Villainous playable Hero!


The Burndown: July 24-31

A brand-new player vs. player Tavern Brawl where only the best decks remain at the top of the mountain. Queue up to receive a random deck. Then, if you lose, you’ll use the deck that defeated you in your next match. Which decks will survive The Burndown?


Community Challenge

For the first two weeks of the Fire Fest-E.V.I.L. the power to reveal upcoming Saviors of Uldum cards is in your capable hands. Work together to progress towards defeating 25 MILLION bosses in the Blackrock Tavern Brawls and unearth new cards along the way.

TAC gets to do something pretty cool IF the community gets to 25M bosses defeated in the Tavern Brawls!

We’ll get to do an exclusive interview with some of the Hearthstone devs and be a part of the Legendary card reveal from the Fire Fest-E.V.I.L. event! So go Brawl!

Fireside Gatherings Tavern Brawls

Big Bad Rag Raid: July 10 – 31


BlizzCon to Host the Hearthstone Global Finals

8 players will duke it out at the Anaheim Convention Center in sunny California for their share of the $500,000 prize pool, the trophy, and the title of Hearthstone World Champion!



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Card Reveals: Saviors of Uldum

Via the Hearthstone Instagram in a recent instastory.

Corrupt the Waters

1 Mana Legendary Shaman Quest

Play 6 Battlecry cards.

Reward: Heart of Vir’naal.

Heart of Vir’naal

2 Mana Hero Power

Your Battlecries trigger twice this turn.

Lore Note: The Vir'naal is a river that runs through central Uldum. It starts from the Vir'naal Dam and ends at the sea.

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Crazy Game Stories

You can send your Crazy Game Stories to TACpodcast@gmail.com.


Greetings, Ferocious Fowls...

If crazy PvE stories count, I've got one for ya.  I'm about halfway through a Dalaran Heist - Violet Hold run on heroic with the "All battlecries trigger twice" anomaly.  I'm playing Paladin with a deck that's mostly murlocs plus some buffs and other zoo-like things that seems to be working out ok so far.  My next opponent is P.O.G.O., and my heart sinks as I realize the insane bouncy-bunny synergy that I'm up against.

My fears are well-founded (Pogo-Hopper + Shadowstep on turn one, natch), and I find myself pretty quickly down to 4 health with no real plan for survival.  I breathed a momentary sigh of relief when a top-decked Giggling Inventor gives me a super-wide (and super-annoying) wall to protect my hero and some buffed minions, and I start making progress on my opponent's face.  However, he manages to magnetize Zilliax to one of his ever-growing mech-rabbits and heals to full while continuing to chip away at my defenses.  I manage to clear his side thanks to Shrink Ray, but soon I'm out of options, still at 4 health, staring at 25/25 and 29/29 twin death-rodents with no more taunts to hide behind.

In desperation, I play a Hydrologist, hoping against hope that the pair of secrets will provide something, anything, to keep me alive, if only for another turn.  And then I see it, the meme-secret to rule them all:  Eye for an Eye.  Oh well, I shrug, I was going to lose anyway; might as well try to take the AI out with me.  And besides, WWJD?  (What Would Joce Do?)  I play the secret, clear a small minion to guarantee at least 25 is coming to my own face, use my remaining mana on attack buffs to get him down to 24, cross my fingers, and end my turn.

After the inevitable double-explosion, I get the "Defeat!" banner, and proceed to... a new opponent.  No new cards or treasure to choose, but no end-of-run either.  Just another chance.  I manage a pretty easy victory against Whirt the All-Knowing, and my run continues!

Eye for an Eye.  For.  The.  Win.

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