Event Venue Rental Agreement


Reservations for Mama Bees Farm  are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis only. A signed rental agreement and deposit are required to reserve a date. Your date is not confirmed until you have received a copy of the rental contract and your receipt of deposit from Mama Bees Farm.

Renter Initials____Date_______

 A signed rental agreement and a $400.00 deposit are required to reserve a date. The $ 400.00 goes towards the venue rental price . We accept cash, checks, money orders or cashiers Checks. After ten days, all deposits are subject to the cancellation policy. (See Cancellation Policy on page 3). The balance of the rental is due  (30) days in advance of the booking date. If you are booking a date within 30 days, you will have three (3) days from the booking date to pay the rental balance. The damage deposit will be returned within twenty-one (21) days after your event less any charges for damage, extra time charges not arranged in advance, or other costs incurred by Mama Bees Farm due to failure on your part to abide by the policies stated herein including alcohol and food policies. If any damage or theft occurs to our property, you will be responsible for the entire amount even if it exceeds $300.00

Renter Initials____Date_______ Rental

Pricing: Rental prices are listed on Page 5 and are a part of this Agreement. The rental prices include all of the following:  Use of Mama Bees Farm and all of its grounds ( except for owners personal residence )The Guest House, restrooms, Free parking in designated parking area. Free on-site wireless internet, disposal of event waste. (additional clean-up fees may apply due to unusual circumstances).  An onsite representative for the duration of your event. One hour of rehearsal time during the week prior to your event (space availability/first-come first-served basis). Reservation required.

 Renter Initials____Date_______

Alcohol: Alcohol may be served only in areas designated by Mama Bees Farm and be served by a licensed server with an up to date OLCC license. Proof of license is required before alcohol can be served. No alcohol may be served to minors. Alcohol service must end 30 minutes prior to the end of your event.  Alcohol service and music for all events must conclude at 9:00 PM . Mama Bees Farm  reserves the right to end alcohol service and/or the event at any time, for any reason, if our staff feels that behavior and/or alcohol consumption is getting out of control or dangerous.

Renter Initials____Date_______

 House Rules: 1. Renter is responsible for taking down or putting away tables and chairs unless rented from the farm ( See event rentals page)  Report all spills or breakage to the manager immediately so that proper clean-up measures can be taken.  Due to septic capacities the guest house bathroom use is only for person(s) staying in the guest house ( up to 4 people) . all other guest must use out houses provided. All music should be kept to appropriate levels. Dance bands or DJs must stop one hour before the end of your rental period to allow for the clean-up hour. Music for all events must conclude at 9 PM

 Renter Initials____Date_______

Unfortunately throwing rice or other substances at the bride and groom, though traditional, presents an environmental hazard. Please use bubbles only. Children are welcome at Mama Bees Farm. However, it is your responsibility to see that they are supervised. Smoking is allowed outside only and the ashtrays provided must be used. Please keep in mind that nicotine is toxic to plants and cigarettes extinguished in flower beds and pots can kill the plants. Everything must be removed from the space the same day unless other arrangements have been made prior.  The event must officially end at 10PM Unless a representative has told you different.

 Renter Initials____Date_______

Photography/Videography: Your photographer, videographer, and DJ may arrive (1) hour before the start of your rental time. They may prepare an area for photographs. When posting pictures that were taken  on Mama Bees Farm We ask that you and your guest tag Mama Bees Farm  in your social media platforms and check in when you arrive on social media.

Renter Initials____Date_______

Consultation and Planning Services: Although our staff members do not operate as wedding coordinators on the day of the wedding, a representative will be on hand during your event to assist you with any facility issues.

Tours/Rehearsals: Tours are available by appointment only. A one-hour rehearsal will be available to you at no cost during the week before your ceremony on a space available basis and during our normal business hours. If necessary, a one-hour rehearsal may be scheduled after hours (on a space available basis. Renter Initials____Date_______

Parking: Ample free parking is available on the premises and on the North east  side of the Property. Do not park anywhere else unless prior arrangements have been made with the owner of the property.

Damage Deposit: A damage deposit of $300.00 is required . We require the Damage deposit to be paid 30 days before the date that you  booked  the event .


 Cancellation Policy: Deposits are non-refundable. If it becomes necessary for you to cancel your event we will only be able to waive your liability for the balance of your contract if we rebook your date. As a reminder, if we are not available to rebook your scheduled event date, you are liable for the full remainder of your contracted balance. Renter Initials____Date_______

Liability: The undersigned agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Mama Bee’s Farm, its owners, employees and affiliates from any and all claims, demands, losses, actions and liabilities including: injury to persons, damage to property, including but not limited to those caused by any service, food or alcohol provider and/or their products hired or obtained by the renter. Mama Bees Farm and its staff will also not be held responsible for lost, stolen or forgotten articles. The undersigned has read and agrees to abide by the above rental policies and hereby agrees to rent the Random Howse. Renter Initials____Date_______

Date of Event_________________________________________________________

Name of Renter (print): _________________________________________________

Signature of Renter: __________________________ Date: _____________________

Mama Bees Farm Represenative_________ ________Date:_____________________

Contact information Name of Bride_________________________________

Phone_________________  Name of Groom _______________________________

Phone _________________

Name of Renter (print): _________________________Phone _________________

Cell Phone Number___________________ Email ___________________________

 Address (Renter):_____________________________________________________ City:__________________________ State ________Zip _____________________

Circle One:

Small Event $800.00                    Medium Event $1200.00               Large Event $1600.00

    (up to 40 Guest)                               ( Up to 60 Guest )                       ( up to 80 Guest)  

 _________________________________& _______________________________  agree to Pay $   400.00   As a deposit to hold the date of ___________ for the event I am holding.

The  Balance of Venue Rental Fee is:$_________

Balance                    $        ________

Damage  Deposit     $  +    ________

                        = ______________ and is due 30 Days before event

Payment Information: Check Number_______

Event Packages and Pricing

You are responsible for all aspects of event. All details of event are up to the person booking the Farm for the event. A detailed plan and layout of proposed event need to be presented to Farm staff for approval. Bathrooms provide for all events

Large Wedding or Event                                                            $1600.00

large event package includes two nights of guest house rental for up to 4 people. All access to the farm and its grounds. This package is for up to 80 guest of attendance. You are responsible for all set up  and tear down , decorations and logistics of wedding . Event Liability insurance required .  Please be advised a three month advance notice is required to host the large event.

Medium Wedding or Event                                                        $1200.00

The Medium event package includes one night of guest house rental for up to 4 people. All access to the farm and its grounds. This package is for up to 60 guest of attendance. You are responsible for all set up and tear down , decorations and logistics of wedding.

Small Wedding or Event                                                         $800.00

The small event package includes day access  of guest house facilities . All access to the farm and its grounds. This package is for up to 40 guest of attendance. Long banquet tables and benches are provide for this size event. You are responsible for all set up  and tear down ,decorations and logistics of wedding/event .

Event Rentals

Church Pews                                                                        $20.00 A pew

We have 13 white church pews available to rent . Each Pew can hold 4 people comfortable and are about 6 ft Long. The rental of the pews includes setup and tear town . A layout of where and how you would like them set up is required at a minimum of 30 days before event.

Farm Tables and Benches                                                          $40.00 a set

( a set includes a table and two benches)

We have handcrafted 15 8 ft long farm tables and benches and are available to rent summer 2019. The rental includes set up and tear down. A proposed location and set up plans are due no later than 30 Days prior to wedding .

Event rental contract

I _________________________Would like to reserve ______ Pews and ________ Farm Table sets.

Total number of pews _______ @ $20.00 a pew.                        _______  X  $20.00 = $__________

Total number of farm table sets _________@ $40.00 A set    ________X $40.00 =  $__________

Total of rental Fees                 $_________


Damage deposit for rentals   $________   ( Due back if no damage was done to rental equipment during event)                 =

                                              Grand Total $ _________

Total due 30 Days before date of event being held on

Renters Signature__________________________Date____________________