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77.7 Beast
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77.7 Beast

Reinventing oneself always begins in the now.

333. Slept a ton yesterday.  Fighting off a cold that Corbett brought into the house from work.  Eating too many carbs.  Time to get back on track.

334. Do not build my own agency for MOBs.  Become the trainer or wingman and escort groups of men to events abroad.  I need to keep training programs in mind.  I must create a system that can be taught in a specific location like NYC or Las Vegas, and then the men jump on a plane for the practical tour.

335. There are 5 steps to building a real business online:

1) Get into a high-demand, high-paying niche.

2) Position yourself as an expert in that niche.

3) Build a list of subscribers who desperately want training in your niche.

4) Create a training program or coaching program to give them that training.

5) Get good at positioning your training in such a way

that people WANT to enroll.

That's it.

336. Always thought I would like to learn to ride horses before I die.  Real cowboys say if you don’t learn by age 12, forget it.  I may have to settle for a donkey ride in the Grand Canyon.

337. Each part of my system has to stand on its own.  Going to the gym will entail specific procedures.  Right clothes.  Walk to Cobblestone.  Work out.  Massage if I want.  Pick up any food I need next door if Publix is open.  Walk home.

338. Whether I do this in the morning, afternoon, or evening is not important.  I don’t want to force myself into a prison schedule.  But for 77 days, I will get it done.  I have to go all in everyday, or I will fail.  The point is, life changes us.  Any plan that can’t be modified for the better needs to be scrapped entirely.

339. McDonald’s is amazing.  Compared to any big corporation, I believe they are masters at building systems they can plug any untrained employee into and have them functioning almost immediately.  What McDonald’s does is kaizen to the max.  They are not happy with current procedures.  They constantly look for little ways to improve.

340. When employees started protesting for $15 an hour wages in NYC, they didn’t complain.  Is $15  an hour a living wage in Manhattan?  Not even close.  But for an unskilled worker, McDonald’s is an entry level job, not a career.

341. Go to McDonald’s anywhere in the country, and you are seeing kiosks where the customer uses a touch screen to place their order.  If you have a credit card, you pay at the kiosk, take a table number, and one of the employees brings the meal to your table.  At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

342. The system is perfect.  The employees are almost clueless.  Training has to be lacking.  I see people all over the restaurant who do not get their food in a timely manner.  I only order coffee or water and still have to go to the counter to retrieve it.  If they can’t handle taking the food out to the customer, that’s a failure of management.

343. What I have heard is that McDonald’s is going even further.  They are developing robots to cook the burgers.  Personally, a human free restaurant is fine with me.  The point is, my system has to be that detailed and subject to constant improvement.

344. Everything in my life works better when I write.  It could be handwritten morning pages aka Julia Cameron, 5 minute speed posts, or how-to outlines.  I tend to get ahead of myself.  What I have to do is simply the next thing.

345. On this day, the next thing is setting up a master email address on a domain I control.  Google has been fucking me on the inner part of my main domain.  I need a new master username that is all mine.  Time to check Know’em.  I don’t know why I was hell bent on creating cool identities instead of a plain “charleslamm”.  I don’t have to limit myself.  Over 77 days I can build multiple profiles and then let a linkbuilding service take over promoting web 2.0 properties.

346. As I build, I will use these to set up an incredible network of links to promote affiliate products and eventually my own ebooks.  The key to all of this is curation.  There are so many Internet marketing systems and shiny objects that I may post about it, but I don’t need to create IM products.

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows." - Epictetus

The daily 3,000+ words was a plan I started a few months back but never carried forward.  Too much like rules or a job.  I want to pump out 3,000+ words a day.  I have so far on this first 77 day push.  

What I am embracing is Beast Barracks:


But I’m not a cadet.  Even though this schedule includes 3 hours of physical exercise, that I need, it’s only walking for me.  And the evening training is reserved for checking email or a visit to the bookstore.

For old farts like myself, just getting to lunch would make for a very productive day.  And the idea has to be modified to fit with your schedule.  Why?  You’re not an 18 year old kid with free room and board.  But you get the idea.

Cadets are fit men and women who have gone through almost 2 years of hoops to be admitted to West Point.  Still, with this schedule, a huge number washout and quit before the real school year begins.  From what I can see, the Army is softening the process, and the number that quit should be going down.

Narrowing the Field

When it comes to mail order brides, I have to narrow the field to increase my chances of finding the perfect woman for me anywhere in the world.

Too many hot babes exist who are too young or too old.  For me.  I don’t care what your criteria are for the perfect woman.  Just mine.

Now you must remember that profiling the profiles online is an art, not a science.  It’s all about eliminating women who are not in your wheelhouse.  The fact that others will approach you online who are young and amazing (maybe - but it could be the agencies trying to engage you, not the woman), can take you off your path.

I am 65, 5’10” tall, law degree, in decent health, don’t drink or smoke, introverted, love to travel, and have 1 grown daughter.

I’ll share my sweet spot for a next partner/spouse:

Online profiles can only cover the basics.  No one knows if you will get along until after you meet face to face.  If the chemistry seems okay, you next need to get naked and see if the sex is good and that is the woman you want to wake up next to.

I was looking for women 38~48 but decided to narrow the search to eliminate some of the women who may want children.  Not that I’m against it, but I’m selfish.  I want her blowing me, not changing poopy diapers.

Also, let’s face facts.  A woman in her 40s should be way down on the drama scale even when compared to women in their late 30s.  Kids are older.  Ex-husbands are long gone.  Jobs may not provide any satisfaction.  If the kids are grown or at least older, now is time for her to have fun, see the world, and find the right husband.

Put your ego aside and think for a moment.  Most of the older guys waste their time with 20-somethings online.  That’s okay - if you want to piss away money and liver cells clubbing in places where you don’t even recognize a tune.  Some drunk sex is fine, but if you are looking more long term than a weekend, find the best older women.

Remember, a 45 year old woman who still looks great is better than a 25 year old hottie who you don’t know what she will look like in 20 years.  She could start eating a crappy western diet and pack on the pounds.  The 45 year old most likely will stay fantastic looking long after you have packed it in.

The 45 who has been divorced, or widowed, or had children has made her mistakes.  Like you, she finally knows what she wants in a man, or better yet, what kind of man makes her happy.

Profiles are revealing.  If she is looking for a man who is family oriented, the last guy knocked her up and split before the baby was born.  She will let you know directly or indirectly if she has been burned by drunks, gamblers, or philanderers.  

Here is one I found today:


First, you make sure she is in your preferred range:


She’s a good age for a 65 year old like me.  Tall and nice figure.  I discount the self-evaluation at the top because it was probably written by an agent or translated and puffed up.

Next, you want to see if there is anything disqualifying.  That’s all the Internet can do.  You don’t want to waste a second on an inappropriate woman, especially one you have not met.


Read between the lines.  Her kids are grown.  She likes concerts and traveling.  Her interests are quieter than white-water rafting or scuba diving.  (I did both in my 30s, but I’ve been there and done that.  I have new items on my bucket list that we can do together.)

Even though she is beyond child bearing age, I love that she has post-graduate education.  There’s nothing worse than dealing with a stupid woman.  I want to be impressed by her past, thrilled that I am sharing her present, and milk the future for all its worth.

About me:

I have good sense of humor, and also I pay much attention to my health. Life is very short so there's no time for being sad. I can`t playing with someone`s heart. I am honest and tender, nice and openhearted lady! I appreciate faithfulness, uprightness and thoughtfulnes

We are in the same life zone.  She pays attention to her health.  I have to pay attention to mine if I’m going to be healthy and physically fit enough to attract her.  She’s ready for transparency and not playing around.

About my match:

I like when a man makes the first step and is not afraid to care and to show thought for a woman, even on the first stage of their relationship. I know that I will be able to love a man for his attitude to me. I like when a man has good taste in clothes and when he cares about the woman so that she can feel the real woman near him.

Here, she tells you exactly how to win her over.  (Take a look at the GFAS if you want to brush up on your skills re dealing with women.)  

From what I have read, this description is the overwhelming thinking for Ukrainian women and what they expect from men.  She does not want some asshole sniffing up her skirt before dinner is over.

If you are as introverted as I am, you have to be conscious of going a bit out of your comfort zone but also to build up some mystery about yourself.  Dates are more formal than what you are used to in the West.  She is giving you her best look, and your manners and clothes will tell her whether or not you have respect for her.

I consider this an almost perfect profile for a woman I would pursue.  Profiles cannot tell you if chemistry is there.  

Next, you just have to get on a plane.  And hope she is real.

Some of my IM niches will include:

If there is an IM product I use and love, I will write reviews and promote.

The reason for this is simple.  I am 65 years old.  Medical and financial conditions are getting worse, not better.  And I keep trying to set goals with strict deadlines that have never worked for me in my life.

It reminds me of when I was studying for the Bar Exam.  I had a set of Kaplan study guides and practice tests a friend had given me.  I did not set a goal of studying 4 or 6 or 8 hours a day.  What I did was require that I read 3 guides and do 100 questions.

If it took 2 hours - fine.  If it took 8 hours, so be it.

I also did my study in the food court of a local mall.  I wanted to be able to block out all distractions and focus on the practice questions.  I killed it on the exam.

My daily grind is 3,000+ words a day.  

I finally have to realize that nothing is more important right now than controlling diabetes.  It doesn’t mean I have to forget wealth and relationships, but without health, the rest of life is that much more difficult.

Slap head.  Nothing is more important in my life than reversing diabetes.  Nothing.

I already have a bit of neuropathy in my toes that could be the first sign of losing my limbs.  Add some gout or inflammation in the big toe joint, and I am heading for disaster. I know it, and yet continue to eat crappy food and avoid exercise.

I found a program on Clickbank I am going to test and beat up completely:

Diabetes Destroyer

Like all CB products, a buyer gets 60 days to try it out or get a refund.  Nothing to lose.  Everything to gain.

I’m starting with the pdf.  The author starts with your mind, like creating a list of actions you can do once you are free of diabetes.

“Diabetes-Free Bucket List”

optimum fitness

international travel to find my mob

exercise up to 4 hours a day

new family with a young woman

don’t want to lose limbs

Why do you want to destroy your diabetes?

keep my feet

be there for Cleo if she has children

travel the world without the hassle of monitoring my disease

Why Do I Deserve to Be Free of Diabetes?

I have more to contribute to the universe

what did I do to deserve this?

I have gone through the manual quickly, and it is doable.  No weird ingredients.  No eat raw foods and go alkaline.  The plan includes protein that I know I will need to build muscle.

Since Friday is July 1st, I plan to start then.  This gives me time to eat up stuff they don’t recommend like ham and bacon and canned tuna.  Also, I can buy the ingredients I need for the 10 day juice cleanse and then the 8 week plan.  All I can say is that the list of proteins and carbs is such that this can be a lifetime diet without punishing oneself.

The one food not on the list that I will miss - watermelon.

Why do IBMs* need MOBs*?

Introvert Boomer Males are a simple breed:

Mail Order Brides now go by different names:

Therein lies the problem.

We have spent our lifetimes swallowing other people’s shit.  We have given up our dreams to provide the financial framework for others to pursue their passions.

Then you wake up and realize your own dreams have been scuttled.  With your own acquiescence.  

Here’s why introvert boomer males need mail order brides:

  1. The world is full of stunning women who think your boomer ass is a great catch.  American men are seen as stable and less likely to be players, drunks, or abusers.
  2. MOBs are younger, taller, prettier, smarter, sexier, and better educated than you can attract at home.
  3. The best women close to your age tend to be cougars.  I actually love cougars.  Their presence takes some of the dirty old man vibe out for IBMs seeking women abroad.
  4. Hundreds of thousands of women have stated their desires online to find a husband in the West.  Unlike the women you meet, you don’t have to guess her intentions.  You are both looking for the same thing.
  5. Profiles allow you to filter the very best women - the ones that put a rise in your Levi’s - from all of the inappropriate ones.
  6. No compromise.  If a woman is not interested in you, move to the next.  If you are going to spend time and money on a mail order bride, find exactly what you want.  Make sure your spending habits and sex drives are compatible.
  7. Your choice is not limited by race, country, religion, or ethnic background.  If you want a tall, leggy blonde medical doctor from the Ukraine, you can find her.  If you want an exotic Thai spinner, go for it.  Free your mind to unlock your desires.
  8. If you desire another shot at a family, you can find young women in the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam who want what you can offer, age difference be damned.
  9. If you want an elegant woman closer to your age, Russia, China, the Ukraine, and the Czech Republic are crowded with refined beauties who can travel the world with you.
  10. If you have Social Security and are healthy, you can live like a king in low cost countries like in Southeast Asia.  Mail order husbands could be the future.  Also, if she wants to marry you and live in her home country, she is not marrying you for a green card.