Cultural Deviance Around the World

50 Points

Who: 2 person partners (only) of your choice

What: 11- part Google Slide presentation completed with your partner

When: Completed in class Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This should not require any work outside of school.

Purpose: To explore and understand how American Media (TV, Movies, etc) helps our society define what is and is not “deviant” behavior and to then compare American cultural beliefs on deviance with one other foreign culture.


Day 1- brainstorm with your partner 5 behaviors that are considered by most American’s to be socially (not criminally) deviant. List them on a sheet of paper.

-Create a Google Slide presentation with a main page. This main page should have both partners’ names and a clever title. Have the listed deviant behaviors located on this page in some clever way.

-Complete an Internet search designed to identify ways the American media helps determine what in our culture is considered to be deviant behavior. (ex. YouTube videos, celebrity behavior examined negatively/positively in People Magazine, video games and their depiction of male/female behavior, etc).

-Find 5 photos/videos that represent these powerful media representations you and your partner found online. Dedicate one slide to each photo/video. Along with each picture/video, provide a two sentence analysis as to why your group feels the media is a critical force in defining this particular behavior as deviant.

Day 2- You will return to the Chromebooks to complete your Google Slide presentation.

- Choose 1 culture in the world – the more exotic the better – and examine some of their accepted behaviors we Americans may feel to be deviant. They do not have to be the same behaviors you had on your first slides (but it would be interesting if you did).

- Provide 5 photos/videos (1 per slide) of each behavior in action, if possible, and place each photo on a slide. Underneath the photo/video discuss what the behavior represents in the foreign culture (etc. respect, welcoming, gratitude). If you can’t find people in this culture carrying out this behavior, provide a visual of Americans doing the behavior and describe what the foreign culture would think if an American carried it out in their country.

*In total- there should be 11 slides (cover page, American media deviance examples, and foreign culture behaviors

Day 3 – Create a Powtoon video in which a conversation takes place between two individuals contemplating the influence of the American media on the understanding of deviant behaviors by the mainstream American population.