8th grade Art Curriculum at a Glance

 8th grade Art

This class builds on skills and concepts learned as 7th grade students. Exploration of different mediums and art techniques occur while creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional art products. Hands-on activities provide students an opportunity to practice creative and critical problem-solving. Each student will be responsible for researching a mystery artist of the month.

Week 1-2:  Abstract Name Drawing

Element of Art - Line - value

Week 3: 1 or 2 point perspective
Element of Art - Space - value

Weeks 4: Clay -Choice Projects
Element of Art - Form - texture

Weeks 5: Pointillism
Element of Art - Color- Shape

Weeks 6:  Positive/Negative Space
Element of Art -Space

Weeks 7-8: Self Portrait
Element of Art - Texture- shape

Weeks 9: Drawing
Element of Art - Texture- Form