First Grade Newsletter

February 12 - 16

Spelling Words

lake   rake    make   bake   make

made   face   lane   vase   date


time to the half hour * measurement

* 3-D shapes * time to the hour

graphing, collecting data

10 more/10 less      Numbers 1-200

Place value to 100

Adding within 100 using two digit numbers (no regrouping)

Add 3 single digit numbers

Number words to one hundred

Literacy:   *commas in a series

pronouns     Plurals    Possessive nouns

conjunctions - and, or, but

adjectives, possessive nouns

verbs (action words) (past, present, and future tense)

Use punctuation correctly (. ! ?)

Common noun (person, place, or thing)

Proper noun (the name of a person,                              place, or thing)

Notes *

  • Classroom Valentine parties will be

                Wednesday, February 14 at 1:00

  • Please bring a card for each child in your child’s class

  • We will be out of school Monday, February 19 for President’s Day

  • Please contact your child’s teacher if you have not visited about Progress Reports