Letter from CEO of Freedom!


I am George Vanous, CEO and founder of Freedom!, writing this personal letter to you. The spirit of Freedom! is to help each other grow together as a family. Here is how:

1. Freedom! pays EARLIER than everyone on YouTube

We pay you 3-8 days earlier than YouTube itself and 12-28 days earlier than all other MCNs.

Learn more: www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_yV8a8DqKM&list=PLxLYo5_7D3SdgAFYzYETPDDVBt6DRqVE0

2. Instant payments for you

Get paid from your YouTube Analytics estimated revenue up to 60 days BEFORE everybody else.

Our Instant Payment service lets you withdraw money only 3 days after you upload a video (after YouTube Analytics reports the video revenue) in your shiny Freedom! dashboard.

Learn more: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtGIX-fBMf4&list=PLxLYo5_7D3SdgAFYzYETPDDVBt6DRqVE0

3. Get paid by PayPal, Payoneer, TransferWise, ACH or bank transfer

You choose how you get paid!

We pay in USD, and TransferWise has significantly better currency exchange rates than PayPal, Payoneer and bank transfers, so if your local currency is not USD, we recommend TransferWise.

Email support@freedom.tm to help choose the best option for you based on your country and currency.

4. Major record label deals for you

Get new pre-approved tracks every week from professional artists in major record labels for your channel, and you can request any track you like at any time. If it plays on the radio, Spotify or iTunes, we likely have access to it with permission to monetize!

Learn more: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzY7pLP0zag&list=PLxLYo5_7D3SdgAFYzYETPDDVBt6DRqVE0&t=4m7s

5. Professional music used in movies, TV and video games, free for you

Michael Bay had to pay $40,000 USD to use music from Position Music, and you get the same tracks for free just for being a Freedom! partner. See www.uzermusic.com by Position Music. Freedom! is the only MCN in the world to offer this free to all its partners.

We also give full access to Music Factory www.musicfactory.tm, Epidemic Sound www.epidemicsound.com, Audio Micro www.audiomicro.com and Magic Music (links in the Freedom! dashboard), all free for you.

6. Anti-piracy Content ID platform

We built our anti-piracy Content ID platform for creators like you, to protect your original videos and music. Just give us permission, we find all unauthorized copies of your videos or music and monetize them for you.

Get started: https://content-id.freedom.tm

7. Custom games, free for you

Tell us what browser or mobile game you want, we build it in your vision, you promote it and together we split all game revenue.

Our Studio Head, Dave Fracchia with 11 years experience at Activision, is full-time with Freedom! running our game development team called MGN Studios. Dave was the Studio Head and VP of Technology at Radical Entertainment, part of Activision where he led teams building AAA titles like Prototype and Prototype 2, so he knows a thing or two about making games :-)

Meet our Studio Head:


See our first game launched as a level designer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLiA9auvftY&list=PLxLYo5_7D3ScRfsM9-nbYTFBO_5rKYuVL

8. Tax reduction strategy

Did you know Dubai charges 0% income tax on all your income, both personal and business? This is the law in Dubai: the government chooses to make its money from fixed fees instead of a percentage of your income. What a refreshing concept!

We help you relocate to live and work in Dubai, and I (George) am the first guinea pig. On Aug 29, 2018, I permanently moved to Dubai with my wife and our four kids to create a community of creators (YouTubers like you) who can make videos and pay 0% tax on all worldwide income. Not just YouTube, all sources of income, both personal and business. A pretty good tax reduction strategy, wouldn’t you say? Note: there is a 5% VAT (value-added tax) for local purchases in Dubai, one of the world’s lowest sales taxes.

And there is a YouTube Space right here, one of only 10 in the world. You get access to it if you have 10,000 subscribers or more on your YouTube channel.No income tax, a community of creators, and free professional sound stages with equipment and lighting in the YouTube Space. What more could a creator want?

Learn more about “Why Dubai?”: www.goto.tm/notax

9. 3D virtual sets

Get your own 3D virtual set to make special videos, free for our partners. MSI got their own 3D set created by Freedom! for promoting their new gaming laptops. See it: www.goto.tm/3dset/msi. See it without a 3D set: www.goto.tm/3dset/msi/compare.

Download your 3D set: www.goto.tm/3dset

How to use it: www.goto.tm/3dset/faq

10. Community of creators

Join our large and welcoming community of creators!

Chat with us on Discord: www.discord.gg/msCVcBu

Introduce yourself on our forums: www.community.tm/forums/introduce-yourself.2

11. Freedom! owns its own Music Factory

We hired teams of composers on salary to make professional and unique music free for you, perfect for your videos and live streams. Everything is 100% safe to use forever because Freedom! owns all tracks outright. This is Music Factory!

Music Factory on Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/musicfactoryfreedom

Music Factory on YouTube: www.youtube.com/musicfactoryfreedom

Download from our website: www.musicfactory.tm

You can use it even after you leave Freedom! with no monetization issues. That is our guarantee to you.

12. Sonic branding, free for you

Your logo is visually unique, why not your music?

Sonic branding on your channel is in addition to visual branding. Stand out from the crowd by telling us what custom music you want and our full-time team of professional composers will produce it, free for partners like you! Sonic branding is part of our Music Factory brand.

For example, this custom Music Factory track got 8 million views:


Listen to the music made for you by our composers: www.youtube.com/musicfactoryfreedom

13. Crypto Miner, new revenue stream

We pay you cash each month that you run our Crypto Miner software (Windows and Linux) that solves complex math problems while you are sleeping or not using your computer. Get a flat 90% revenue share for all your crypto revenue.

Download: www.goto.tm/crypto-miner - See how it works: www.goto.tm/crypto-miner/faq

More benefits

Final words

I hope you are having a great experience in the Freedom! Family. Tell us if you are. More importantly, tell us if you are not by emailing support@freedom.tm - we read and reply to all emails.

Freedom! is a career path in video. Our mission is to help build your career in this digital world. All of us help each other grow together as a family, the Freedom! Family. That is the spirit of Freedom!


George Vanous

CEO and founder of Freedom!  |  george@freedom.tm  |  www.playlist.tm/thegeorgeshow