Zone 5 (Greater Western Sydney) Bowling Association

Executive meeting

Video Conference (Zoom) – Wednesday 11th April, 2018

Meeting opened:        6.04pm

Present:        Andrew Frater, Col Crossingham, Col Appleby, Alex Matheson, Ted Ryan, Stephen Della

Apology:                Matt Slager

Previous minutes:        Moved by Col Appleby, seconded by Alex Matheson that the minutes of 28th February be received as a true and accurate record of the meeting. CARRIED

Business arising:



Bowls NSW Circular 10/2018 - Notice of Regulation amendment

Bowls NSW Circular 11/2018 - Nomination for NSW State Selection Committee



As per meeting pack.


As per meeting pack.


As per meeting pack. Ted was asked if he could a column in the report to compare this year with last year. Ted said he would look into it.


As per meeting pack.

State Councillor:

As per meeting pack.


As per meeting pack.


As per meeting pack.


Nil to report.


As per meeting pack.

Moved by Steve, seconded by Alex that all reports be accepted. CARRIED

Agenda items:

The EOI to host Zone Pennant Finals was discussed. It was agreed that for 2018 the Grade 3 and Grade 7 will be hosted by Picton and the Grade 4 and Grade 5 will be hosted by Lawson. The Grade 6 was offered to Penrith however Steve Martin contacted the Zone Secretary and said they were not interested. A further EOI was sent out with a closing date of Friday 13th April. Indications are that Campbelltown, Hazelbrook and Bowral may apply. Andrew raised the point that the bigger clubs are not applying for these events. Col A said it is caused by apathy and a lack of knowledge of how the system works. The system may be explained at the next Delegate’s meeting.

There will be discussions about the format for the pennant finals for 2019 with the possibility of holding all finals at one or two clubs.

General business:

The Bowls NSW Senior Inter Zone Sides Championships representatives will be selected during the next couple of days and the side will be nominated to Bowls NSW via the online entry form.

The filling of the casual vacancy created by Steve Della being on holidays for an extended period was discussed and Executive members are asked to nominate potential nominees to Col C before Friday 20th April.

It was resolved that the committee position held by Matt Slager be left vacant for the time being.

Col C, Col A and Andrew are attending the SMC forum at Cabramatta on Thursday 12th April. Feedback will be provided following the forum.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 6.47 pm. The meeting was recorded and lasted 37 minutes 38 seconds. The file created was 152MB and is now stored on my external hard drive.

Next meetings:


Wednesday, 23rd May, 2018, 6pm via video conference.


Sunday 24th June, 2018, 10am at Campbelltown City Bowling Club.

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 Executive Minutes