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[2020 SST] Guidelines for Class Time
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Guidelines for Class Time

Opening Word

  1. Opening Word before EACH small group time  by serving one(s)
  2. Schedule: 15 mins (10 mins opening word and 5 mins instruction)
  3. Goal of Opening Word: Based on prayer, fellowship, coordination, and being filled with the Spirit, infuse LIFE into the young people!
  4. Approach  
  1. Open the basic truths, using 1-3 key verses from lesson(s)
  2. Considering the young people and their stage in life, share specific and relevant life experiences. We don’t want to share dead doctrine, but what we ourselves have enjoyed and begun entering into.
  3. Provide guidance to Small Groups (verses, songs, related activities): “E.g., consider pray-reading these 2 verses, read and fellowship over these particular 3 sections of lesson, and try to answer this question…”

Small Group Time

  1. Schedule: 30 min (5 minutes for getting to know one another, 20 minutes for tasting the Word and ministry with fellowship and experiences, and 5 minutes for overflow when appropriate)
  2. Goal of Small Groups: Give YP a taste of small group companionship and foundational truths through the Word and ministry so that they would aspire and endeavor, with help, to have a small group in their own church life
  3. Approach
  1. Help YP get to know one another genuinely (prayerfully consider ice breakers, team building, testimonies, sharing family/personal history, appropriate experiences, etc.)
  2. Help YP taste SHORT (prepared/coordinated) portion from lesson, with accompanying verses, songs, testimonies, questions/responses, and prayer
  3. Help each YP participate in a living, interactive atmosphere and to develop relationships within the group in a healthy environment
  4. Last 5 min: Try to have different YP share what they enjoyed, using their own words
  5. WHAT is NOT the goal or approach: Reading long portions of the Lesson Book, one by one, in a studious, dead group time.