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Hair and Make-up Guidelines for Performance
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Simple Makeup for Young Dancers:

You can view a simple make-up tutorial by clicking HERE or scan QR Code below from your mobile phone:

Why does your dancer need make-up?

  1. The stage lights are very intense and can make a dancer’s face appear “washed out”. Properly applied stage makeup will illuminate and accentuate your dancer’s features under the bright, colorful stage lights.

  1. The dancers are elevated on a stage and/or are far away from the audience. This makes the facial features disappear and your dancer look less animated on stage. Properly applied stage makeup will not only give the face a more three-dimensional look, but it will also make the eyes and facial features look bigger, brighter, and more pronounced on stage.

  1. Your dancer will be dropped off HOURS before he/she actually performs, therefore, you want the make-up you apply to remain intact without fading or looking blotchy.