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2023-24 Pigmice Robotics Worksession Checkout List
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Pigmice Robotics Checkout List & Safety Guidelines

Team Duties at End of Each Work Session

  • Clear work tables, return tools to storage
  • Sweep up metal & wood debris
  • Roll away machinery
  • Lock and roll away tool chests
  • Turn off and cover computers
  • Place trash cans near door for custodian
  • Check to make sure everything that belongs to Mr. Barnes is put away
  • Thank the supervisor/mentors
  • Make sure the following are done by a student, mentor, or supervisor:
  • Turn off all light switches
  • Close the gate/door upstairs
  • Close parking lot door
  • Close hall closet door, check it is locked
  • Close classroom door, check it is locked
  • Supervisor is the last person out the door

KEY SAFETY GUIDELINES during a worksession

Mr Barnes is our host. Our address is SE 28th and Powell, between Franklin and Powell. School address is 3400 SE 26th Ave, 97202. Our CUB permit is 380323. The night custodial team’s cell is 971-712-3322 but they often do not get signal if they are inside the building. If there is a true emergency, evacuate the building if required, call 911 and then call Facility Services emergency phone 503-730-9682. If you have a question, you can reach Co-coaches JJ Heldmann (503-490-8220) or Seth Wright (917-428-0142)

Updated 09/02/2023